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Kevin Cleary

Kevin Cleary has been a Health Products For You contributor for many years and has a degree in marketing. His health and wellness journey has a very personal meaning and has guided him in his content writing for HPFY.

In 2006, he sustained an injury while jumping on a trampoline with his son, severely injuring his neck and has been living as a quadriplegic since. His injury forced him to learn facets of the medical product field that he would otherwise not have known.

After several years of therapy, he has used many medical devices such as wheelchairs, standing frames, neuromuscular stimulators, as well as other rehab/therapy items that have helped him live life to the fullest. This hands-on insight has helped him with research and content creation.

Kevin enjoys sampling cuisines from different countries, listening to music, watching sports and enjoying a glass of single malt scotch!

COVID-19 - The Long and Medium of It

Kevin Cleary Oct 20, 2022

COVID-19 is still with us, with more and more information becoming available each week. As we follow the science new findings and details are emerging. As your partner in health and wellness, Health Products For You wants to keep you up-to-date and informed.

8 Tips To Winterize Your Home

Kevin Cleary Nov 03, 2022

It is time to winterize our homes to ensure a healthy and safe season Health Products For You has some tips to help you winterize your residence, save money, and stay healthy.

Your Holiday Buying Guide

Kevin Cleary Nov 17, 2022

The holiday season is upon us. Health Products for You is here to help you with your shopping list this year.

What You Should Know About Ulcerative Colitis

Kevin Cleary Jan 12, 2023

Understanding how and what ulcerative colitis is can help you manage this disorder since there’s no cure. The two primary causes of ulcerative colitis are inflammation due to an immune system response or family history/hereditary factors. We here at HPFY can explain ulcerative colitis and the steps you can take to put this disease into remission possibly.

All About Deep Tissue Injury

Kevin Cleary Jan 18, 2023

A deep tissue injury (DTI) can be painful and debilitating and lead to life-threatening issues. Even with treatment, it can quickly deteriorate into your worst nightmare, and since it's not an obvious injury, it's easy to miss. Learn all about deep tissue injury.

IBS vs. IBD: Differences and Similarities

Kevin Cleary Feb 06, 2023

Irritable Bowel Disease (IBD) and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) may sound alike and have similar symptoms, but significant differences can mean different treatments. Stomach or intestinal pain can be annoying and even debilitating, but knowing what is causing your pain can lead to more effective treatment. Learn all about IBS vs. IBD.

5 Best Drinking Cups For Elderly

Kevin Cleary Feb 10, 2023

Everyday tasks can become challenging as we get older. Loss of dexterity, diminished hand strength, and disease can make something as simple as drinking from a cup problematic. Wouldn’t it be great if there were drinking cups specifically designed to help those who need assistance? Thankfully there are! Find 5 best drinking cups for elderly at HPFY.

5 Best Flushable Wipes

Kevin Cleary Feb 15, 2023

If you have been down the cleaning aisle of a grocery store, the options seem limitless. Item after item can seem similar, and deciding may seem impossible. We can help make this decision easier with these 5 great flushable wipes.

Top 5 Adaptive Equipment for Cerebral Palsy

Kevin Cleary Feb 20, 2023

Cerebral Palsy can vary from patient to patient and affect each one differently. This means that finding the right tools to combat CP can be challenging since there is no cookie-cutter way to treat this disease. With such uncertainty, how do you find the right adaptive equipment for your cerebral palsy needs?

5 Best Ostomy Wafers

Kevin Cleary Mar 11, 2023

For those living with an ostomy, the seemingly unlimited number of ostomy wafers available can make your head spin. It certainly doesn’t seem like trial and error would be a sane option. So how do you know which ostomy wafer might be right for you? Let’s take a closer look at 5 best ostomy wafers at HPFY.

5 Best Bed Pads For Incontinence

Kevin Cleary Mar 15, 2023

Incontinence bed pads are designed to absorb urine and protect mattresses and furniture from damage and are made from absorbent materials such as cotton or polyester. Not only are they designed to absorb moisture, but many specialize in keeping moisture away from the skin, minimizing the chance of skin breakdowns. Find 5 best bed pads for incontinence at HPFY.

5 Mistakes To Avoid While Using Adult Diapers

Kevin Cleary Mar 23, 2023

Using adult diapers can be more complicated than you think. To avoid common mistakes, we have all the info you need. LEARN MORE