Buy Hollister CenterPointLock 2-Piece Ostomy Pouches and Wafers

Hollister CenterPointLock Two-Piece ostomy systems are designed to provide you with an additional assurance. The pouch remains securely attached to the barrier through this technology. These systems make application and removal easier without applying much pressure to delicate post-operative abdomens. CenterPointLock pouches are available with or without filters to fulfill your needs. We have skin barriers designed for both flat and convex stomas for best results. The convex barriers work great to protect the tender post-operative skin from corrosive drainage while eliminating pressure. The CenterPointLock system also prevents unintentional skin barrier separation. At HPFY we have the entire collection of skin barriers and ostomy pouches including those for colostomies, urostomies and ileostomies.

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Features of Hollister CenterPointLock Two-Piece Ostomy Systems:

  • Center point lock devices are helpful in preventing the accidental dislodgement of the device to a large extent.  
  • Provides you with the peace of mind that you always desired. 
  • These systems are great for active users who require extra security and durability. 
  • Hollister CenterPointLock barriers feature the floating flange option that ensures unparalleled security and added flexibility. 
  • These pouches come standard with attached belt tabs or plastic ears that allow for a convenient attachment of a belt to these pouches for added security and stability.        

These pouches come in drainable, urostomy and closed pouch types. Try the popular Hollister CenterPointLock Two-Piece Standard Wear Drainable Pouch With Clamp Closure, Hollister CenterPointLock Two-Piece Drainable Pouch With Clamp Closure And Replacement Filter and many more with high quality barriers like Hollister CenterPointLock Two-Piece Extended Wear Convex Pre-Cut Flextend Skin Barrier, Hollister CenterPointLock Two-Piece Standard Wear Flat Cut-to-Fit FlexWear Skin Barrier etc. at best prices and exclusive discounts on HPFY!


If security is what you need from your ostomy pouch than you are at the right place. Hollister CenterPointLock system ostomy appliances are designed for users who like to stay active. So do not let an ostomy pouch keep you from doing what you love.