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Diane Bruno

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Diane Bruno is the owner of Diane Bruno Freelance LLC. A blogger, freelance writer, digital content writer, funeral director, and former public relations professional, she specializes in health and wellness.

She is the author of HelloSelf - The Journal: A 90-day guided daily journal to help you live your legacy and accept life’s ultimate transition. HelloSelf - The Planner is her second offering in the HelloSelf series. It will help you manage time, prioritize tasks, and free up hours to enjoy the life you deserve and desire. Diane's writings have been featured on RedLily Life, Thrive Global, Medium, Emotional Intelligence Magazine, and her blog, HelloSelf.

Health Care for Women

Self- Advocacy: How Women Can Advocate For Themselves

Diane Bruno Oct 12, 2022

Advocating for ourselves, particularly in the realm of health and health care is essential if we are to live a life of wellness and purpose. It is easy to become overwhelmed and sacrifice our power when it comes to being our own health advocate. In our role as nurturers, it is often more comfortable to advocate for another than ourselves.


Healthy Halloween Treats

Diane Bruno Oct 12, 2022

Halloween brings out the child in all of us. Memories of trick or treating and lugging home that sack or plastic orange pumpkin of sweet goodies evokes the fondest of remembrances.

Health & Wellness

Tips To Stay Sharp as We Age

Diane Bruno Oct 18, 2022

As we venture through this exciting journey called life, concerns about staying sharp and preserving our cognitive and mental acuity are top of mind. Learn at HPFY fun and interesting ways to stay sharp as you age.

Health Care for Women

Stages of Health & Wellness for Women & Steps To Preserve Health

Diane Bruno Oct 18, 2022

As we progress through our adult life, every stage has its own needs when it comes to health and wellness. What worked in our 20s will not be enough to sustain us into our senior years. As your partner in health and wellness, Health Products For You would like to help you navigate each stage and assist you in achieving optimum wellness throughout the years!

Health & Wellness

The State of Our Mental Health - There is Help Available

Diane Bruno Oct 21, 2022

We are all fatigued. Living in a post-pandemic world has impacted everyone. Physically, the demands of routine everyday life take a dramatic toll on the body. As your partner in health and wellness, Health Products For You would like to assist you in navigating this complex time and finding the help you may need.

Health & Wellness

Wellness Made Simple

Diane Bruno Oct 27, 2022

Wellness Made Simple! As with any health-related movement, the flood of information can be overwhelming and intimidating. As your partner in health and wellness, Health Products For You would like to help you turn down the noise and adopt some sustainable steps to assist you in living your best wellness life ever!


8 Effective Sleep Hygiene Tips

Diane Bruno Nov 07, 2022

Positive sleep hygiene translates to maintaining a bedroom (sleep area) environment and routine that promotes restorative sleep. Sticking to a consistent sleep schedule and setting up your bedroom to be a relaxing haven free from disruption all matter. Following a relaxing bedtime routine contributes to a restful pre- and post-slumber experience.