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What is an Inhaler used for?

Asthma inhalers are handy devices that are used to deliver medication into your lungs. These are basically used to treat asthma or COPD. Inhalers can easily be carried around in a pocket or a bag in case of emergencies.

Metered dose inhalers are a type of inhaler that is commonly used to deliver reliever medication. These are breath-actuated inhalers, i.e., the medicine is delivered into your lungs automatically as you breathe. Some inhalers encapsulate steroids that are used to treat inflammation, while others may contain bronchodilators that open up airways or a combination of both.

What is a Spacer for Inhaler?

A spacer is designed to create a temporary space that holds the medicine before it is inhaled. It attaches to the inhaler, making it easier to use. Not all inhalers support spacers, so read the instructions carefully before use. Some spacers also come with masks for smaller children or someone who cannot breathe through a standard spacer. Spacer for inhalers are made of plastic and help get the best out of MDIs (Metered Dose Inhalers). With a spacer, it is easier to get the right amount of medicine directly into the lungs where it is required, which means you end up using lesser medicine without wastage.

Buy anti-static holding chambers like the Aerochamber Plus Z Stat that allow more breathable medicine to be delivered while reducing drug deposition in the mouth and throat. HPFY also offers inspiratory muscle trainers to increase muscle strength. Browse today to find the top inhaler spacer for adults that suits your requirements at attractive discounts.

How to Use an Inhaler with a Spacer?

How to clean?

Who should use Spacer for Inhaler?

Spacers allow the medication to get straight to where it is needed (in your lungs), with less medication ending up in other places, such as your mouth and throat, where it can lead to irritation or mild infections. A spacer makes it convenient to coordinate breathing in and pressing your puffer. Especially helpful for older individuals who lack the ability to do so.

Benefits of Inhalers

The following are the advantages of using a spacer for inhaler:

Safety tips for Asthma Spacer use

5 Top Reviewed Spacers for Inhaler

  1. Monaghan AeroChamber Plus Z STAT Anti-Static Valved Holding Chamber 79 Reviews Aerochamber Z Stat Review
  2. Monaghan Aerobika Oscillating Positive Expiratory Pressure (OPEP) Therapy System 21 Reviews Aerobika OPEP System Review
  3. Respironics OptiChamber Diamond Anti-Static Valved Holding Chamber 19 Reviews Optichamber Diamond Reviews
  4. Hudson RCI Pocket Chamber 6 Reviews Hudson RCI Reviews
  5. Respironics Threshold IMT Inspiratory Muscle Trainer 23 Reviews The Breather Reviews

Where to buy Inhaler Spacer online?

Health Products For You carries high-quality spacers for inhalers that help deliver asthma medicine to the lungs more effectively. When used correctly, a spacer can make controlling asthma symptoms easier and keep one healthy. We supply inhalers and spacers from leading manufacturers like Monaghan Medical, Respironics, Drive Medical, etc., at the best prices. Shop now!

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Frequently asked questions

An inhaler is a small, medical device designed to deliver medication into the lungs of a patient with respiratory problems. Inhalers are required by those suffering from asthma and with breathing problems due to nasal congestion, etc. It provides short-term relief from wheezing, breathlessness, and coughing spasms. Medicine is put into an inhaler and the user puffs on the inhaler. The medicine goes directly into the airways on breathing in for immediate relief.

A spacer, also referred to as a holding chamber, is a large plastic or metal device which enhances the use of an inhaler. It has a mouthpiece on one end and an opening at the other end to which the aerosol inhaler is connected.

  • Remove metal canister from the L-shaped plastic mouthpiece
  • Using warm water to rinse mouthpiece and cap  
  • Keep them out to air-dry overnight
  • The next day put the canister back inside and put cap on  
  • Rinsing other parts is not recommended

A metered dose inhaler, or MDI, is a device that supplies lungs with a specified amount of medication. This is delivered in short bursts of aerosolized medicine self-administered by the patient. A MDI is generally used in the treatment of asthma, chronic pulmonary and other respiratory diseases.

  1. Assemble spacer
  2. Remove cap from the bottom of inhaler
  3. Check counter of dose
  4. Hold inhaler straight and shake it
  5. Attach the inhaler into the opening at one end of the spacer
  6. Put the mouthpiece between the teeth and close lips to create a good seal
  7. Gently breathe out into spacer
  8. Keep spacer horizontally and press firmly over inhaler canister
  9. Breathe in and out for 3 or 4 normal breaths
  10. Remove spacer from mouth and breathe out gently
  11. Detach inhaler from spacer
  12. Put back cap on inhaler