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Ostomy Irrigation is the process of emptying the colon by infusing water into the colon through the stoma. It is similar to an enema. Irrigation process also helps in training the colon to empty only after irrigation. This allows the ostomate to use a stoma cover or cap rather than carrying the drainage pouch. Irrigation also helps in preventing constipation. HPFY provides an extensive range of irrigation and drainage products that include Drainage Kits, Irrigation Sets, Fecal Collector/ Kit, Drain Tubing & Valves, Irrigation Sleeves, Drainage Containers, Ostomy Catheters, Stoma Cone and Irrigation Bottles.

Ostomy Irrigation and Drainage Supplies

Drainage Kits

These kits provide an easy and convenient method for self-drainage at the comfort of your home. These kits provides control regarding when and where to drain like the Denver Pleurx Drainage Kit. We also carry large capacity night drainage bottles that can be used to collect drainage for an extended period of time like the Marlen Night Drainage Kit.

Irrigation Sets

Irrigation sets consist of a collection bag with bold volume indications, flow control regulators, and a stoma cone that is flexible on the outside and tough on the inside to prevent accidental dislodgements. Try the Coloplast Assura Irrigation Set that provides for a safe and secure irrigation process.

Irrigation Sleeves

Irrigation sleeves are used when irrigation is recommended by your healthcare professional to empty the bowel at a scheduled time. Irrigation sleeves are long sleeves intended to empty the effluent directly into the toilet rather than a collection device. Buy the Hollister New Image Two-Piece Transparent Irrigator Sleeve which is latex free and reusable. 

More irrigation and drainage supplies are available from featured brands like like Assura, Flexi-Seal, Visi Flow, PleurX and more that are safe and durable, providing guaranteed satisfaction of the needs of ostomy patients.