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What are Mat Table?

  • Mat tables, also known as mat platforms, are large, sturdy rehabilitation tables usually constructed from wood, and topped with a foam mat of at least 2-inches thickness, which is covered in vinyl or fabric. They are designed for easy transfers by both ambulatory patients and those who use mobility devices. 
  • Used by physical therapists for patient rehabilitation, mat tables are lower in height to allow easy access and have a weight-bearing strength of 600 pounds, providing a stable surface for manual techniques of deep tissue massage, joint manipulation and flexibility/stretching exercises to increase range of motion.A mat table is an elevated platform that provides a safe stable surface where a patient can receive treatment or perform therapeutic exercises comfortably. 

Why Choose Mat Table?

  • They provide a comfortable, secure platform where patients may perform therapeutic exercises or receive treatments involving hot or cold packs as well as manual techniques including  and joint manipulation and release along with stretching to enhance flexibility and range of motion. 
  • Mat tables benefit the physical therapy staff as well as the patients. The table’s height lets them work on the patient at a level that supports proper body mechanics and prevents injury.

Where to buy Mat Tables Online?

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