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Independent Living for Seniors at Home

Independent Living for Seniors at Home
Kevin Cleary

For the last year or so we have been more or less stuck in our homes and this is especially the case for seniors. With our elderly population more at risk from Covid-19, many have been almost shut-ins in their own home. It is during this time that we may have realized that we need certain things in our houses in order to keep our senior population safe and independent. It is this independence that helps them maintain the quality of life they are accustomed to. We here at HPFY can give you some help in making sure we are prepared for the next possible pandemic, and you know eventually it will show up.

What have we learned from COVID-19?

This pandemic has lasted roughly one year and we are just now starting to come out on the other side. People and families are getting vaccinated and soon we will be able to gather as we once did and can hug grandma and grandpa. Will we have learned our lesson? If history is any indicator, probably not. So how can we be prepared for the next possible virus or other reason for our older loved ones to be homebound? The first question we need to ask when it comes to keeping our senior citizens safe and independent at home is what do they need? Each individual is just that, an individual. This means different people have different needs, but some seniors may need help with:

In order to develop a plan to handle potential issues, we need to be honest with ourselves about what we need and what our moms, dads, and grandparents' limitations may be. As the Boy Scouts say “Be Prepared.”

Independent Living Products for Seniors

Once we have figured out what health or security needs our seniors may have, the next logical step would be to be sure that they have what they need on hand in the home just in case we run into another medical emergency that keeps us in our homes for long periods of time. Some medical necessities that our older population may need includes:

Daily Aids

Maintaining independence and quality of life while we try to age at home instead of in an assisted living home means daily aids for our everyday routines. Using the Sammons Preston Bendable Scrub and Sponge can make bathing/showering safer and easier. Reaching for objects in the cupboard or cabinet can be hazardous if our mobility becomes limited. The use of a reacher/grabber can remedy this. The FabLife Deluxe Open Jaw Pistol Grip Reacher can allow the user to safely reach and grab objects without jeopardizing balance and avoiding falls. To assist in dressing every day the Dressing Stick and Shoehorn Combination Tool can safely help our older loved ones safely get dressed for the day all by themselves.


Mobility Aids

As we age, safely getting around our homes can become more and more hazardous. Stairs and thresholds now become obstacles. Fitting your home with ramps such as the Harmar Adjustable Threshold Ramp or the PVI Portable Multi-Fold Ramp can make getting around the home easier and safer. Another way to help with aging at home is to increase our older loved one's stability with a cane. If stairs are an issue, the EZ-EZ-Step Stair Climbing Cane is specifically designed to safely tackle going up or downstairs. For others who may have limited mobility in picking something up, the Essential Medical Endurance Aluminum Quad Canes are lightweight and stand on their own so they won’t fall over.


Respiratory Supplies

Breathing is very important to us humans, and if we have learned anything during this pandemic, it's that respiratory virus can be nasty. Aging in place means being able to do any respiratory therapy in the home. People with respiratory disorders can benefit from Respironics EverFlo Oxygen Concentrator for oxygen therapy to help them breathe normally. In order to keep the air as clean and safe as possible, an air purifier such as the AIRFREE IRIS 3000 Filterless Air Purifier can keep germs and bacteria away from our loved ones' potentially compromised lungs and airways. Finding units that are filterless means not remembering to replace them.


Incontinence Aids

Unfortunately, age can bring on incontinence. It doesn’t matter if you are male or female, but properly combating this means minimizing the risk of skin breakdowns and infections. Not to mention, keeping laundry to a minimum. Incontinence supplies that should be kept on hand can include items such as the Prevail Breezers Adult Briefs-Ultimate Absorbency which can keep moisture away from skin and bedding/upholstery. The use of bed pads can be a savior at night. Not only can they save your bedding, but your mattress as well and we all know how much they cost!! You can opt for disposable bed pads or reusable bed pads depending upon your personal preference. The Cardinal Health Premium Disposable Underpads are designed to be discarded after use, while the Fiberlinks Priva Soff-Quilt Reusable Chair Pad can be laundered when soiled and reused over and over again. Your decision can be based on convenience versus cost.


Prescription Medicine Organizers

The chance that we need to take prescription medication as we age definitely increases. Remembering to take our prescription pills is crucially important as we age at home. Using an item such as the MedELert Automatic Pill Dispenser can remind our aging citizens that it’s time for their medication. With beeping and flashing alerts, it’s hard to miss medication time!! For those who may not need this level of reminding, the Apex Seven Day MediPlanner Pill Organizer may be all that is needed.


Emergency Alert Devices

We have all seen the “I have fallen and I can’t get up” commercials, but it may not be in everyone’s budget. The Logicmark Guardian Alert 911 System can be an economical option for keeping our older loved ones safe while aging at home. It simply calls 911 when the user (who wears the pendant) presses the button. With the base connected to a phone line, it is a simple and elegant solution to aging at home. For those that may be deaf or hard of hearing, the Krown KA300 Wireless Alarm Monitoring System alerts those who may otherwise not hear an alarm sounding in the home. With an alert receiver and a bed shaker receiver with vibrator smoke, fire, and carbon monoxide alerts can be received before it’s too late. These medical aids allow our senior citizens to live on their own, independently with a safety net just in case of emergencies.


In the recent history of our world, we have experienced Spanish influenza, MERS, SARS, H1N1, and other viruses and pathogens that have cost millions of people their lives and turned our world upside down. So, thinking that there won’t be another outbreak of something seems a bit naïve. Also, the natural course of aging presents a unique set of challenges. Being prepared for any potential global or national emergency only requires a little bit of forethought. Think ahead and be prepared!!

Where to buy Independent Living Aids for Seniors?

Health Products For You is a one-stop shop for all the medical supplies and home medical equipment needed to keep you healthy and happy. HPFY carries a wide variety of healthcare products and devices designed to help seniors live an active and independent life. Get all that your loved ones need at the most affordable prices. Place your order today!


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