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Power chairs are mobility aids for those individuals who need assisted mobility, cannot self-propel or need to travel some distance. These chairs are designed to be fast, smooth and provide a safe ride. There are a number of power chair brands with several features to choose from. There are center-wheel drive power chairs, folding power chairs, travel/portable power chairs, rear wheel drive power chairs and stand-up power chairs. Electric power wheel chairs provide mobility with style for people on-the-go. Easy to use, lightweight and affordable, these chairs are from top makers like Pride Mobility, Drive Medical, Karman Healthcare, etc.

Who Needs a Power Chair?

If your usage requirement involves travelling a lot and long distances then you can save on time and energy with power chairs. A power chair is easy to propel and can easily be maneuvered around tight corners. The Pride Jazzy Air motorized wheelchair can drive at 3.5 mph speed and has Active-Trac suspension for extra powerful performance. Drive’s Cobalt X23 power wheelchair offers full-size performance in a lightweight, transportable power wheelchair with fold-down backrest and padded, flip-up armrests for easy transfers and user access. There is a variety of power chairs for you to choose from. These include:

Power Chairs For Tightest Maneuverings

Power wheelchairs with center-wheel drive have the wheels placed directly below the user’s center of gravity. This allows for the tightest of turning radiuses without compromising on stability and control. Jazzy power chairs are popular for their center wheel design. The Jazzy Select 6 Power Chair from Pride Mobility has caster wheels which absorb the shock of obstacles and provides maximum front stability.

Power Chairs That Fold Up

If you are a frequent traveler and want to carry the wheelchair with you, then you need a folding power chair. The folding power chairs from Drive Medical are known for their portability and transportation ease. The Cirrus Plus EC has a lightweight frame and an integrated PG controller with adjustable height and width plus carbon steel frame. A similar Drive power chair is a folding power chair designed for heavy-duty persons and can support weight up to 400 lbs.

Portable Power Chairs For Travel

Travel/portable power chairs are for those who are always on the go and need a wheelchair that can easily be carried along, stored in a car or the home when not in use and then set up again. The Magic Mobility Extreme X8 power wheelchair with full rehab seating is among the lightest and most compact portable wheelchairs in the market. The Jazzy Elite HD travel/portable power chair has two-motor, front-wheel drive technology to provide for indoor maneuverability in small spaces.

Power Chairs with Rear Wheel Drive

Rear wheel drive power chairs provide power and stability with the drive wheels behind the user’s center of gravity. They provide a powerful performance in an electric wheelchair that is lightweight and portable. These rear wheel drive powered wheelchairs allow the user to go long distances quickly and smoothly over rough terrains. The programmable controller can be personalized for those who need special requirements. Examples are Drive Cobalt X23 and Drive Image EC.

Stand-Up Power Chairs

Stand-Up power chairs are designed to help a wheelchair-confined individual to stand up at will. The chair has superior maneuverability allowing the user greater flexibility around the house. This helps the patient have improved blood circulation, healthier kidney and bladder functions plus stronger muscle tone. The Karman Manual Push wheelchair works to reduce muscle contracture and brings down risks of pressure sores. The XO-202 from Karman Healthcare is a stand-up powered wheelchair chiefly for indoor use and made of 6061 T-6 aircraft-grade aluminium frame. 

We carry Jazzy power chairs, travel portable power chairs, Drive Titan power chairs, Pride power chairs, all terrain power chairs, folding power chairs and more with weight capacity going up to 400 lbs.