Therapeutic Advantages of Low Air Loss Mattress System

Therapeutic Advantages of Low Air Loss Mattress System

There is a growing population of patients who are bed-bound or who spend a considerable amount of time in the bed. If using a conventional bed, the body heat and moisture get trapped causing skin breakdown and rashes, leading to sores and ulcers. The prevention and treatment of pressure sores lie in using the therapeutic low air loss mattress system which is clinically effective, durable, reliable and affordable.

What is the low air loss mattress?

A low-air loss mattress is a specifically fashioned mattress for permanently or temporarily bedridden patients. It helps the patient in the prevention of ulcers and wounds caused by continuous pressure on certain body parts. These pressure wounds are a serious concern and must be treated well; for this purpose, low air loss mattresses are often recommended to such patients. The mattress has many inflatable air tubes that periodically inflate and deflate, and this system ensures that the body is not left in one position only for a prolonged period of time. Subsequently, these mattresses are considered effective in pressure relief and have become popular amongst the masses in the past few years. 

How does the low air loss mattress system work?

A low air loss mattress has tiny laser made air holes in its top surface which continually blow out air causing the patient to float. This reduces skin interface pressure at the mattress surface. As a result, moisture is wicked away and the patient stays dry. This is an excellent therapeutic environment for the prevention and treatment of stages 1 to 4 pressure ulcers.

Low Air Loss Mattress System

An important point to remember is the layer of bedding between the mattress and the user should be minimum.

The Huntleigh Breeze Low Air Loss Mattress Replacement System provides excellent pressure redistribution. It is highly recommended for the prevention and management of heel ulcers. This is facilitated by its unique turn valve deflation feature which allows key cells to be deflated under the heels. Interestingly, it has eight torso section cells for facilitating the patient with sufficient support underneath the heavy body parts. Along with this, three head sections have very low cell pressures; the six-leg section cells have such low pressure that each one of them is capacitated to deflate individually by the use of an inline turn valve.


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Likewise, the Invacare True Low Air Loss Therapeutic Support Mattress wicks away moisture and heat and maintains a moderate environment for the user. The healing environment is perfect for stages 1 to 4 ulcers. It is available in both standard and bariatric sizes. Additionally, it also automatically maintains five different pressure zones for softer head and heel sections and firmer torso pressure interfaces. The convenient carrying strap is provided for easy transport and the 10 nylon straps with the buckle-downs are to secure the mattress to bed. Similarly, the dual quilted 1000 denier nylon cover with a slip layer protects against shear and friction. Moreover, it has 275 Liters per Minute blower for comfort and fast set-up pulse and static treatment with true low air loss therapy. All these features make it a perfect choice for patients. 

How does the alternating pressure system work?

Alternate inflation and deflation of cells change pressure points and improves blood circulation. A single cell deflates and re-inflates and then the adjoining cell and so on, slowly, up and down the mattress. The head area of the mattress does not move and so the patient stays undisturbed even while asleep. The speed at which the alternating process moves from one end of the mattress to the other can be adjusted by the patient.

Low Air Loss Mattress System

How does the dual therapy mattress work?

Combination low air loss and alternating pressure mattress systems are also available. They have an alternating pressure base with a low air loss top cover. Such a system requires high-powered pumps and blowers to be able to supply the true air loss.

Dual therapy mattress system for bariatric bed-bound patients

Bariatric patients are at a greater risk of pressure soreness because of their size and immobility. The low air loss, alternating pressure mattress, is very useful in managing multiple stage 3 or 4 wounds. In the case of bariatric patients, a higher volume airflow is required to counteract the increased perspiration. This will also maintain adequate airflow to alternate pressure in the mattress.

Low Air Loss Mattress System

The Proactive Protekt Aire 8000BA Mattress offers dual therapy. It has a low air loss and alternating pressure bariatric mattress system. The user weight capacity extends up to 650 lbs. Its cell-on-cell design prevents patients from bottoming out in case of power failure. The 10" cells manufactured with nylon/PU material are added to facilitate the user with extra comfort and support. The chances of users getting injured during the alternating mode because of unnecessary head and neck movements are reduced manifolds as the mattress has a pillow top feature specifically fashioned for the same purpose. 

 Proactive Protekt Aire 8000BA Mattress

Wound therapy using low air loss mattress system

Using low air loss mattresses for wound therapy can significantly reduce the recovery time and rate of complication. This is because low air loss mattresses regulate and manage moisture levels. They also immerse the patient into their surface when compared to a conventional bed, wherein the patient stays on the surface only. The healing time is determined by the blood flow to the wound site. A low air loss mattress maximizes the contact area and regulates the pressure levels, thereby improving blood flow to the wound site.

The Medline A20 Low Air Loss Therapy Mattress is an economical choice for any home care wound treatment. It offers user-friendly weight dials for customized therapy. Its high-quality functions include alternating pressure, static float, and low-pressure alarm with audio and visual indicators. Unlike other mattresses, it is quite easy to clean and has a breathable nylon cover that diminishes the chances of shear and friction. The latex-free mattress comes in a rich navy blue color and is fluid-resistant for the convenience of the user. This low air loss therapy mattress has a weight capacity of 400 lbs, has a length of 80", and the width of the same is 36, making it an efficient purchase for those needing pressure relief therapies.

 Medline A20 Low Air-Loss Therapy Mattress

Points for consideration

  • The blower motor and pump should support round-the-clock use. Motors that use air that is already in the cells are advisable rather than those which circulate the outside air.
  • The mattress should allow for adequate pressure redistribution of the patient’s weight. So, it is essential that the patient is enveloped by the mattress to some extent rather than just being on the top of its surface.
  • In the case of bariatric patients, the mattress should be specifically suited for bariatric weight load.
  • The mattress should match the bed in terms of its fit and size.
  • The mattress cover should be loose, water-resistant, and vapor permeable. It should also be fire-resistant and hypoallergenic.


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