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Medical carts are designed to carry medical supplies inside the medical facility. These are mostly square or rectangular in shape with casters for mobility. Some specially designed carts are available for specific purposes. There may be variations in size, weight and color. Depending upon the type of task for which the cart is intended it may be equipped with drawers and compartments. These carts are generally made of sturdy materials like steel, wood or polymer. A combination of materials may also be used. These carts makes it easy for medical professionals to carry an assortment of medicines and other supplies according to the requirement.

Medical Cart Types and Their Features

  • Medication carts range from 27 – 48 inches in height and 20-25 inches in width so that they can easily pass through standard doors and passages of the medical facility. 

  • Box carts have series of long and narrow compartments divided into various sections in order to hold medications. 

  • A bin cart on the other hand has smaller checkerboard style sections in rows. 

  • Punch card cart has large and wide drawers along with medication bins. Larger drawers make it easier to hold patient treatment files and other papers. 

  • Mostly all carts with drawers have a lock feature. 

  • These drawers may also be used to store narcotic drugs. 

  • Locking mechanisms help in reducing theft incidences. 

  • Medical carts need to be light in weight to ease transportation. 

  • These carts are made up of lightweight steel or alloy of steel. 

  • Carts may also be designed with eye pleasing wood finish.  

We bring to you a variety of medical carts with varied functions. We have the Aqua Creek PVC 3-Shelf Linen Cart and the like for carrying fresh bed linen. The Brandt Medical Cart comes with multiple shelves to carry medications. We also keep specialty carts with specific function like the Clinton Large H-Base Pneumatic Four-Bin Phlebotomy Cart

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