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A Guide To Navigate Through Perineum Pain

A Guide To Navigate Through Perineum Pain
Akanksha Nigam

The perineum is the skin patch between the genitals and the anus, extending from the vaginal opening in females and the scrotum in males to the anus. It is a patch of sensitive skin with numerous nerves, muscles, and organs. The perineum contains structures that help with urination, excretion, and intercourse. In women, the perineum structures also help with vaginal childbirth.

The perineum acts as a foundation that holds the bladder, colon, and reproductive organs in place and supports the pelvic floor muscles.

What is Perineum Pain?

Perineum pain can occur because of nearby organs, nerves, and muscles and vary by gender. The common causes are urinary tract infections, interstitial cystitis, pelvic floor dysfunction, abscess, and injury. Perineum pain in men can arise due to swelling and inflammation of the prostate. Whereas perineum pain in women majorly occurs due to childbirth and episiotomy and sometimes because of vulvodynia.

How to treat Perineum Pain?

It takes some time for this pain to go away completely. Here are some tips for treating perineal pain.

1. Take Regular Warm Baths

To relieve the discomfort of the perineal area, you can try taking a shallow bath by soaking the perineum area in warm water, known as a sitz bath. This will relax the anal sphincter and increase the blood flow through the anal tissues. This method promotes healing and prevents pain, itching, and irritation felt in this area.

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1. Medegen Elongated Sitz Bath with 2000mL Bag

This sitz bath bowl is designed to relieve discomfort in the perineum area and is considered to be the best home remedies for hemorrhoids and yeast infections. Benefits of a sitz bath include effective cleaning of the perineal area and pain relief.

Features of Medegen Elongated Sitz Bath with 2000mL Bag

  • Graduated volume markings
  • Easily fits most toilets and commodes
  • Integrated vents to prevent overflow
  • Rounded edges 
Medegen Elongated Sitz Bath with 2000mL Bag



2. Use Heat Packs During Childbirth

A study was conducted in 2007 to understand the outcomes of using warm packs in the second stage of labor. The study found that women who used warm packs in the late second stage of labor had fewer third- and fourth-degree tears in the perineum and had significantly less pain when giving birth. They were also less likely to have incontinence-related issues compared to those who did not use a warm pack. 

Another study conducted in 2013 also found that women who applied heat therapy to the back, lower abdomen, and groin during the last stage of labor had lower-intensity pain during the active phase of labor.

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1. Battle Creek Thermophore MaxHEAT Moist Heat Pack 

FSA Eligible Items FSA Approved

Ideal for deep tissue therapy with a fast-acting mechanism that relieves pain and stiffness effectively for hours. This heat pack has been designed to reduce the gap between the body and the pack to transmit more heat. It also helps with regular perineal care after birth.

Features of Battle Creek Thermophore MaxHEAT Moist Heat Pack

  • Provides heat therapy to back, hip, leg, and shoulders
  • Produces intense moist heat without adding water
  • Conforms to body contours
  • One-touch control with auto-off timer
Battle Creek Thermophore MaxHEAT Moist Heat Pack



3. Engage in Perineal Skin Care

Sometimes, an abscess can develop in the perineum or the nearby area. This painful pocket of pus can happen due to the presence of bacteria. This could lead to an infection, and you could develop a fever, throbbing pain, pimple-like bumps, redness, and swelling because of the abscess. Regular perineal care will help prevent the accumulation of infection-causing microorganisms and prevent infections.

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1. Remedy Essentials No-Rinse Cleansing Spray

Keep infections at bay with this easy and convenient alternative to bathing. Also useful for incontinence cleanup, the Remedy Essentials Spray contains aloe, which soothes the skin and makes it feel clean and fresh. Gentle enough to use daily, this spray can be used on intact, irritated skin.

Features of Remedy Essentials No-Rinse Cleansing Spray

  • Pleasant citrus scent
  • pH balanced
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Spray, wipe, and clean with a washcloth
Remedy Essentials No-Rinse Cleansing Spray



4. Use Hernia Supports to reduce Perineal Hernia pain

A perineal hernia occurs when a part of an organ or tissue pushes into the perineum. It can be treated with surgery, but it is important to take necessary care after surgery also to strengthen your pelvic muscles, like wearing a hernia Support Garments 

Perineal hernia affects the bladder, large intestine, small intestine, uterus and. a layer of fat called omentum that covers your intestine, liver, and stomach. A hernia belt will protect your abdomen from excess weight and provide an optimal environment for healing and regaining strength.

After surgery, you must also take proper care while sitting, walking, or engaging in a physical activity that may put pressure on the perineum.

HPFY Recommends

1. AT Surgical Athletic Supporter

FSA Eligible Items FSA Approved

The AT Surgical men’s athletic supporter lifts, supports, and protects the testes and holds them against the body. It prevents strain on the muscles and eliminates discomfort by providing discreet and consistent support while working or playing vigorous sports.

Features of AT Surgical Athletic Supporter

  • Made of soft knit cotton/rayon
  • Restricts movement
  • Adjustable leg straps prevent binding, wrinkling, or rolling
  • FSA Approved
AT Surgical Athletic Supporter



5. Reduce Pressure on the Back

Inguinal hernia, more common in men, occurs when the small intestine starts to tear through the abdominal wall and protrudes near the groin or into the scrotum. This causes debilitating pain or burning sensation, especially when you bend, cough, or sneeze. This pain may also travel to your mid or lower back.

HPFY Recommends

1. DR-HO 2-in-1 Back Decompression Belt

FSA Eligible Items FSA Approved

Stabilize and take the weight and pressure away from your upper and lower back with DR. HO's Decompression Belt. This inguinal hernia belt relieves pain and tension within the first 30 minutes of wearing.

Features of DR-HO 2-in-1 Back Decompression Belt

  • Improves mobility and overall posture
  • Provides consistent and reliable traction in the lower back
  • Inflatable with a metal valve
  • Can be deflated and folded for storage
DR-HO 2-in-1 Back Decompression Belt



Perineum pain can cause major discomfort and hamper mobility. Maintaining proper hygiene, regular warm baths, and adequate care are some ways to keep perineum pain at bay.

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