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5 Top Reviewed Over The Counter Inhaler

5 Top Reviewed Over The Counter Inhaler
Shweta Chaubey

Bronchodilators, in layman's terms, are known as over the counter inhalers. Inhalers are used to consume the medications through the mouth into the lungs. These medicines are beneficial in relaxing the muscles that get tightened around the airways. The medicine opens the airway allowing more air to move in and out of the lungs, ultimately making breathing easier. 

Asthma patients often use over the counter inhalers in between an attack when the airways become swollen and narrowed. An asthma attack can potentially cause wheezing, cough, and difficulty breathing. Apparently, almost anybody with asthma will require inhalers for asthma relief.  

However, using inhalers as effective breathing treatments is not restricted to asthma. Several breathing problems, such as persistent coughing, COPD, and bronchitis, may also be relieved by administering otc inhalers. Subsequently, different inhalers contain different combinations of medicines for treating varied diseases. 

Types of Over the Counter Inhalers 

Three basic types of otc inhalers that deliver medications are -  

  • MDI: Metered-Dose Inhalers are the most common inhalers and use pressure to push the medication out of the inhaler. 
  • Nebulizer: Nebulizers use air or oxygen to deliver medicines in the form of mist via a tube or mask befitted over the nose and mouth. 
  • DPI: Dry Powder Inhalers deliver medication; however, they need a strong and fast inhalation. 

Top Reviewed Over The Counter Inhaler

1. Monaghan AeroChamber Plus Z STAT Inhaler 

Monaghan AeroChamber Plus Z STAT Holding Chamber is an over the counter inhaler for asthma and bronchitis, designed for aerosol medication delivery. Monaghan AeroChamber has an anti-static valve chamber to ensure consistent medication delivery, does not allow the medicine to stick on the sides, and prevents medication wastage. The low-volume inhalation valve lets the user inhale the medicine easily and is ideal for anybody who may face difficulties in deep breathing. Monaghan AeroChamber over the counter inhaler is small in size and can be carried away with much ease. 

5 Features of Monaghan AeroChamber Plus Z STAT aVHC 

  • The original valved holding chamber is now a much-evolved AeroChamber Plus Z STAT aVHC for maximized interface with improved MDI aerosol formulations and activities. 
  • Monaghan otc asthma inhaler offers a more effective way of getting the inhaled mist into the system. 
  • This albuterol inhaler provides consistent and high-performance aerosol drug delivery. 
  • AeroChamber otc inhaler combines patient-centric design that assures a constant dose of medication substantially equivalent to the MDI dose. 
  • It is designed to respond to shallow or low-volume breathing patterns. 

Monaghan AeroChamber Plus Z STAT Anti-Static Valved Holding Chamber Customer Reviews

5 Star Reviews on Monaghan AeroChamber Plus Z STAT Anti-Static Valved Holding Chamber[76 Reviews]


07/10/21 by Robbie M. ” Works good! Very handy! Got it quickly! Thank you!"

05/01/20 by Mildred S. ” This air chamber is easy to use and easy to clean. It is the 3rd time I have purchased it.."


2. Kaz Vicks Personal Steam Inhaler 

Kaz Vicks Inhaler offers soothing sinus relief from allergies, congestion, and colds. The vapor inhaler provides a steady flow of warm moist air directly to the nose and throat for quick relief of nasal, sinus, and chest congestion, coughs, and parched throat. In essence, this electric steam inhaler provides all of the advantages of steam inhalation therapy at home, at work, or on the go. 

5 Features of Vicks Personal Steam Inhaler V1200 

  • Vicks personal steam inhaler provides vapor therapy for symptomatic relief of cough, cold, and congestion. 
  • This steam inhaler adds sufficient water vapor to the medication enabling the user to breathe better and sleep more comfortably. 
  • Variable steam control adjusts the steam level and temperature, allowing more comfortable and natural breathing. 
  • The patented soft plastic hood of the Vicks sinus inhaler fits facial contours comfortably and allows cool air to mix with the steam. 
  • The Vicks personal steam inhaler has a dual voltage feature that adjusts to the electrical supply ranging from 120 volts to 240 volts automatically. 

Kaz Vicks Personal Steam Inhaler Customer Reviews

5 Star Reviews on Kaz Vicks Personal Steam Inhaler[2 Reviews]


11/22/19 by Joyciemay ” The inhaler helps me breathe more easily when I'm congested. I really like the way it works, and it's easier to clean than any similar product I've used."


3. Blue Echo Care Respiratory Training Device 

Blue Echo Care Respiratory Training Device is an over the counter inhaler used as a respiratory muscle training device. This inhaler for asthma strengthens and activates muscles for breathing, speech, and swallowing. This respiratory training device helps to improve breathlessness, speech coordination, breathing, and speech quality. Blue Echo Care Inhaler for bronchitis and asthma improves swallowing, enhances airway clearance, and reduces the risk of aspiration. Subsequently, this blue inhaler for asthma is also used to strengthen the expiratory and inspiratory muscles and helps to breathe fully and deeply. 

5 Features of Blue Echo Care Over the Counter Inhaler 

  • The respiratory device offers two functions - resistance training for inhaling and resistance training for exhaling. 
  • Since the Blue Echo Care is both an inspiratory and expiratory muscle trainer, it sets five different levels of resistance, offers exceptional and unmatched strength, and can be adjusted over time. 
  • The Bule Echo Respiratory Device includes three separate mouthpieces of various sizes and dimensions, letting the user choose what fits their needs the best.  
  • It improves Asthma, COPD, CHF, dysphagia, or neuromuscular diseases like peak cough flow, QOL, laryngeal function, vent weaning, or speech and swallowing performance.  
  • This inhaler for asthma is designed with extended knobs with groves built in them, meant for turning with the interdigital folds (the space between the fingers) and not the tip. 

Blue Echo Care Respiratory Training Device Customer Reviews

5 Star Reviews on Blue Echo Care Respiratory Training Device[1 Reviews]


04/01/21 by Mary M. ” Wonderful product .I have COPD. Used it three days now and it seems to be doing it's job.Well satisfied."


4. Monaghan Aerobika OPEP Therapy Inhaler 

Monaghan Aerobika over the counter inhaler for bronchitis for OPEP Therapy is a convenient, user-friendly device that provides doctors and patients with a reliable means for drug-free and natural airway clearance. Aerobika inhaler are used for people with acute or chronic bronchitis, bronchial spasms, asthma, COPD, or other breathing problems. 

Aerobika inhaler offers breathing treatments that open up weak or collapsed airways by simultaneously creating positive pressure and oscillations. OPEP therapy is an airway clearance technique known as Oscillating Positive Expiratory Pressure therapy. This technique helps a person blow out many times through a device. It helps move mucus to the upper airways, which are coughed out. 

5 Features of Aerobika OPEP Inhaler for Bronchitis 

  • The oscillation frequency range matches the cilia's natural process, which helps move mucus to the larger lung airways, which are then coughed out. 
  • The pulses of resistance from the Aerobika OPEP device open the airways while thinning and loosening the mucus. 
  • The lightweight and ergonomic design fits in hand easily for comfortable operation and reduces dyspnea and hyperinflation. 
  • Aerobika Inhaler supports hospital COPD management protocols and helps avoid costly readmissions and increased stays due to COPD. 
  • The adjustable resistance allows the inhaler to aid the lung capacity of most users. 

Monaghan Aerobika Oscillating Positive Expiratory Pressure (OPEP) Therapy System Customer Reviews

4.5 Star Reviews on Monaghan Aerobika Oscillating Positive Expiratory Pressure (OPEP) Therapy System[20 Reviews]


01/03/19 by Mary F. ” This device has helped my bronchitis so much. National Jewish Hospital gave me one and I use it with my nebulizer and compressor. "


5. Respironics Threshold PEP Positive Expiratory Pressure Device 

Respironics Threshold PEP Positive Expiratory Pressure device is an otc inhaler for airway clearance, bronchial hygiene, or as an alternative to chest physical therapy. When patients exhale through Threshold PEP, the resistive load creates positive pressure that helps open the airways and allows mucus during coughing or forced expiratory technique (FET)

5 Features of PEP Over the Counter Inhaler 

  • Respironics Threshold PEP Positive Expiratory Pressure Device has a convenient design that is reliable and easy to clean. 
  • It helps patients breathe more freely, improves mobilization, and prevents the accumulation of secretions. 
  • The constant pressure of this inhaler removes the need for a pressure indicator. 
  • The flow-independent one-way valve of the otc inhaler is suitable for all patients. 
  • The Respironics inhaler optimizes bronchodilation for improved gas exchange. 
  • The resistance training improves central and peripheral airway function. 

Respironics Threshold PEP Positive Expiratory Pressure Device Customer Reviews

3.5 Star Reviews on Respironics Threshold PEP Positive Expiratory Pressure Device[7 Reviews]


08/31/17 by Shelba S. ” Takes some getting used to, but seems to be a good product."


Bronchodilators are used for instant or quick relief from asthma or bronchitis attack. An inhaler for asthma opens the airways and relieves the attack quickly. These can also be used before or after workout or exercise to avoid breathing difficulties. These inhalers for bronchitis or asthma are not for permanent use. If one has to use otc asthma inhaler more than two times a week, they should consult their respiratory therapist for further assistance. 


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