Combination Therapy Mattresses

Combination therapy mattresses are specialized mattresses which work on an advanced technology of combining two or more function modes to offer optimal therapy. The intention is to provide all-round comfort and healing for patients who spend a lot of time in bed or are confined to it. This may lead to bed sores or pressure ulcers that occur because of mattress pressure on the body of the patient which results in painful pressure points. Bed sores, if not take care of instantly, can worsen and turn into open wounds which become troublesome to treat. Specially designed combination therapy mattresses help in prevention of bed sores. Browse our range of combination therapy mattresses that provide therapeutic benefits to the user.

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How does a combination low-air-loss with Alternating-Pressure mattress work?

  • A standard mattress, however high quality, will not prevent bed sores from developing. For persons confined to the bed, specialized mattresses are needed which offer therapeutic comfort and frequent repositioning of the body to ensure the skin stays dry and blood circulation is normal.  

  • In such cases, the requirement is low air loss, lateral rotation and alternating pressure which can optimize pressure redistribution and help prevent pressure ulcers and skin maceration. These properties exist in tandem in a combination therapy mattress.  

  • Low-air-loss (LAL) mattress controls moisture from the patient which can lead to pressure ulcers and skin breakdown usually in the trunk and pelvis areas. A blower pump blows up air from the mattress to get rid of excess moisture under the patient and keep the sky dry and cool. The air blows out of tiny air holes which are throughout the low-air-loss mattress top surface causing the patient to stay dry which prevents and treats bed sores. 

  • Alternating-Pressure mattress (APM) keeps the body of the patient in constant motion. Air bladders positioned laterally or length-wise deflate and inflate continuously leading to constant shifting of the mattress and lifting the body in such a way that the patient does not lie still in one spot. This prevents painful pressure points from developing which occurs as a result of continuous contact of the body with the mattress, generally in the trunk and pelvic regions. 

  • Lateral rotation (LAR) technique in a mattress keeps the patient moving in a regular pattern around a longitudinal axis – that is from head to foot. This therapy is useful in treating skin breakdown in people who are bed ridden or unable to move in bed and reposition their body. LAR mattresses are found to prevent and treat stages I-IV pressure ulcers. They are also considered useful for managing partial-thickness (superficial or stage II) and full-thickness wounds (stage III or stage IV). Lateral rotation therapy also lowers risk of pulmonary complications in patients who are immobile.

Other Combination Therapy Mattress Types

  • There are combination therapy mattresses which use low-air-loss top cover along with an alternating pressure base to provide excellent and comprehensive therapy. The Blue Chip Power Pro Elite mattress system is an example of such a type with 18 independent 9-inch deep air cells. 

  • Combination therapy mattresses using low-air-loss technique in combination with lateral rotation are also available. The Proactive Protekt Aire 7000 mattress provides effective rotation angles up to 40° ± 5°. 

  • There are mattresses that feature lateral rotation with alternating pressure such as the Span America PressureGuard Easy Air LR mattress system which has patented micro climate management. 

  • Combination therapy mattresses that provide a combination of all three therapies can be found in the Invacare MicroAIR lateral rotation alternating pressure and low air loss mattress. It offers alternating lateral rotation and low-air-loss when required.