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5 Mistakes To Avoid While Using Adult Diapers

5 Mistakes To Avoid While Using Adult Diapers
Kevin Cleary

Millions of Americans deal with incontinence every year. Fortunately, there is a multitude of incontinence products and adult diapers available. Adult diapers can help patients regain independence, confidence, and quality of life. However, choosing the wrong products can be costly and ineffective. Let's take a look at the factors to consider in order to make the right choices. 

5 Mistakes To Avoid While Using Adult diapers 

It is no consolation to know that when dealing with incontinence, you are not the only one making the same mistakes. Some common misconceptions and errors include:  

1. Using bed pads instead of adult diapers and underwear

The old school of thought used to be underpads allowed the skin to breathe better. However, adult diapers have significantly improved over the years and can now absorb more urine than underpads while keeping skin dry and healthy. Underpads cannot handle the volume of urine that diapers and underwear can and can lead to leakage and lots of laundry.  

2. Adding a liner or pad

The absorbent features of adult diapers are diminished when adding a liner or pad diminishes because the attached plastic backing traps urine and prevents it from progressing through to the more absorbent adult diaper. This leads to leakage and skin irritation.  

3. Buying the Most Absorbent Adult Diaper

The higher the absorbency, the higher the price and the bulkier the material. Incontinence sufferers often choose the highest absorbency available for peace of mind. But today, adult diapers are more absorbent, more effective at wicking, and absorb more moisture than ever before. For comfort, discretion, and economy, choose the absorbancy level that matches the level of leakage

4. Doubling Up

Wearing a tab-style adult brief over pull-up underpants is ineffective and can lead to leaks. When in contact with air, the pH level of urine becomes alkaline and can damage the skin. It is better to find the right size and absorbency level and wear a single pair.  

5. Don’t Go Cheap

Sometimes, buying the cheapest available adult diaper may seem economically sound, but for those with heavy incontinence, this may be more costly over time. In addition, these adult briefs may require more changes, making them more expensive in the long run.  

5 Best Adult Diapers To Help You Out

Making the right decision for the right incontinence product can make managing incontinence less expensive and more effective. This means getting the biggest bang for your buck, keeping skin safe, and avoiding potential health issues. Here are 5 best adult diapers that may help to economically and effectively manage incontinence:  

1. Attends Premier Briefs-Overnight Absorbency

FSA Eligible Items FSA Approved

Designed for overnight protection from heavy urine leakage, these briefs keep skin dry with 100% breathability and moisture-wicking technology. Soft and absorbent, they are discrete, effective, and provide eight hours of odor protection, making them an efficient and economical choice.  

Attends Premier Briefs -Overnight Absorbency



2. Medline FitRight Ultra Adult Briefs

FSA Eligible Items FSA Approved Made in USA Made In USA

The 4-D core technology of these adult briefs is designed to provide enhanced protection from urinary incontinence by preventing leaks which keeps skin dry and healthy. Designed with comfortable and discrete SensiSoft material, which contours to the body, they are economical and provide peace of mind.  

Medline FitRight Ultra Adult Briefs



3. Prevail Per-Fit 360 Degree Adult Briefs-Maximum Absorbency

FSA Eligible Items FSA Approved

Available in three sizes, these adult briefs fit waists from 26” to 70” for a wide range of patients who need protection from heavy incontinence. Less embarrassing and economical? Yes, please! The cloth-like outer fabric makes them discrete, while odor guard and high maximum absorbency can mean fewer changes and leaks. They are designed with 360° breathable zones, which allow the skin to breathe. 

Prevail Per-Fit 360 Degree Adult Briefs - Maximum Absorbency



4. Seni Super Quatro Briefs

FSA Eligible Items FSA Approved

These FSA-eligible briefs are available in sizes from 22” to 67” and offer incontinence protection for those who are bedridden or suffer from low mobility. A porous outer layer allows air to circulate, and the double-absorbent core keeps moisture away from the skin, minimizing the risk of skin breakdown. These are outstanding for heavy incontinence but are still soft and discrete and can be an economical choice.  

Seni Super Quatro Briefs



5. Tranquility ATN All-Through-the-Night Disposable Brief

FSA Eligible Items FSA Approved Made in USA Made In USA

When looking for all-night peace of mind, look no further than these disposable briefs. Capable of handling up to 37 ounces of liquid for all-night protection from incontinence while doing a great job of keeping skin dry. The comfortable padding allows for a slim and discrete fit.  

Tranquility ATN All-Through-the-Night Disposable Brief



Managing incontinence can be infuriating and annoying, but it doesn’t need to break the bank. Utilizing the proper brief for a specific level of urinary incontinence can mean fewer changes, less laundry, and minimal skin exposure to urine. Check out our site for all your adult brief needs and other incontinence products, such as fecal incontinence diapers, incontinence pads, perineal creams and more to keep your skin safe. 


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