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Bed Accessories are designed to fulfill day-to-day bed requirements of the users. They provide comfortable sleep to users and make transfers to and from the beds easier and comfortable. The time spent on the bed really becomes more enjoyable with nothing to worry about. Hospital bed accessories include products like bed boards, bed storage and transport devices, trapeze bars and stands, bed rails, bed extenders, etc. These products are manufactured by popular manufacturers like Medline Industries, Drive Medical, Graham Field Health Products, Invacare Corporation and many more.

Bed Boards

Bed boards are designed to prevent the sinking down of soft mattresses. They provide firm back support to users and help prevent backache. These supporting accessories for bed can be either straight or foldable. Bed Boards are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors.

Bed Storage/Transport

Bed storage or transport devices provide safe, easy and hassle-free storage and transport. They are helpful when user is short of space and an efficient method of storage is required.

Trapeze Bars and Stands

Trapeze bars and stands provide help and support to users while moving to and from the bed. They convert inconvenient transfers into convenient ones and provide ease and comfort of operation to both users and caregivers. These bed accessories are easy to store and handle.

Misc. Bed Accessories

In addition to the above-mentioned accessories, there are some miscellaneous bed accessories which include bumper pads, bed wall guards, bed rails, bed extenders, etc. They all add to the comfort and protection of users while using a bed.