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Winter Wellness: Your Survival Guide

Posted on Jan 05, 2021 by Kevin Cleary

Surviving the long, cold nights of winter may require a little help and Health Products for You can guide you through this dark time.

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Surviving Flu Season

Posted on Oct 26, 2020 by Kevin Cleary

During this pandemic we shouldn’t forget about flu season and Health Products for You can help you survive this time a year.

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Not Just a Colorectal Surgery Nurse - a Patient Too

Posted on Sep 22, 2020 by Christine Kijek

Christine Kijeck a colorectal surgical nurse at Danbury Hospital shared her experiences of dealing with colorectal surgery with the Ostomy Support Group started by HPFY.

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What’s Next? Dealing with a Spouse’s Death

Posted on Sep 07, 2020 by Kevin Cleary

Dealing with the death of a spouse is not something that comes with a handbook, but Health Products for You may be able to help.

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Caring for a Parent

Posted on Aug 13, 2020 by Kevin Cleary

Caring for an aging parent can be scary and the unknowns outweigh the definites. Let Health Products for You guide you into caring elderly Parents Properly.

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What Exactly Is an Infectious Dose?

Posted on May 02, 2020 by Kevin Cleary

Everything from the common cold to the flu to the current scourge in our country, Covid -19, these viral bastards can be transmitted from person to person all to varying degrees of severity. So how exactly do these contagions hop from person to person? We here at HPFY can give you a little insight into the science of how these viruses are transmitted.

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