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Akanksha Nigam has been a Health Products For You contributor since 2021. With a Masters Degree in Finance, she began her Marketing career in the banking industry. However, her interest in human anatomy had her learning about complex medical conditions and procedures. This led her to HPFY where she has played multiple roles and is a regular contributer to our writing team.

When she is not writing, she loves being creative in other ways and can usually be found singing, dancing, or reading. She also values her “me time” by going the gym or taking a half-an hour walk. Attaining peace of mind is her mantra for a good life!

Topical Skin Adhesives

How To Remove Adhesive from Skin?

Akanksha Nigam Jan 25, 2023

Skin adhesives are widely used, from dressing a minor wound to affixing tubes and sensors to the skin in hospitals. However, the stronger the adhesive, the more painful it is to remove, especially for sensitive skin. Even ripping off a band-aid can sometimes sting because they are designed to adhere strongly to the skin. Learn how to remove adhesive from skin at HPFY.

Ostomy Tips

Swimming And Ostomy: 7 Valuable Tips For Swimming With An Ostomy

Akanksha Nigam Jan 27, 2023

Summertime and swimming go hand-in-hand. What fun it is to laze around the pool with your family and make memories! Everyone is enjoying a dip in the cool water under the sun...except you because of your fear of swimming with an ostomy bag. Learn 7 valuable tips for swimming with an ostomy.

Cervical Collars

5 Tips About Using A Neck Brace For Sleeping

Akanksha Nigam Jan 27, 2023

Wearing a neck brace incorrectly can lead to issues. Here are some tips for wearing a cervical collar sitting or resting for long periods can make your neck muscles stiff. Gentle movements like slight walking can help loosen this tension. Find 5 tips for wearing a neck brace for sleeping.

Hernia Support

Parastomal Hernia: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

Akanksha Nigam Jan 27, 2023

Parastomal hernia is among the most common complications after an ostomy. It is a bulge or swelling around the stoma which causes discomfort and pain and makes it difficult to wear an ostomy appliance. A parastomal hernia usually happens within the first two years of surgery but can also occur later. Learn all about parastomal hernia, its causes, symptoms, and treatment options.


Best Treatments for Asthma and COPD: All You Need To Know

Akanksha Nigam Jan 28, 2023

We have all felt short of breath after strenuous activity or exercise. Sometimes, even simply climbing a flight of stairs can leave you a little breathless. This is totally normal once in a while, but if shortness of breath is something that you experience often, it could be the sign of something as simple as an allergy or something more serious like asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD).

Compression Bandages

A Comprehensive Guide for Compression Bandage

Akanksha Nigam Jan 28, 2023

Bandage wraps have been around and work wonders for treating many injuries, but do you know how to wrap them? Learn how to wrap a compression bandage. READ MORE.

Pain Relief

5 Ways To Manage Acute Pain

Akanksha Nigam Jan 28, 2023

Pain is our body's way of indicating that something is wrong and needs attention. Whether it feels like a sting, itch, prick, ache, or burn, the affected body part sends that signal of pain to the brain. Find 5 ways to manage acute pain.

Diapers and Briefs

8 Tips for Choosing The Best Bariatric Adult Diapers

Akanksha Nigam Feb 01, 2023

There is a plethora of bariatric diapers available in the market, and picking the right one that suits your needs the best may seem like a daunting task. To help you figure out which ones to go for, HPFY has 8 tips for choosing the best bariatric adult diaper & 5 options for managing bariatric incontinence.

Ostomy Tips

How To Keep Ostomy Bag from Leaking

Akanksha Nigam Feb 10, 2023

What is the best way to ensure you don’t experience the embarrassment and inconvenience of a leaking pouch? Read about how to keep the ostomy bag from leaking.


How To Apply A Pressure Dressing?

Akanksha Nigam Feb 10, 2023

Pressure dressings are used as first-aid for heavily bleeding wounds. They help stop excessive blood loss by applying compression on the damaged blood vessels to facilitate blood clotting. Learn all about applying the pressure dressing at HPFY.

Allergy Relief

How To Use a Neti Pot?

Akanksha Nigam Feb 14, 2023

Clearing these impurities can clear up the many annoying symptoms and provide much-needed relief. A Neti pot is a great way to cleanse the inside of the nose and reduce toxins in the airways. This simple device can be a great way to get through allergy season and can even reduce your need for congestion medicine. Learn how to use a neti pot. READ MORE.

Tracheal Care Accessories

5 Tips for At-Home Tracheostomy Care

Akanksha Nigam Feb 15, 2023

A tracheostomy tube supports breathing for those who cannot breathe normally due to an injury to the head or the neck or some issue with the windpipe. The placement of a tracheostomy tube can be short-term or long-term. HPFY understands these concerns, which is why we have listed some tips to help you settle in easily at home.