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The COVID-19 pandemic is one of the most unprecedented disasters in the last decade. Being highly contagious in nature, the coronavirus pandemic has forced us to revisit our hygiene, our lifestyle, and maintenance of the places we work at. COVID-19 supplies have become an important part of our inventory at home as well as at the workplace. Hygiene supplies for COVID-19 such as masks, sprays, disinfectants, wipes, and covers have taken precedence over all other medication supplies over the last couple of months. Oxygen concentrators and pulse oximeters are an important addition to your COVID 19 inventory, helping you diagnose as well as enhance oxygen supply to the body.

What to buy online to prevent Coronavirus?

Though different people recommend different kinds of Coronavirus supplies online, the WHO has meticulously listed out the COVID equipment that can be helpful to fight this battle against the coronavirus pandemic.

Face Masks

Face masks form the first ranks of the army, protecting the user from inhaling unwanted particles from the air. A wide range of protective COVID-19 masks can help prevent the entry of the virus into your system. There are several types of COVID masks which include basic protective face masks, N95 mask, KN95 face masks, and many more.

Where Can I Buy N95 Face Masks Online?

HealthProductsForYou brings to you the FDA Cleared N95 Face Mask that offers comfortable inner materials with respiratory protection against numerous airborne particles including the Corona Virus. The individually packaged flat fold design allows for convenient storage before use while its unique, three-panel design fits a wide range of face shapes and sizes.

Hand Sanitizers

Hand sanitizers help battle COVID 19 by protecting and disinfecting the one thing that is the biggest carrier for the disease, your own hands. The coronavirus is known to accumulate on our hands within droplets expelled from the nose and mouth. Sanitizers can help eliminate these droplets and the COVID 19 virus with ease, thus ensuring your hands are not carriers.

Medical Gloves

The CDC recommends using gloves for two major activities at home while taking precautions for COVID 19, cleaning and caring for the sick. One can use reusable or disposable gloves while cleaning and disinfecting the surfaces of the house. While caring for someone who is sick, one should use disposable gloves as they can protect you from contact with blood, stool, or body fluids. Saliva and mucus can highly contagious in terms of the coronavirus. Thus, wearing gloves can protect you at all times from COVID 19.

Personal Wipes

Wipes are a common sanitation product found in almost all homes, but their utmost need has risen in these testing times. According to the WHO, the coronavirus or COVID 19 virus can stay active on home surface for a few hours, and hence can be infectious during that time. Using sanitary wipes or disinfectant wipes to clean the surfaces in generous intervals can help ensure that the house is hygienic and COVID proof in the most possible manner.


Disinfectants are of more importance today than ever before. As discussed before, the coronavirus can stay on surfaces for long periods of time. Disinfectants can help in eliminating the risks by sanitizing the surfaces and protecting you from the COVID-19 virus as much as possible. COVID-19 disinfectants such as sprays, floor disinfectants, and many more can help in sanitizing your surroundings with ease.

Oxygen Concentrators

Oxygen concentrators are an important supply you might need while battling COVID. According to WHO, lack of oxygen to the body can increase the impact of COVID 19 on the body thus it is very important to maintain the intake of oxygen at all times. Oxygen concentrators can help fulfill this need by providing an adequate as well as healthy supply of oxygen to you at home or at work.

Pulse Oximeters

Pulse oximeters have been proven by medical professional around the world to help in diagnosing whether the patient carries the coronavirus in asymptomatic cases. Though we take all the precautions necessary to stay safe, using a pulse oximeter at our disposal can be of great use. You can analyze your oxygen levels at all times using pulse oximeters and keep COVID in check.


Humidifiers, according to the CDC, are known to help alleviate the symptoms of COVID 19. Humidifiers help induce heat into the air and reduce the transmission rate of the novel coronavirus. In colder and drier conditions, the COVID 19 virus has been proven to live for longer periods of time on surfaces at home and at work. Humidifiers help reduce risk of transmission by creating moist and warm conditions in the house.

Where to buy COVID-19 Supplies online?

At HPFY, we have a wide range of COVID-19 supplies to help protect you, sanitize your surroundings, and ensure a clean and hygienic environment. Coronavirus products online include face masks, sanitizers, wipes, pulse oximeters, O2 concentrators, and much more.

What are the basic Covid Supplies you need?

Know more about Coronavirus

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