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10 Medical Equipment Every Hospital Needs

10 Medical Equipment Every Hospital Needs
Shweta Chaubey

Running a clinic or a hospital is tough. It takes time, effort, patience, a well-trained and empathic staff, and tons of medical equipment. Some of which need to be stocked up in advance at all times. While you need to look after many things to run a hospital, here is a list of hospital supplies every hospital must have.

10 Medical Equipment Every Hospital Needs   

1. Diagnostic and Measuring Equipment   

With diagnostic equipment, proper treatment is possible. Diagnosis is the first step in initiating an effective treatment.   

Diagnostic medical equipment and supplies allow medical professionals to measure and observe a patient's health and form a diagnosis. These include -    

  • Dynamometer: used for measuring grip strength. Dynamometers have an adjustable handle that fits comfortably in the hand and locks into place.   
  • Goniometer: used to measure the range of motion of the finger or other small joints.    
  • Heart Rate Monitor: the pacer tells you whether the heart rate is normal or needs medical attention.  
  • Inclinometer: helps measure the angle of elevation, depression, or slope of the objects. The inclinometer measurements are with respect to gravity.    
  • Otoscope: handheld instrument for examining the outer ear, eardrum, and ear canal. It has a light source and magnifying system at one end that helps visualize, analyze, and discover ear problems.    
  • Ophthalmoscope: helps examine the internal structure of the eyes, blood vessels, and the optic disc.  
  • Pulse Oximeter: detects changes in pulse and blood oxygen level. Offer a painless method to measure O2 levels and pulse rate.    
  • Thermometer: used to measure body temperature. The sensor shows changes in the temperature and is recorded and converted into a numerical number.    

2. Treatment Tables  

A medical treatment table, commonly known as a medical table or examination table, is a surface where the patient sits or lies down for the doctor to perform the diagnosis or treatment. Most of these tables have a reclining backrest. Treatment tables offer a comfortable, hygienic, and supportive base for medical procedures in healthcare facilities.  


3. Autoclave   

Autoclave or steam sterilizer is a machine used in healthcare and industrial facilities to sterilize instruments, needles syringes and dressings and kill harmful bacteria and viruses. It uses dry heat sterilization technique and does not corrode steel instruments.  


4. Hospital Beds and Bed Rails  

A hospital bed is designed for inpatient use and is equipped with features such as adjustable height, head and foot sections, and side rails for comfort and convenience of medical staff and patients.   

Medical beds are manufactured in a variety of sizes. Some of these are -   

  • Manual bed   
  • Electric bed  
  • Semi-electric bed  
  • Bariatric bed  
  • Low bed  

These beds serve as essential medical equipment and reduce the risk of falls, help position the patient, and enhance recovery. Additionally, these help attach the medical supplies that cannot be attached to regular beds.   

Hospital bed rails serve as a physical barrier on the sides of the bed and keep the patients from falling. Bed rails allow proper positioning of patients during diagnosis and create a comfortable and secure environment.  


5. Transfer Aids  

Safe patient handling is another important aspect of patient care. Transfer aids are durable medical equipment essential for the smooth transfer of patients who have restricted mobility or cannot move unassisted. Appropriate use of patient transfer devices can help to promote patient comfort, maintain their dignity, and prevent the risk of injury during transfers.  

Patient transfer equipment include -   

  • Evacuation chair  
  • Lifting pillows  
  • Gait belts  
  • Transfer boards and sheets  

6. Medical Cart   

Medical carts or storage carts carry medical supplies within the medical facility. These square or rectangle shaped carts with casters come in a variety of sizes, weight capacity, and colors. Depending on the type of supplies, carts are equipped with drawers and compartments.   

These storage carts are generally made of sturdy materials like steel, wood or polymer and make it easy to store or transport medical supplies from one place to another.   


7. Mat Table  

These are also known as rehabilitation tables. These tables are large and sturdy, often constructed using wood, and have a foam mat surface for comfort. Mat tables have a weight capacity of 600 pounds. These are low tables suitable for deep tissue massage and flexibility/stretching exercises to increase range of motion.   


8. General Medical Supplies  

A clinic or a hospital requires more than just heavy machinery. It needs a stock full of general medical supplies. These are required in almost every surgical or medical procedure, be it a small dress change or a serious operation. These supplies include wound care products such as -   

  • First aid kits  
  • Antiseptics  
  • Wound Dressings  
  • Gauze and bandages  
  • Tweezers  
  • Syringes and needles  

9. Emergency Supplies  

It is said that hospitals should be prepared for the worst. Emergency medical equipment ensures that your hospital is well-prepared to care for patients in critical times. Hence, it is essential to have your hands on the right and durable medical equipment such as -   


10.  Protective Gears  

Infection prevention rules are put in place to prevent the spread of contagious diseases and chances of cross-contamination. Hospital borne infections have serious implications on hospital staff and patients alike. Infection control products prevent transfer of infections from one person to another.  


These protective gear include wearables such as disposable medical gloves, masks, protective gowns, scrub pants and tops, and lab coats, to name a few. These help in keeping them safe from contaminants and bodily fluids and meet their professional demands.   

Where can I buy durable medical equipment online?  

HPFY has been your partner in health and wellness since 2002. We offer an array of medical equipment for at-home and hospital use. HPFY has been a trusted companion for many hospitals and clinics across the United States. Explore our catalog today to find all that your hospital needs.    


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