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Perineal Skincare for Incontinence Patients

A person dealing with incontinence cannot control their bladder and bowel movements, the lack of control results in leakage at odd times. Continuous or intermittent leakage can lead to skin breakdown and other skin problems around the perineal region. The perineal area of your body includes the areas around the buttocks, hips, genitals, and between the pelvis and rectum. Incontinence puts a person at a higher risk of developing skin problems. In some graver situations, these problems may cause permanent damage to your skin. Therefore, it is essential to follow a proper perineal skincare routine. The excessive moisture in those areas leads to diaper rash, redness, irritation, peeling, and even yeast infections. In women, the chances of developing a Urinary Tract Infection are very high. Apart from incontinence, pressure ulcers, also known as bedsores or pressure sores, can also cause skin rash, redness, and itching leading to skin breakdown. At HPFY, we offer solutions to all these problems. Our product range contains products from top manufacturers like Convatec and Cardinal Health, you can count on us for all your perineal skincare needs.

Other reasons for skin related problems

How do you maintain Perineal Skin Integrity?

To manage incontinence, diapers and other products are crucial. They provide the utmost protection and safety from sudden leakages. However, there is a downside to it as well. Frequent use of them perturbs your skin health. Fortunately enough, skin problems are manageable, and you can very easily curb skin infections by using the right kind of perineal skin products. Here is a step by step special perineal skin care routine for you to keep your skin down there happy and healthy -

Step 1 - Cleansing

Do not forget to clean and pat dry the area immediately after every bowel movement or urination to avoid bacteria and germs. Use a mild, dilute, or liquid soap and water to rinse the area well. Pat dry with gentle hands. You can also use a no-rinse skin cleanser that has aloe vera to soothe your skin.

Step 2 - Moisturize

Next, you want to moisturize your skin to keep it moist and soft. Opt for a non-alcoholic moisturizer as it does not irritate your skin. To be on the safer side, you may also consult your doctor before using any cream or lotions. If there is too much moisture, you would want to use a moisture barrier cream or ointment. Opt for a cream that contains Aloe barbadensis leaf extract, such as the MPM Normlshield Moisture Barrier Cream.

Step 3 - Reapply Cream & Ointment

To avoid dryness, follow these steps every time you use the washroom. Reapply creams and ointments now and then. These products are travel friendly, too, so you can keep them in your travel bag and maintain your perineal skin care routine anywhere and everywhere. Apart from usual soaps and moisturizers, Health Products For You has a wide range of Perineal skin deodorizers, creams, lotions, cleaning cloths, and wet wipes to deal with skin breakdown.

Perineal Skincare For Bedridden Patients

A person with limited mobility finds it hard to perform daily personal hygiene. They need assistance in keeping themselves hygienic and fresh. A caregiver should check for pressure ulcers on their skin every day. If the patient's waste smells pungent or foul, inform your doctor or any medical practitioner. Use these perineal skin care products on them. To ensure your safety from infections, use medical gloves.

Where can I buy Products for Perineal Skin Irritation?

Health Products For You provides plenty of such products from top brands like Essity, Medline Industries, and Mckesson, to name a few. Browse through and find the best pick for yourself.

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