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Choice of a hospital bed mattress is important for the overall well-being of a person, whether a patient or not. Good, restful sleep can do wonders for your mental and physical health and be therapeutic in nature. With a wide choice available, a mattress may be economical if you settle for a standard but good one or expensive if your selection is one that is technologically advanced, microprocessor controlled and designed to bend with the positioning of the bed. At Health Products For You there is quite a variety in hospital bed mattress available. Browse through this intensive collection today and be sure to find the one that suits your requirement.

Types Of Hospital Bed Mattress

Water/Gel Mattress

  • This type employs the therapeutic benefits of water and gel to provide a comforting and cooling experience. It provides optimum protection from pressure ulcers with adequate pressure distribution and rapid heat dissipation.

Foam Mattress

  • Hospital bed mattress made of foam is a cost-effective solution to back pain, stiffness, respiratory and allergy problems due to dust and dust mites. Made of foam layers in varying densities, these mattresses provide the right support in the right spots.

Innerspring Mattress

  • Firm support is provided by the built-in coil spring while soothing comfort comes from the foam and fibers on the surface. These premium grade cotton and high-density urethane foam mattresses offer increased durability and optimal comfort.

Alternating Pressure Mattress

  • Developed to prevent skin breakdown, alternating pressure mattresses help protect the body from bed sores and pressure ulcers. Bladders positioned laterally or length-wise deflate and inflate under the body thereby alternating pressure points, promoting blood circulation and relieving painful areas.

Combination Therapy Mattress

  • This mattress type offers a combination of distinctive therapy modes to suit different needs. There is lateral rotation air therapy with alternating pressure, low air loss with alternating pressure, low air loss with lateral rotation and a combination of all three. This hospital bed mattress allows gentle repositioning of the patient while keeping him/her protected from the risks of pressure ulcers.

Lateral Rotation

  • Lateral rotation mattress is beneficial for a patient who is confined to the bed and needs assistance turning and repositioning. The lateral rotation quality of this type allows continuous lateral movement of the patient and provides protection from bed sores, skin break down and infections.

Low Air Loss

  • This hospital bed mattress is designed to protect patients from skin maceration, shear, friction and pressure. Low air loss mattresses have air-filled cells that increase breathability allowing air circulation across the skin of the patient and lowering humidity and moisture that can lead to bed sores. The skin stays dry and cool and protects sensitive and fragile skin from pressure ulcers.

Mattress Toppers and Overlays

  • These are spread over a mattress and available in different sizes and types. At Health Products For You, there are foam overlays, bed pads, gel foam overlays, pressure relieving foam overlays, static air overlays, alternating pressure overlays, water/gel overlays, memory foam overlays and more.

How to Select the Best Therapeutic Mattress for Hospital Bed?

Choosing a hospital bed mattress will involve keeping in mind the patient’s size, weight and health status.
  • Size: There are varying lengths in hospital bed mattresses but you need to ensure the one you buy is longer than the patient size. If the user is bariatric then the mattress has to match his size and height. Bariatric mattresses are available in both foam and pressure-relieving types.
  • Health Status: If the patient is bed-ridden and has incontinence issues then the mattress should be waterproof, stain resistant and have antimicrobial covers and seams. If the patient is confined to the bed most of the time then it is worth buying a hospital bed mattress that is expensive but technologically advanced. For short-term use, a standard mattress will do the job.
  • As Per Patient Condition:
    • If the patient is in bed most of the times then the mattress should be pressure relieving to prevent skin breakdown and pressure sores. A foam mattress which distributes weight evenly may work. Some foam mattresses distribute body weight preventing bed sores.
    • If the patient is in and out of bed, then an innerspring mattress will prove economical. It is more breathable than a foam mattress.
    • A patient with restricted mobility and at risk to bed sores should go in for low air loss mattress. Being breathable in nature, these mattresses reduce humidity and keep the body dry. They lower risks of bed sores by reducing pressure on weight-bearing areas.
    • If the patient is bed-ridden and also at risk for bed falls, then an alternating pressure mattress will help because of its side perimeters to protect the user from falling off the bed. This mattress also helps in circulation of all bodily fluids.

Pressure Sore Reduction with Mattress Overlays and Toppers

Some patients who are bed-ridden or confined to bed for long hours are at high risk for pressure ulcers. Shearing is one major problem for such individuals when skin is stuck to the mattress causing sores which can develop into hard-to-treat wounds. Using a mattress overlay or topper can add softness to the bed and help prevent shearing.
Overlays also extend the life of the mattress, increase client comfort and are ideal for patients with heat and pressure sensitivity. At Health Products For You, there is a variety of mattress toppers and overlays which address a wide range of requirements. Choose the topper that best meets your individual needs. Choosing the right hospital bed mattress for a loved one is important especially if the person needs full-time care and comfort. Instead of a standard mattress, a therapeutic mattress will do wonders for his health.

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