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Manual wheelchairs provide mobility and freedom without compromising on your budget. Our manual wheelchair selection is comprehensive and targets all types of budgets. There are standard manual wheelchairs, bariatric manual wheelchairs, transport wheelchairs, bathroom manual wheelchairs, tilt in space manual wheelchairs, reclining wheelchairs, folding manual wheelchairs, shower chairs and much more.

How to Choose a Manual Wheelchair?

Choosing the right manual wheelchair from our huge selection is easy if you know what you want. Factors to consider when buying a manual wheelchair are:

  • Level of Activity: If you are energetic and into sports then you need a sports and top end manual wheelchair. Built stylish but tough, it is an all-terrain manual wheelchair and can go over rugged terrains smoothly, is fast without resistance and has comfortable seating. If you are moderately active and independent then a standard manual wheelchair would be ideal. It allows you to self-propel effortlessly and combines comfort with mobility. 

  • Portability: How often do you travel? Do you need to carry the wheelchair around much? If you are a frequent traveller and move around a lot, you need a lightweight wheelchair that weighs little and is easily portable. Its minimal framework allows easy maneuverability yet provides sturdy support. A folding lightweight manual wheelchair would serve your purpose best allowing you to stow it away into the trunk of your car easily. 

  • Budget: If you have a tight budget, then look for a low-end manual wheelchair for which you will pay less but will get all the features and options that will make your ride smooth and comfortable. There are budgeted items as well as top-end manual wheelchairs. Our price range is vast and handles all budget needs. 

  • Personal Preference: If the wheelchair is for a patient who is confined to a wheelchair most of the time then a recliner manual wheelchair would be most suitable. These chairs are extremely comfortable and have an amazing recline range. There are recliner wheelchairs with center-of-gravity shifting mechanism for pressure relief. For those looking for assistance in the toilet/shower, our bathroom/shower wheelchairs are ideal with their sturdy and non-corrosive framework. They double up as shower chairs, commodes and transfer chairs. 

  • Durability: A manual wheelchair for a bariatric person has to be heavyweight and sturdy. Our heavy duty manual wheelchairs have a strong frame and provide long-term performance at a budgeted cost. There are chairs that can bear up to 700 lbs. These manual wheelchairs are built of reinforced steel and have extra heavy duty front forks and casters. Not only are they strong but also wide to accommodate a bariatric individual comfortably. Even the Sports and Top End manual wheelchairs have been developed to be strong and designed for rough use.

Apart from these, we carry transporters which are transfer wheelchairs created to fulfil your transportation needs. Economic and in varying styles, the transporter seats the patient comfortably and allows the caregiver effortless and smooth handling. There are lightweight transporters, heavy-duty transporters, bariatric transporters and more.

Who uses Manual Wheelchair?

People who need help moving using a wheelchair due to their inability to walk will need some upper body strength in order to accomplish this using a manual wheelchair. Manual wheelchairs are for people who experience difficulty with walking due to physical or physiological illness, injury, or disability. They’re most typically utilized by individuals who retain some upper body strength level, and They are often used to help patients recover their strength after an accident or illness.

How to Choose between a Manual or Power Wheelchair?

Manual Wheelchairs

One of the most commonly used mobility devices is manual wheelchairs. They are easy to use and straight forward. New models have customizable features to enhance convenience and functionality.

Advantages of using Manual Wheelchairs

  • Easy to transport
  • Easy to use
  • Requires little maintenance
  • Easier to navigate in narrow hallways and doorways
  • Affordable and more cost effective than power wheelchairs

Power Wheelchairs

Powered wheelchairs are suitable for those who want to travel and explore with their new chair. They are designed to be fast, smooth and easy to use.

Advantages of using Power Wheelchairs

  • No minimum strength require to operate
  • Ideal for going long distances
  • Can be used on rough terrain
  • Offers customizable options to improve comfort level

Where to buy Manual Wheelchair Online?

Manual Wheelchair provides you mobility and freedom without compromising on your budget. HPFY Offers a wide range of manual wheelchairs such as Bathroom and Shower Wheelchairs, Heavy Duty Manual Wheelchairs, Lightweight Chairs, Reclining Back Wheelchairs, Sports and Top End Manual Wheelchairs from top manufacturers such as Drive Medical, Nova-Ortho Medical, Karman Healthcare, Medline, Graham-Field, Cardinal Health and more. Not only are the manual wheelchairs durable and provide long-term performance, they are also stylish and compact.

Our Best-Selling Manual Wheelchairs

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