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Linda Guerrera is the Digital Content Manager for Health Products For You. As an award-winning media professional, she has spent her entire career as on on-air radio personality, program director, voice-over artist and writer. Her passion for health and wellness and love for animals led her to work in human and veterinary medicine, where she spent many years as a certified veterinary technician and ophthalmic surgical technician.

Linda is the owner of where she continues her free-lance voicework and writing. Combining her love for radio, writing and animals, she also co-hosts and produces “VetSounds,” a fun and informative podcast and blog for pet owners.

Home Remedies For Ringworm

Linda Guerrera Sep 01, 2023

Having a ringworm rash can be a bit off-putting, especially if you’re not sure what it is. Learn about 9 home remedies for ringworm that work.

The 7 Stages of ALS

Linda Guerrera Sep 01, 2023

ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) is a progressive neurodegenerative disorder. The 7 stages of ALS begin with muscle weakness or stiffness and typically follow a predictable path to full paralysis. In this article, we will focus on each of the 7 stages of ALS progression.

How to Reduce Cholesterol in 30 Days

Linda Guerrera Sep 01, 2023

Your blood test results are in, and your doctor tells you that you need to reduce cholesterol. While most people think that popping a pill is one of the easy ways to prevent high cholesterol, many have come to find that it’s just not that simple. So, what can we do? It may seem impossible. But HPFY can show you how to reduce cholesterol in 30 days.

11 Natural Ways to Control Diabetes

Linda Guerrera Sep 06, 2023

Getting healthy and maintaining proper blood sugar levels isn’t as difficult as it sounds. Everything good comes with some effort. Fortunately, there are natural ways to prevent diabetes. READ MORE.

Natural Remedies for Vertigo

Linda Guerrera Sep 08, 2023

Have you ever had that feeling of spinning when you were sitting still?Learn about natural remedies for vertigo and more.

7 Tips for Living with COPD

Linda Guerrera Sep 11, 2023

Living with COPD can be challenging and frightening. If you have been diagnosed with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, it is understandable to have concerns. Many people learn how to cope with COPD with a few healthy lifestyle changes. READ MORE.

How To Eat Healthy On A Budget

Linda Guerrera Sep 14, 2023

You have probably had some sticker shock if you have ever gone to the grocery store with high hopes of starting a healthy diet. While it may seem that the only way is to break the bank, we have some tips on how to eat healthy on a budget. So, how do we do this? To find out READ MORE.

COVID Rash and Unusual COVID Symptoms

Linda Guerrera Sep 14, 2023

Most of us know the common symptoms of COVID-19. We know that fever is generally the first indication of the infection, followed by cough, fatigue, and a loss of taste or smell. However, there are some symptoms that you may not know about. Just like other common symptoms of COVID-19, these other symptoms can mimic other health issues. One symptom in particular is COVID rash. READ MORE.

11 Ways to Find Relief from Fall Seasonal Allergies

Linda Guerrera Sep 15, 2023

Fall allergens trigger congestion, runny nose, sneezing, & coughing. But there are ways to help you. Find 11 tips to deal with fall seasonal allergies.

A Guide To Post-Mastectomy Clothing

Linda Guerrera Sep 18, 2023

After any surgery it is normal to have some pain and discomfort. Proper rest is vital to healing. After surgery, there are some things to consider, especially when it comes to anything that comes into contact with sensitive skin. This article focuses on the things you should consider when choosing post-mastectomy clothing.

5 Best Bathroom Scales

Linda Guerrera Sep 20, 2023

Choosing the best bathroom scales will depend on your specific needs & preferences. To help you find a great one, here is a list of 5 digital weight scales. READ MORE.