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What is a hospital bed? 

A hospital bed is a type of adjustable bed specially designed for hospitalized patients or individuals needing some form of health care. They are typically equipped with features such as adjustable height, adjustable head and foot sections, and side rails for the comfort of the patient and the convenience of the hospital staff or caregiver. 

Hospital beds are used in healthcare facilities or at home to aid older adults or others with short- or long-term illnesses and injuries. They provide a stable and comfortable place for patients to rest and recover. 

HPFY offers a comprehensive collection of hospital beds for sale, including electric, semi-electric, manual, bariatric, and low beds, to cater to your unique needs. These medical beds provide optimal positioning and help support a variety of position changes during the day. Explore our beds today to make a difference in your recovery! 

Types of hospital beds for home 

Various types of medical beds exist, and they are listed below: 

1. Manual Hospital Bed  

It does not require a power source to operate. A manual hospital bed uses hand cranks to raise the entire bed level and the head and foot sections of the bed. They are sturdy, reliable, cost-effective, and lack the risk of motor failure and maintenance. However, the patient or the caregiver must be physically capable of operating the crank. 

2. Electric hospital bed 

It is ideal for those who do not have a caregiver to adjust the bed. An electric hospital bed features an electric motor that controls the adjustments of the bed frame with a push of a button. As every element of the bed’s functioning is motorized, they offer the user the best level of support, convenience, and comfort. 

3. Semi-electric bed 

It combines the features of both manual and electric hospital beds, offering a balance between functionality and affordability. A semi-electric bed has an electric motor to adjust the head and foot sections, allowing quick and easy position changes. While the bed’s height adjustment is managed manually using a hand crank or lever.  

It is perfect for patients who require frequent position changes but do not need height adjustments. 

4. Low bed 

Low beds have a frame close to the floor and are designed for people at risk of falling. Low bed frames are usually around one foot from the floor, making them easier to get out of and reducing the distance if the patient falls accidentally or rolls out at night. These are commonly used for Alzheimer’s patients (alzheimers product) and children. 

5. Bariatric hospital bed 

It is a heavy-duty bed designed to support a large weight capacity. The bariatric hospital bed is strong, sturdy, durable, and can accommodate as much as 1000 lbs. Most bariatric beds are full-electric and are controlled completely by a remote, making it easy for patients to adjust as needed. 

5 benefits of having a hospital bed for home 

How to choose hospital beds for home use 

Here are the factors to consider when choosing a hospital bed for home: 

1. Mobility level 

If you have minimal mobility, an electric or semi-electric hospital bed could help you sit up and elevate your legs as needed. If you have enough strength and can move parts of your body, a manual bed would be a more economical choice. 

2. Size & weight capacity 

You must choose a bed that is long, wide, and strong enough to accommodate your weight. Bariatric beds are wider than standard beds and are more comfortable for heavier users.   

3. Strength of caregiver 

The carer’s strength and stamina should be considered when choosing a hospital bed for home. If a patient requires a lot of position changes and the caregiver is not strong enough to make manual adjustments, an electric bed should be the best choice. 

4. Time in bed 

If a user spends the maximum time of the day in bed, a full-electric hospital bed will provide long-term comfort while minimizing physical strain on caregivers. However, for short-term use, manual and semi-electric beds may be sufficient. 

5. Side rails 

The side rails in a hospital bed frame can protect patients by preventing them from falling out of their beds. They also support patients when they are moving in and out of bed. If the user is at risk of falling, side rails are essential additions. 

Where to buy hospital beds for home? 

At Health Products For You, you can find high-quality and durable hospital beds from top-selling manufacturers like Drive Medical, Invacare, Dynarex, etc., at affordable prices. Place an order with us today! 

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Frequently asked questions

The head and foot raises and lowers electrically with a controller in both fully electric and semi-electric bed models however the bed itself only raises and lowers electrically in a full electric hospital bed and needs to be adjusted manually with a crank in a semi electric hospital bed.

Luxury beds are distinguished from standard hospital beds by the base unit. Standard hospital bed frames are metallic and have to be assembled in two pieces. Luxury bed base units are one piece and padded. Luxury Beds offer multiple positions for more comfort.

A standard size hospital bed is 36 inch wide 80 inch - 82 inch in length. There will normally be a few inches off the side to account for the rails and a few inches along the head and foot board so total size is normally about 39 to 40 inches wide and 90 inches long.

While choosing a hospital bed you should consider the type of adjustability desired. Full-electric hospital beds can be easier on patients and caretakers, because they require less physical work than a semi-electric.

The next point to be considered should be the length of the rails needed. Choose full-length rails when the user of the bed tends toss and turn and fall out of the hospital bed.

Finally, You must consider the warranty on the bed. If the user of the bed tends to wear out beds quickly, select a bed with a longer warranty.

A “med-surg” hospital bed is another name for a fully electric medical bed used in hospitals that takes care of the general needs of most patients.