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There are numerous small and big things that patients need in their recovery period. HPFY brings to you a carefully assorted collection of hospital supplies that provide the required convenience to doctors, nurses and caregivers in hospital an at home. It is utmost important to maintain hygiene and cleanliness in a patient’s room. Our patient care supplies help you to do so with a range of products. Our products also strive to provide some degree of independence to the patients to relieve some burden off the caregivers. Select patient care supplies for use at home or in medical facilities from quality manufacturers like Medline Industries , Essential Medical, Gotcha Covered, Outlast Technologies and many more at best prices on HPFY!

Our Range of Patient Care Supplies Include

Patient Apparel

These include patient gowns and other apparel that can be used by patients when under treatment. They provide easy access for doctors to the site of the disease or injury. They also provide easy opening and closures so as not to strain the patient with reduced strength due to illness. We have gowns, examination shorts, pajama pants, pediatric gowns, moisture wicking apparel and much more in this range.

Paper Products

Paper products include soufflé cups, absorbent sheets for beds and mattresses, drape sheets, paper towels etc. for use in hospitals and homes.

Clothing Protectors

Feeding a patient is a crucial part of caregiving. Clothing protectors protects the patient’s clothes from any food spillages. Patients with good strength and body control can even feed themselves without the worry of soiled clothing.

Bed sheets, Pillows and Pillow Cases

Bed sheets, pillows and pillow cases specially designed for medical uses are made of ant allergic and breathable materials that help in maintaining cleanliness and hygiene in the patient room. We supply hospital bed sheets, pillows, fitted sheets, water pillows, pressure reduction cushions and much more.

Bedside Care

This range of products include wipes, washcloths( Medline Readybath Washcloths) , shampoo cap, bathing cloths for daily skin care and inspection. Bedside care products are hygienic, convenient and cost effective alternative to the traditional soap and water.

Medicine Cups

HPFY offers a wide variety of medicine cups with or without quantity indications suitable for both liquid and dry medications.