Elbow Supports

Elbow supports are devices designed to provide compression or immobilize the elbow in case of elbow injuries or disorders like tennis elbow, tendinitis etc. Elbow supports basically reduce the strain on the injured elbow. Elbow supports are mostly used for overuse injuries and the pain caused thereof. Elbow supports are a conservative step in treatment of elbow and forearm injuries and disorders. Tennis elbow is a common condition requiring elbow supports. It is also known as lateral epicondylitis. This is a kind of overuse injury that is caused due to repetitive hand motion. Find here elbow supports that will provide targeted action just where it is needed the most.

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How does an Elbow Support Work?

Elbow supports are designed with materials that provide just the right amount of compression while isolating the elbow tendons and restricting movement. This restriction helps the damaged tissue to repair while keeping it from getting injured again. It is recommended that the forearm strap used for prevention of reinjury should be worn little below the actual site of pain and not over it. Physical therapy is required for regaining complete elbow function like before.  An elbow strap is recommended to be worn during the day for several weeks until the injury heals completely. Even after that there is a fair chance of reinjury. There are a range of supports that help in preventing reoccurrence of the injury.  

At HPFY we have a range of elbow supports that help in partially or completely immobilizing the elbow in case of injuries. Try the popular Hely & Weber Cubital Comfort Brace, Aircast Pneumatic Armband, Core NelMed Tennis Elbow Support and many more from top manufacturers like A-T Surgical, BSN Medical, Hely & Weber etc. at best prices and attractive discounts on HPFY!