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Ashima Goyal Siraj

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Ashima Goyal Siraj, has been a Health Products For You contributor since 2017. Her favorite quote is “Let Food be Thy Medicine” by Hippocrates – clearly, she believes in the food-body connection and how healthy eating is a key to maintaining wellness.

Her dedication to health and wellness began when she and her husband were hit with an episode of sinusitis and vertigo and chose to take a holistic approach to heal that worked wonders for them.

She learned so much about healthy cooking that it became her passion leading to a blog about her culinary adventures called My Weekend Kitchen.


Balance And Stability

How to perform Yoga for Respiratory Health

Ashima Goyal Siraj Oct 16, 2017

In this article we focus on two yogic breathing exercises to control breathing. Regular practice can relieve common respiratory ailments like cold, sinusitis, etc.