Protective Apparels

Protective Apparel are designed to be used by medical professionals and help in keeping them safe from contaminants and bodily fluids that they are required to handle every day as their profession demands. We have an entire range of protective apparel that are used in hospital and medical facilities every day. These include health gowns, robes, aprons, boots, coverall, masks, eye gear and caps. All these accessories are available in reusable or disposable forms and in different sizes and colors for both males and females. Buy high quality personal protective equipment from top manufacturers like Medline Industries, Cardinal Health, Mckesson and many more at best prices on HPFY!

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Types of Protective Apparel Available

Theater Boots

These boots are generally made up of waterproof materials and they provide a fair degree of protection from fluids like blood, and other body fluids spilled during the course of treatment. These shoes also protect the user from accidental fluid spills. These shoes are always worn while entering the operation theater or ICU.

Surgical Caps

Your hair can get dirty even right after you take a bath. Surgical caps are designed to minimize the contamination of hair and also prevents hair from falling on the sterile surgical areas during the procedure. Medical professionals must always make sure that their hair are always covered before they enter the operation theater.

Masks, Visors/Glasses

Face masks are used to protect the patient from catching the microorganisms that are present in the healthcare worker’s saliva, nasal discharge, facial hair etc and vice versa. It is important to protect the membranes of your eyes, nose and mouth during patient care activities or surgical procedures that may cause accidental splashes of blood, mucus, saliva or other body fluids.


Aprons or lab coats are available in all sizes and variable lengths. These aprons work as protective barrier to protect the healthcare professional from undesired fluid spillages during a surgical procedure or just a routine dressing. 

Try the Medline Ladies Resistat Lab Coats, Dynarex Disposable Adult Lap Bibs, Medline Polyethylene Shoe Covers, Medline Fluid-Resistant Surgical Face Masks with Eyeshield and many more for that extra coverage that you need while handling patients.