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Finding Proper Length of Wheelchair Ramp

Finding Proper Length of Wheelchair Ramp
Anushree Kothari

wheelchair Lifts create an easy platform to enter and exit houses, apartments, vehicles, and decks. Before buying a ramp, it is very important to know about its measuring terminologies and buy the one that best suits your requirements.  

Choosing a ramp with proper length may seem a difficult task to many. If the ramp is too short, its steep slope can become a reason for serious injuries. Choosing a longer ramp can pose a problem of space shortage. 

So, a correctly measured ramp is very important for safe patient transfer across the ramp. To make the task of measuring ramp length easier, we bring to you a brief measuring guide for ramp length. 

Terminologies related to wheelchair ramps 

  • Length - The specified length of a ramp or a section of a ramp. 
  • Rise - The vertical distance from the ground to the top step or landing where you want the top of your ramp to be. 
  • Slope - The inclination or steepness of the ramp. It shows the relationship between the rise and the length of the ramp. Typically, Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) recommends 1:12 ratio or 5-degrees as the standard ramp slope for wheelchair. It means that for every 1 inch of rise, 12 inches of ramp is required. 

Generally recommended wheelchair ramp slopes 

  • 5-degrees (1:12) - ADA compliant for loading unoccupied wheelchairs or scooters. Recommended for public and commercial properties. 1 inch rise per 12-inch ramp length is equals to 5 degrees. 
  • 7-degrees (1:8) - Recommended for manual wheelchairs with independent user or limited strength attendant. 
  • 10-degrees - Recommended for manual wheelchairs with strong assistance. 
  • 12-degrees - Recommended for manual wheelchairs with strong assistance, power wheelchairs, and scooters
  • 15-degrees - Recommended for restricted space and unoccupied loading or unloading. Not practical for home use. 

Factors affecting wheelchair ramp slope and length 

Inclination of a ramp and the associated length are based on the below-given factors: 

  • Whether the user will operate the wheelchair on his own or will there be a companion to push it? 
  • How much load is the wheelchair ramp supposed to bear? 
  • What is the height of the step from where the ramp will start? 
  • How much space is available to install the ramp? 
  • How strong is the user or the person pushing the wheelchair? 

Commonly recommended wheelchair ramp slopes 

  • 5-degrees (1:12) - ADA compliant for use by unoccupied scooters and wheelchairs. Recommended for commercial and public properties. A slope of 5 degrees denotes 1 inch rise per 12-inch ramp length. 
  • 7-degrees (1:8) - For manual wheelchairs with independent user or limited strength attendant. 
  • 10-degrees - For manual wheelchairs with strong attendant. 
  • 12-degrees - For wheelchairs with strong attendants, scooters, and power wheelchairs. 
  • 15-degrees - For restricted or limited space and unoccupied loading or unloading. Not suitable for home use. 

Wheelchair ramp length calculator 

According to your personal requirements, choose the ramp slope. Then measure the total rise from the upper level to the lower level and divide it by the slope. This will give you the ramp length. Standard measuring unit for rise is inches and for ramp length is foot. 

  • 5-degrees - Divide rise distance by 1 
  • 7-degrees - Divide rise distance by 1.5 
  • 10-degrees - Divide rise distance by 2 
  • 12-degrees - Divide rise distance by 2.4 
  • 15-degrees - Divide rise distance by 3 

For example - Given a rise of 12" (1 foot) and a required slope of 7 degrees, 12/1.5 = 8-foot ramp is required. 

5 Best portable ramps for wheelchair 

1. Safepath EZ Edge Transition Rubber Threshold Ramp 

Made in USA Made In USA

Safepath EZ Edge Transition Rubber Threshold Ramp is designed to remove the threshold barrier and allow the wheelchair or any other mobile device to roll over easily and reduce the risk of falling. it offers an easy transition from one height to another without any difficulty. It is used in both residential and commercial places. EZ Edge Ramp is easy to install and requires no maintenance. 

EZ Edge Threshold Ramp Features 

  • Quick installation 
  • Significantly reduces labor costs 
  • Has superior slip resistance 
  • Versatile rubber design 
  • Ideal for homes or businesses 
  • Used for indoors and outdoors usages 
Safepath EZ Edge Transition Rubber Threshold Ramp



2. PVI Portable Multifold Ramp 

Made in USA Made In USA

It accommodates wheelchairs and scooters of varied wheel configurations. It has durable welded construction and can be folded and carried like a suitcase. PVI Ramp features a closure strap that locks ramp panels together, is easy to handle & takes no time to set up. 

PVI Multifold Ramp Features 

  • Anti-slip, high traction surface 
  • Lightweight 
  • Easy-to-handle and setup 
  • Safety DVD and steel security pins included 
PVI Portable Multifold Ramp



3. Roll-A-Ramp 30-Inch-Wide Portable Ramp 

Made in USA Made In USA

It is one of the most compact, versatile ramps, great for use as a scooter ramp and wheelchair ramp for users who want fancy chair lifts, permanent ramps, or conversion vans. It has a patented, one-of-a-kind design that allows you to adjust the ramp length using the included tools by adding more links. 

Why choose Roll-A-Ramp 

  • It is compatible with -  
  • Manual wheelchairs 
  • Power chairs 
  • Scooters 
  • 3-wheel scooters 
  • Walkers and bariatric chair 
Roll-A-Ramp 30-Inch Wide Portable Ramp



4. Ez-Access Transitions Modular Entry Ramp 

Made in USA Made In USA

It is ideal for entrances to create a smooth, sturdy, and seam-free surface for a wheelchair, walker, scooter, and cane user. The Ez-Access ramp has rust-resistant high-strength aluminium and an extruded slip-resistant surface for superior traction. 

Reasons to pick Ez-Access Transitions Ramp 

  • Ideal for doorways, sliding glass doors, and raised landings 
  • Lightweight and easily transported from one place to the next 
  • Made in the USA 
Ez-Access Transitions Modular Entry Ramp



5. PVI Elev8 Adjustable Threshold Ramp 

Made in USA Made In USA

It is designed for single step raises with adjustable legs with a maximum height range of 2 inches. Its free-standing adjustable leg design is very useful in areas with uneven surfaces (e.g., decks, turf, grass, dirt). The stand-alone threshold ramp has an 800-pound capacity and weighs 8 pounds. 

This ramp is ideal for a range of settings thanks to its innovative non-slip button or extended metal surface and its customizable form for single steps or entrances. In addition, your door can open over the ramp because the safety side curbs are cut at the top of the threshold. 

Features of Elev8 Threshold Ramp 

  • Easy to install  
  • 800lb weight capacity  
  • Fully adjustable 
  • Adjustable to fit range of threshold rises 
  • Slip-resistant grooved aluminium 
PVI Elev8 Adjustable Threshold Ramp



Where to buy Wheelchair Ramps online? 

You can buy wheelchair ramps online at HPFY. Browse our extensive range of products from top-selling manufacturers like Harmar Mobility, Safepath, Roll-A-Ramp and many more. Also, have a look at our top-rated products mentioned below. 


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