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Light therapy or phototherapy is the use of a light therapy device to treat seasonal affective disorder (SAD), acne, other types of depression, sleep disorders and some other conditions. During light therapy, the person is made to sit near a light therapy unit and exposed to bright, artificial light. The infrared light lamp is believed to trigger brain chemicals which are linked to mood and sleep resulting in lightening up of moods and reducing symptoms of depression. SAD is a type of depression that generally affects people who live in countries with severe winters and little sunlight. The long, dark hours can lead people to feel sad, less motivated and tired. Infrared therapy products, in combination with antidepressants or counseling, can be effective in treating SAD.

Choosing Infrared Light Therapy Products

Buy a light therapy equipment only on the recommendation of your doctor. Use one that provides an exposure to 10,000 lux of light and emits minimum UV light. Light therapy equipment is also used in the treatment of jet lag, dementia and change in work timings – from day to night and vice versa which needs adjustments. Skin disorders, particularly psoriasis, may also be treated with light therapy but the infrared light lamp used for this purpose is different. It should emit ultraviolet (UV) light. When treating SAD and other conditions, UV light must be filtered out because it can prove damaging to the eyes and skin.

Is Light Therapy Safe?

Light therapy is safe only if proper instructions are followed. There are certain conditions under which light therapy should not be used. When using light therapy for SAD, a particular light therapy device should be used and not just any type. Eyes should be protected to avoid damage to your eyes. Persons with glaucoma, cataracts or eye damage due to diabetes should seek doctor’s advice before buying a light therapy equipment. Light therapy treatment may cause redness, rashes, stinging but these are temporary reactions and will subside.

Using Light Therapy Equipment

One must follow doctor’s or expert’s recommendations when using a light therapy product. Points to remember are:

  • The light therapy equipment should be kept at a distance of about 16 to 24 inches from the face.
  • Therapy should be taken as soon as you wake up and for about 20 to 30 minutes.
  • Eyes should be opened during the process but do not look directly at the light.

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