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Protective apparel are designed to be used by medical professionals and help in keeping them safe from contaminants and bodily fluids that they are required to handle every day as their profession demands. A number of medical and health hazards are a part of the profession of medical professionals such as doctors, nurses, medical staff, etc. To protect oneself from these hazards, one has to wear apparel that prevents any damage or adverse effects on their health. We, at HPFY, have a huge variety of infection control products from brands like Medline Industries, Landau Uniforms, Core Products, Childrens Factory, and Dynarex Corporation.

Features of Protective Apparels at HPFY

  • Available in reusable and disposable forms
  • Comes in different sizes and colors
  • Highly suitable for both male and female
  • High quality material and offers complete protection

Types of Protective Apparel

Protective Gowns

Protective gowns are used to shield an individual from the spread of infection as well as cross-infection. Soiled clothes are infected clothes can spread illnesses to other patients as well, and gown prevent the spread of this by protecting both the patients and the medical professional. There are three major types of protective gowns:
  • General Exam Protective Gowns
  • Isolation Protective Gowns
  • Surgical Protective Gowns


One of the most popular medical protective clothes, scrubs is used in the operating room and in other sensitive situations where one has to prevent the exposure to contaminants. They reduce tracking harmful agents into a surgical site thus protecting the patients as well as the wearer. There are three types of scrubs based on the wear type:
  • Scrub pants
  • Scrub tops
  • Scrub jackets

Lab Coats

The identity of doctors and other medical professionals, lab coats are the uniform and tradition of doctors. Though they are not meant to provide a sterile environment like other protective apparel, they are used for protection from general contaminants and physical dangers. There are three five different types of lab coats based on their sizes:
  • Barrier lab coats
  • Consultation lab coats
  • Full length lab coats
  • Smock/knee length lab coats
  • Staff length lab coats


Aprons work as protective barrier to protect the healthcare professional from undesired fluid spillages during a surgical procedure or just a routine dressing. They can be simply worn over any other clothing. They are also available in attractive designs so that they can be worn at all times. They are either made of woven fabrics or synthetic materials.

Protective Caps

Your hair can get dirty even right after you take a bath. Surgical caps are designed to minimize the contamination of hair and also prevent hair from falling on the sterile surgical areas during the procedure. Medical professionals must always make sure that their hair is always covered before they enter the operation theater.


Coveralls are one piece garments that cover the entire body within one set of clothing and some are available with booties for foot protection as well. The can be fastened either in the front or at the back. One can choose a coverall with attached mask and hood for added protection. They are also the most common types of medical protective clothing during quarantine usage.

Masks, Visors/Glasses

Face masks are used to protect the patient from catching the microorganisms that are present in the healthcare worker’s saliva, nasal discharge, facial hair etc and vice versa. It is important to protect the membranes of your eyes, nose and mouth during patient care activities or surgical procedures that may cause accidental splashes of blood, mucus, saliva or other body fluids.

Where to Buy Protective Apparel Online?

At HPFY, we have a wide range of high quality and secure protective apparel for an complete protection from contaminants and infections during medical procedures. These high quality apparels include health gowns, robes, aprons, boots, coverall, masks, eye gear and caps etc.

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