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What are Medical Gloves?

Surgical gloves find their place basically in surgical procedures. The classification of these gloves is based on the material used, i.e., nitrile, latex, and vinyl. Furthermore, they are available in sterile/non-sterile, textured, coated, powdered, or non-powdered types. Powdered gloves use powder as a lubricant, which makes them easy to put on. This powder is regular corn starch and is non-irritating. However, the powder can be harmful if it comes in contact with open wounds as it can impede healing. Non-powdered gloves are popularly used in healthcare facilities. Some gloves also come with a special inner coating, which helps in putting them on with ease.

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Types of Medical Gloves

  • Sterile Medical Gloves - These have been sterilized using chemicals and methods put forward by the FDA. They are extensively used for surgical procedures as the government forces them to use best practices.
  • Non-Sterile Gloves - They have not been sterilized but still require FDA clearance before use and, in most cases, are cheaper than sterile options.

What are Medical Gloves made of?

  • Latex Gloves - These gloves are comfortable, flexible, and have high durability. The best fit is obtained with latex gloves, and they also have the most heightened tactile sensitivity. They are available in powdered and non-powdered forms. These gloves provide mid-range barrier protection. Latex gloves are not recommended for those with latex allergies.
  • Vinyl Gloves - These gloves are made up of PVC (polyvinyl chloride). They offer high value at low cost. They provide standard barrier protection but are said to be less durable. They are soft and comfortable to wear and contains no latex which makes them safe for people with latex sensitivity. Vinyl Gloves cannot be used for sensitive work as they are less tactile.
  • Nitrile Gloves - Nitrile gloves are protein and latex free. They offer a high barrier protection. They are mainly used in laboratories as they are chemical resistant and puncture resistant.

Where to buy disposable gloves online?

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