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Nu-Hope is a leading manufacturer of ostomy care appliances. The design and quality of these appliances confirm to the requirements of the users and clinicians. Nu-hope provides appliances for every condition like colostomy, urostomy, ileostomy or parastomal hernias. The ostomy appliances supplied by Nu-hope is equipped with a special skin barrier that is made with special materials that are comfortable for the skin and provides security and protection to the users.

Special Features of Nu-Hope Pouching Systems:

  • Opaque at the front to conceal the urine and stoma opening.
  • Transparent at the back side for proper view of stoma while application of the pouch and also the pouch contents. 
  • Seams in the center of the pouch to maintain its shape even when full thereby making it discreet.

Try the convenient and ready-to-use urinary pouches like the Nu-Hope Hi-Pockets Brief-Size One-Piece Deep Convex Pre-Cut Opaque Urinary Pouch or the Nu-Hope One-Piece Deep Convex Pre-cut Opaque Urinary Pouch With Flutter Valve from Nu-Hope that are available at best prices, so take your pick today and save big!