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Seni Super Quatro Briefs

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Small (22" - 31")

$1.39 Sample

Small (22" - 31")

$16.69 12/Pack
$1.39 Each

Small (22" - 31")

$66.49 12/Pack, 4/Case
$1.39 Each

Medium (30" - 43")

$1.39 Sample

Medium (30" - 43")

$16.59 10/Pack
$1.66 Each

Medium (30" - 43")

$65.99 10/Pack, 4/Case
$1.65 Each

Regular (40" - 50")

$1.39 Sample

Regular (40" - 50")

$17.89 10/Pack
$1.79 Each

Regular (40" - 50")

$69.39 10/Pack, 4/Case
$1.73 Each

Large (45" - 59")

$1.39 Sample

Large (43" - 59")

$14.96 9/Pack
$1.66 Each

Large (43" - 59")

$58.99 9/Pack, 4/Case
$1.64 Each

X-Large (55" - 67")

$1.39 Sample

X-Large (55" - 67")

$16.49 8/Pack
$2.06 Each

X-Large (55" - 67")

$65.89 8/Pack, 4/Case
$2.06 Each
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Seni Super Quatro Briefs offers incontinence protection to bedridden patients and people with low mobility. This adult diaper has a porous outer layer that allows the air to circulate and provides a cool experience to the wearer. It has a super and double absorbent core that wicks away moisture to prevent skin irritation. The wetness indicator helps caregiver to identify when to change the diaper.

Seni Super Quatro Briefs Benefits

  • A double wetness indicator on the outer layer
  • Made from soft, yet enduring materials
  • Vapor permeable backsheet helps the skin to breathe easily
  • Outstanding for heavy urinary and bowel incontinence
  • Superabsorbent locks in moisture
  • Fully breathable outer layer allows humidity to evaporate to promote a skin-friendly microclimate


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Features of Seni Super Quatro Incontinence Briefs

  • Vapor Permeable Outer Layer:
    • Vapor permeable outer layer helps the skin to breathe easily.
    • The special structure of this outer layer makes it possible for the air to pass through, however, it stops the liquid. This property decreases the amount of chafes and skin irritations and also minimizes the risk of bedsore development.
  • Super Absorbent:
    • At the core of every Seni absorbent product. It is generally said that the super-absorbent “bonds the odor and moisture” inside the product.
    • Bacteria, which cause urine decomposition, are responsible for the appearance of an unpleasant odor. The super-absorbent, apart from powerful absorbing qualities, has anti-bacterial qualities as well. When it absorbs the liquid and binds it into a gel, the super-absorbent reduces bacteria multiplication. Due to this quality super-absorbent decreases the emission of the unpleasant smell. 
  • Hydrophobic Standing Side Gathers:
    • Made of a special hydrophobic non-woven, which “ pushes away” the moisture and does not allow it to get outside of the product. After putting on a product with hydrophobic standing side gathers, the gathers adjust to the body and prevent leakages.
  • Softness:
    • They are soft and delicate. It improves the comfort of using the products.
  • EDS:
    • Extra dry system EDS non woven layer for quick and effective absorption, seni products absorb wetness much faster.
    • The EDS layer, which is under the top non-woven layer, allows better and more efficient wetness distribution inside the absorbent core, which increases the sensation of dryness and improves the comfort of using the product.
  • Wetness Indicator:
    • These absorbent products perform very well and there is no need to change them every 2 hours.
    • Typically they can stay in place longer. This always depends on the individual needs of the patient (e.g. products can be used for 4-6 hours; up to 8 hours for products with high absorbency or “night products.
    • You can provide better care if ensure comfort, help maintain dignity, and do not disturb the patient's sleep when unnecessary.
    • To find out what is the proper time to change the soiled product and avoid leakages observe the wetness indicator performance – yellow stripes and/or inscription along the briefs or pads.
    • When the stripes get green/blue and the inscription fades, the product is soiled. When 50-80% of the wetness indicator has changed color, it is time to change the product.
    • The only situation when the absorbent product should be changed immediately – without looking at the indicator is the release of feces.
  • Combi Tapes:
    • Fasteners of the briefs have an elastic part that expands when tensioned and shrinks to come back to the original shape.
    • Elastic combi-tapes make the briefs fit better to the body – they work with the body when the person using them changes his or her position.
    • After unfastening the elastic combi-tapes do not get deformed so it is possible to use them multiple times.
  • Anatomical Shape:
    • Absorbent products – bladder control pads and guards, briefs, anatomically shaped pads, booster pads – are often in use all day long, even round-the-clock. These products cannot be uncomfortable.
    • They need to provide protection and safety for people with incontinence, being discreet and comfortable at the same time.
    • In order to ensure comfort, the product needs to fit perfectly to one's body.
    • They can easily and perfectly adjust to anybody. Optimal adjustment means less risk of mechanical skin damage, but above all – comfort and freedom of movement.
  • Elastic Back and Front:
    • The elastic waistband in the front and the back of the brief together with double elastic combi-tapes provides a double adjustment system. It ensures comfort and security.
  • Dermatologically tested:
    • Seni products are very often used by people with sensitive skin prone to irritation.
    • In order to keep their skin safe we have tested our products dermatologically. An independent testing facility checked the products and the specialists approved them.
    • The dermatologically tested mark on the packaging of the seni absorbent product or seni care skin care product confirms that the product is safe for the skin.

Frequently Bought Together

How to wear Seni Quatro Briefs?

Wearing while standing

  • Put the activated briefs between the legs forming a boat shape with the product.
  • You can fix the brief on the body from the front or the back - choose the more comfortable method not to strain your back.
  • Adjust the brief in the front and the back to ensure a close fit to the body. 
  • Make sure the wetness indicator is aligned with the spine. The person you look after can help you fix the brief in place by holding it on the abdomen from the front. 
  • Use the elastic combi-tapes to fasten the brief; start with the bottom tapes sticking them on slightly upwards. After fastening the bottom tapes, fasten the top ones adjusting the brief to the waist. 
  • After fastening the product, make sure that it is fixed well on the body, the standing gathers are not folded to the inside, and that the brief is not rubbing on the body. 
  • Roll up the used brief and put it in the bin. Do not dispose of the used product in the toilet.

Wearing Seni Quatro Briefs While Standing

Fixing on a lying person

  • Stand at the edge of the bed and bend one leg at the knee. 
  • If you are on the patient’s right-hand side bend the left leg; if you are on the patient’s left-hand side bend the right leg. 
  • Turn the person on one side, and after taking care of the hygiene, place the activated brief under the patient.  
  • Remember to fold the wing of the brief – that will allow you to pull the brief form under the patient after you place him or her on the back. Make sure that the wetness indicator is aligned with the spine. 
  • Put the patient on the back, straighten the legs, and pull out the folded wing of the brief. Pull out the front of the product and adjust it to the crotch. Use the elastic combi-tapes to fasten the brief; start with the bottom fastening tapes sticking them on slightly upwards. After fastening the bottom tapes fasten the top ones adjusting the briefs to the waist. 
  • After fastening the brief make sure that it is fixed well on the body, the standing gathers are not folded to the inside, and that the brief is not rubbing anywhere on the body. Roll up the used brief and put it in the bin. Do not dispose of the used product in the toilet.

Wearing Seni Quatro Briefs While Lying Down

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use seni briefs?

These are ideal for those that have a caregiver who can assist with changes, may be bedridden or have low mobility, or who need overnight protection from incontinence.

What is the absorbency of seni briefs?

Superabsorbent locks urine inside the core also reduces bacterial growth and helps contain odor.

What is the purpose of seni diapers?

It can be necessary for adults with various conditions, such as incontinence, mobility impairment, severe diarrhea or dementia.

How to wear an adult diaper?

  • Wear the adult diaper between your legs, front to back.
  • The narrow portion of the adult diaper should be between your legs.
  • Hold the diaper carefully and avoid touching the inside with your hands to prevent contamination.

This is what our customers have to say about this product!

5-Star Review of Seni Quatro Briefs Star Rating Product!

  • I rate these as the best cloth backed diapers. They have a full fit with a wide seat and crotch, they also have a higher waist than most diapers. The padding is well distributed, has wide coverage front and back and comes all the way up to the waistband. The absorbancy is excellent and they maintain their integrity when wet. Even when moderately wet the surface stays dry. I feel totally confident in these and they are a go-to when I need heavy and/or extended protection.
  • Excellent for those with heavy bedwetting. No leaks, bed dry every morning.
  • We have tried many brands of briefs but these are the best for us. It holds all night long which is a blessing.
  • These are amazing adult diapers! Very absorbent amd comfortable to wear. This site has excellent prices and service.
  • This works perfectly keeping my elderly mom dry overnight.
  • Works great for us with a booster pad.

Seni Quatro Briefs Size Chart

Size Waist/Hip Measurement
Small  22" - 31"
Medium  30" - 43"
Regular  40" - 50"
Large  45" - 49"
X-Large  55" - 67"


Seni Quatro Briefs Specifications


Particular Specifications
Gender Gender
Product Type Tape-on
Absorbency Rating Overnight
Incontinence Type Urinary


Seni Quatro Briefs review


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