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What is a Toilet Seat Riser?

A Toilet Seat Riser is specially created for those who find sitting on a regular-height toilet seat difficult. Reasons for this could be knee pain, back pain, weak hips, spine or back difficulties, joint stiffness due to inflammatory conditions like arthritis, or recovering from a hip, knee, or back surgery. Such situations can make it painful for the person to lower himself onto a 15-inch toilet bowl, which is the standard height of most toilets. HPFY offers an array of raised toilet seats of varying types for providing comfortable seating to a wide range of users.

What are the Benefits of Toilet Seat Extenders?

Who needs Raised Toilet Seats?

Toilet seat extenders, or toilet seat risers, are typically recommended for individuals who have difficulty sitting down or standing up from a standard toilet due to physical limitations or disabilities. This can include individuals with the following:

What are the Types of Toilet Seats?

Ways to Increase Toilet Seat Height

Mechanical Toilet Seat Lift

This toilet seat extender is powered by a battery or electricity and raises and lowers the seat with the push of a button or lever. It can be installed on top of a standard toilet seat to help individuals with limited mobility or physical disabilities to get up and down from the toilet. Uplift Self-Powered Lifting Commode Chair has a lifting mechanism that releases slowly as the user stands after using the commode or toilet so that they keep their independence and privacy.

Toilet Base Riser

The toilet height extender base is installed under the toilet bowl to raise the height of the entire toilet. This is different from a toilet seat riser, which is installed on top of the toilet seat and only raises the height of the seat. Toilevator Toilet Riser elevates the height of the toilet up to 3.5 inches so the user can have safer transitions on and off a toilet.

Toilet Seat Riser

A toilet seat riser is a device that is installed on top of a standard toilet seat to raise its height. This is helpful for individuals who have difficulty sitting down or standing up from a standard toilet due to physical limitations or disabilities. Essential Medical Toilet Seat Riser elevates your toilet seat 3-1/2", which enables users to use existing toilet seats.

How to Choose the Best Raised Toilet Seat?

  1. Height

    Measure the distance between the floor and the top of the toilet bowl to determine the height of the toilet extender seat you need. Most risers are available in heights of 2, 3, or 4 inches.
  2. Weight Capacity

    Make sure the riser you choose can support your weight. Most risers have a weight capacity of 250-300 pounds. Homecraft Savanah Raised Toilet Seat with Lid has a weight capacity of up to 420 pounds for bariatric patients
  3. Shape

    Raised toilet seats come in different shapes to fit different toilet bowls. Make sure you choose a riser that fits the shape of your toilet bowl. Raised seats are available in round and oval designs to match different toilet bowl shapes.
  4. Material

    Toilet seat risers are typically made of plastic or metal. Plastic is lighter and easier to clean, while metal is more durable but heavier.
  5. Features

    Some toilet seat extenders come with additional features such as padded seats, handles, or armrests to provide extra support and comfort.

Our Best Toilet Seat Risers

Where to buy Toilet Seat Extender online?

At Health Products for You, get various heights and styles of toilet seat risers to find the perfect one for your needs and get a safe and comfortable way to sit and stand from the toilet. Don't let mobility issues hold you back - invest in our toilet seat extenders today and take back control of your daily routine!

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Choosing The Right Raised Toilet Seat - 5 Best Toilet Seat Risers For 2023

At HPFY, we have a safe and comfortable collection of raised toilet seats that enhance an individual’s experience of using a toilet bowl.

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Frequently asked questions

Raised toilet seats are designed to reduce the distance that a person has to move when they need to sit down on the toilet. By elevating the toilet seat by a few inches, it can make a considerable difference for elderly people who find it difficult to sit and stand from the toilet.

Benefits of a raised toilet seat :

  • Raised toilet seats reduce the distance that users need to lower themselves to the seat and rise up again.
  • They require less stretching and bending efforts to get on and off of the seat that will put less stress on the joints
  • People suffering with inflammatory health conditions or arthritis experience less difficulty with extended height.
  • Some elevated toilet seats come with a tool free assembly.
  • Built-in arms are helpful for people with lower extremity weakness or insufficient balance.

People who have difficulty in bending their knees or have joint stiffness, or unstable or weak hips, recovering from hip, knee, or back surgery, and those who find it hard to stand, sit, or transition from a standard toilet may use the elevated toilet seats.

The raised toilet seats raise the toilet height 2 to 6 inches above the original seat height.

There are two standard types of toilet seats, round front (roughly 16.5" long) and elongated (roughly 18.5" long). The rised toilet seat must be selected accordingly.