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Wheelchair lifts or scooter lift allows you to take your power scooter or electric wheelchair along with you into your vehicle. HPFY offers a carefully-selected range of products, from mechanical solutions to power models that are fully assisted and lift your mobility device with simply push of a button. Some models carry your vehicle attached by way of a hitch on the back of your vehicle while others lift your mobility wheelchair or scooter into the trunk of your car or van. Many leading names like Harmar Mobility, Safepath, EZ-Access, and Roll-A-Ramp have a wide collection of top quality lifts and ramps, you can check that out at HPFY.

What are the types of Wheelchair Lifts?

Inside Lifts

Inside vehicle Lifts are used to secure and protect power scooters or electric wheelchairs inside a vehicle. There are a wide variety of lifts with a capacity of 200 - 400 lbs for scooters, wheelchairs, or power chairs. HPFY also offers Stair lifts like the Summit Straight Stair Lift for indoor use and the lightweight and compact inside vehicle lifts like AL055 Economy Inside Lift from Harmar that is small enough to load into the cargo area or trunk of your car.

Outside Lifts

Outside lifts are engineered for carrying power mobility devices in vehicles that do not have sufficient cargo space, or for those who wish to keep the cargo areas of the vehicle free. These lifts possess features like automatic, one-switch lifting and automatically folding platforms when the mobility scooter/wheelchair is not in place. The mobility scooter or wheelchair is secured in place by either an automatic hold-down foot, arm, or Q’Straint hooks, without any modifications to the wheelchair or scooter. Vehicle lifts install on the vehicles tow bar, requiring no modifications to the vehicle, and are removable for transfers to another vehicle. Try the AL301XL Scooter And Power Chair Fusion Lift with extra-large deck, maximum stability and power.

Micro Lifts

Micro lifts for scooters and wheelchairs are light weight and low profile. They are the ideal fit for compact vehicles, and offer greater visibility and fuel saving efficiency. HPFY offers a range of micro lifts like the Harmar’s AL010 Micro Outside Lift which is ideal for transporting any three or four wheel micro scooter.

Hybrid Lifts

Hybrid lifts are engineered to move out and down so the mobility scooter or wheelchair is loaded onto the platform on the ground. The platform is then lifted automatically into the vehicles trunk. Hybrid lifts are mounted in the vehicles cargo area. They provide easy drive-on and drive-off convenience and is perfect for bad weather days. These lifts can be used on Minivans, SUV’s full-size vans and some Crossovers. HPFY offers hybrid lifts like the AL600 Hybrid Platform Lift that can accommodate any power chair or scooter.

What are the types of Wheelchair Ramps?

Wheelchair ramps are inclined surfaces installed at a platform in order to allow wheelchair users, to climb over the platform. A wheelchair ramp can be permanent, semi-permanent or portable as desired by the user. Ramps can also be used for mounting wheelchairs to vehicles.

Modular Ramps

Modular Ramps are slip resistant surfaces perfect for wheelchair, scooter, or power chair use. These ramps range from folding and solid surfaces to threshold ramps, mats, and plates. Modular Ramps are convenient, lightweight, and easy-to-use built to withstand repeated use.Try the EZ-Access Modular Ramp System that requires less hardware and no pre assembly.

Portable Ramps

Portable wheelchair and scooter ramps can be used indoors or outdoors to overcome obstacles like thresholds, curbs, entrances, vans, SUVs, pickup trucks, and many others with ease. Portable ramps, which come in a wide variety of designs and styles, are affordable and dependable. These ramps are sturdy, durable, and strong. Lightweight aluminum construction makes them easy to move and carry. A wide variety of Portable ramps like Ez-Access Aluminum Threshold Ramp, Safepath EZ Edge Transition Rubber Threshold Ramp are ideal for doorways to create a smooth and strong entry and exit.

Threshold Ramps

Threshold ramps are the most common type of ramp needed inside and outside the home, as raised thresholds, they are usually ½ inch up to 6 inches high, These Transition Ramp are very short, designed to facilitate a very small rise, are portable and lightweight. types of threshold ramps are rubber wedge ramps and single fold ramps. It is Advised that before buying threshold ramp. Calculate the required length using ramp length calculator.

Where to buy Wheelchair Lifts & Ramps online?

HPFY has a range of high quality, affordable lifts and ramps from top manufacturers in the industry like Guldmann, Rose Healthcare, and many more. We also offer a variety of Lifts and ramps accessories like brackets, links and batteries for your convenience.

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