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Top 10 Ankle Braces for Sprains

Top 10 Ankle Braces for Sprains
HPFY Staff Writer

An ankle brace becomes quintessential when dealing with extreme ankle pain. Regularly using ankle braces assist in the effective prevention of ankle injuries, which are common when one has an active lifestyle or is into sports.

The ankle sleeve serves as much-needed external support to limit motions like plantar flexion or inversion, i.e., the movement of the ankle joint pointing the foot downward and away from the leg and turning the foot inward. The ankle brace also keeps the wearer aware of where the ankle joint is in the space.

Inclusion of rehabilitation as part of the treatment plan after a sprained ankle or ankle injury allows the sprained ankle to heal properly. Following an ankle injury, medical providers recommend rehabilitation services, including balance therapy, ROM exercises, strength and endurance regimen, and other faster and adequate recovery training.

Experts opine that wearing ankle support after an ankle injury, surgery, or a sprain facilitates the ankle and foot with the extra backing required for quicker and better healing of the injured ligaments and muscle tendons.

A good ankle support brace should fit comfortably in the shoes while performing an activity. You can choose the best brace for a sprained ankle and save your ankle from excessive pain. Health Products For You offers a catalog of FSA-approved ankle braces for sprain that are easy on your ankle and pocket.

10 Best Ankle Brace for Sprain

1. Alimed Freedom Swedish Ankle-Foot Brace

 Swedish AFO, with its sleek form, a low arch, and open heel design, effortlessly fits any shoe. Alimed AFO, a polyethylene injection ankle splint, offers better dorsiflexion movement and lateral stability for the foot and ankle region. Swedish ankle stabilizer comes with a padded hook, loop strap, and footplate and can be cut with scissors.

Swedish AFO Features

  • Available for either leg and in different styles for men and women.
  • The injection molding lets the thicker polypropylene on the vertical aspect provide rigidity.
  • A heat gun may be used to form the splint further as desired.
  • A padded hook-and-loop strap secures the AFO around the calf for better ankle stabilization.

2. Thuasne Malleo Dynastab Boa Ankle Brace

Malleo Boa Ankle Stabilizer Brace is a premium brace for sprained ankle offering optimum support without being too heavy. The micro-aerated 3D fabric of the Thuasne Ankle Brace ensures optimum comfort. The low-profile design, additional straps, and a metallic ankle splint facilitate max stabilization.

Malleo Dynastab Boa Features

  • The fast, easy and reliable Boa tightening system comes with a lifetime guarantee.
  • The wide opening of the Boa ankle immobilizer offers easy application and removal.
  • The Malleo ankle support brace is resistant and comfortable and provides lightweight metal reinforcements.
  • Figure 8 ankle brace provides additional lateral reinforcement.
  • The antibacterial-treated 3D knit of the ankle sleeve effectively wicks the moisture.
  • A low-profile designed ankle brace makes it easy to wear in most types of shoes.

3. Complete Medical Semi Solid Drop Foot Brace

 Complete Medical Semi Solid Drop Foot Ankle Brace increases dorsiflexion movement. The semi-solid foot brace offers medial-lateral control during ambulation for those with neurological deficits resulting in drop foot.

Subsequently, the drop foot ankle brace is fabricated from specially formed orthopedic grade thermoplastic, ensuring its durability, long-term performance, and reliability. The anatomical shape of the ankle stabilizer fits inside most lace-up shoes very easily for a comfortable wearing experience.

Features of Heavyweight Drop Foot and Ankle Brace

  • The Complete Medical foot brace is designed to offer increased dorsiflexion assist.
  • The ankle stabilizer allows for greater medial-lateral control.
  • The heavyweight drop foot brace for sprain lets the wearer trim and reshape the brace using cast scissors and a heat gun.

4. Trulife Matrix SuperMax Ankle Brace

Trulife Matrix SuperMax AFO Brace is perfect for those requiring an ankle stabilizer for low to high activity and those with unilateral or bilateral drop foot. The Trulife ankle foot brace is also suitable for people dealing with peroneal nerve palsy, incomplete paralysis, cerebrovascular accident (CVA), and Charcot–Marie–Tooth disease (CMT).

Features of Matrix AFO Brace

  • The integrated strut and footplate of the ankle brace provide better overall support.
  • The unique footplate design for increased energy reflection at toe-off.
  • The streamlined design enhances the fit and compatibility with most shoes.
  • The 82° shank angle assists with improved knee extension
  • The anterior shell is height-adjustable
  • The peroneal tendonitis brace is easy to custom fit by heat molding and trim.

5. Ossur Formfit Ankle Brace with Figure-8 Straps

Ossur Formfit Figure 8 Ankle Brace offers stability and protection for the ankle. The lace-up ankle brace by Ossur is often used for preventive measures, chronic instability, or following ankle injury.

The Ossur Formfit combines rigid ankle support and a soft ankle sleeve. Formfit Ankle Brace ensures a close fit that limits inversion, eversion, flexion, and extension movements. Breathable material ensures it is comfortable to wear all day.

Features of Formfit Figure 8 Ankle Brace

  • The speed-laced design and finger pull loops on the heel and tongue of the Ossur brace make it easy to don and doff.
  • The Ossur lace-up ankle brace offers greater support by further limiting the ankle's range of motion.
  • Figure-8 heel lock strapping performs consistently, unlike taping that stretches over time.
  • Aerospace base material for comfort and breathability.
  • The embedded stirrup structure provides excellent inversion or eversion support.

6. Breg Wraptor Ankle Stabilizer

Breg Ankle Stabilizer is a lace-up ankle brace proven to reduce the chances of acute ankle injuries in those with or without a previous record of an ankle injury. The breathable spacer mesh lining of the figure 8 ankle wrap wicks moisture away from the skin. The material used at the base of the foot brace reduces slippage, and elastic forefoot material reduces fabric bunching.

Features of Wraptor Ankle Stabilizer

  • Sharkskin material protects the foot brace from slipping off.
  • Non-stretch nylon figure-8 straps lock the calcaneus in a neutral position.
  • Latex-free neoprene ankle brace reduces irritation on the Achilles tendon.
  • Figure 8 ankle brace design mimics taping. A foot support brace saves time, money, and resources.
  • Durable nylon and reinforced stitching design withstand extreme stress and wear.

7. Cramer DNS Dorsal Night Splint

The DNS Dorsal Night Splint is built to provide the user with exceptional support and minimal hindrance during the night. The foot support brace is designed to hold the foot in a neutral position during sleep and alleviate pain and discomfort associated with plantar fasciitis and other ankle injuries.

The dorsal ankle brace is often used in conditions where ankle stabilization is required to keep the ankle positioned neutrally. The DNS brace aids in healing severe sprains, strokes, and foot drops.

Features of Cramer DNS Night Splint

  • The unique small anterior dorsal clamshell design prevents contracture and supports the arch.
  • The Cramer ankle splint has easily adjustable triple-stitched, stretch-resistant straps that allow the night splint to fit both narrow and wide feet.
  • Anti-slip pad lets the user wear it around the house to handle simple chores or relax.
  • The dorsal night splint is more comfortable than a traditional posterior night splint.
  • The low-profile design of the ankle support brace has minimal weight for minimal heat retention during sleep.

8. DonJoy Stabilizing Pro Ankle Brace

DonJoy ankle stabilizing brace is designed to meet the needs of athletes and people with an active lifestyle. The brace features 800D ballistic nylon and a reinforced eyelet area for outstanding performance and durability.

The DonJoy compression ankle wrap offers compression and stability to the tibia/fibula area. Interestingly, the DonJoy sprained ankle brace has a lace-up design and trimmable figure-8 strapping to lock the calcaneus and control inversion/eversion.

Features of DonJoy Ankle Brace for Sprain

  • The DonJoy ankle brace features 800D non-stretch nylon rugged material for tough performance and durability.
  • The removable articulated medial stays enhance proprioception.
  • The padded mesh tongue offers comfort and conforms to the brace.
  • The low-profile design of the DonJoy ankle support brace fits easily into athletic or street shoes. It universally fits either foot.

9. DonJoy Velocity ES Ankle Brace

DonJoy Velocity Extra Support Ankle Brace has a foot and ankle speed wrap to apply compression for acute ankle injuries and control inflammation. DonJoy ES Ankle Wrap offers maximum ankle support and stabilization and lays the ground for an effective sprained ankle treatment. The revolutionary features of the velocity ES make it the best brace for a sprained ankle.

Features of Velocity Ankle Brace for Sprain

  • The R3 (Rapid Rigid Ratcheted) Technology of DonJoy Ankle Brace provides circumferential tibia/fibula compression.
  • ES ankle wrap prevents abnormal inversion and eversion.
  • The rigid ankle brace uprights protect during impact.
  • SpeedWrap offers secured ankle joint compression.

10. Aircast AirLift PTTD Ankle Brace

Aircast Ankle Brace is designed to treat posterior tibial tendon dysfunction, also known as PTTD. The PTTD aircast ankle brace is also used to cure early signs and symptoms of flat foot in adults. It may also be prescribed as a part of a conservative treatment to stabilize the condition.

The Aircast ankle brace helps prevent degeneration and aid rehabilitation. The AirLift foot support provides ankle stabilization with integrated aircell and semi-rigid shells.

Features of Aircast AirLift Ankle Brace

  • When inflated, the aircell accommodates variances in arch shapes and heights.
  • It comfortably lifts the foot arch to achieve a more natural foot position.
  • For ease of use, aircell inflation is adjustable while wearing footwear.
  • Semi-rigid shells are anatomically designed to take the shape of the ankle for secured support and stabilization.
  • The AirLift ankle sleeve helps realign the ankle and support the patient's recovery.
  • The rear entry design allows the patient to slip their foot into the back of the brace.

While wearing ankle braces offers many benefits in treating a sprained ankle or foot. However, wearing an ankle wrap alone does not guarantee protection against injuries or cure injury of the ankle. Consult your medical provider to determine if and what compression ankle wrap is right for you.


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