The Breather: An Aid to Respiratory Muscle Training

The Breather: An Aid to Respiratory Muscle Training

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Finding the proper respiratory training device can help improve therapy efficacy and we here at Health Products For You have been very impressed with The Breather Device.

Respiratory muscle training can help with speech, breathing, and even swallowing. Respiratory muscle training devices can help those who need to strengthen muscles in the respiratory system. Many people can benefit from respiratory muscle training and they include speech therapy patients, pulmonary patients, and even singers or athletes. The muscles for breathing, swallowing, and even speech are easily strengthened through regular use of The Breather.

What is The Breather RMT Device?

The Breather Respiratory Muscle Trainer is a device that operates without any drugs and can be used by anybody in general. The intent of fashioning this device was to improve the respiratory system, heart rate, and muscle strength. Athletes and fitness enthusiasts find The Breather as a helpful means to make their exercise performance better.  

Who benefits from Respiratory Muscle Training Device?

The need for respiratory muscle training is shared by many patients, but what disorders can benefit from this type of therapy? This respiratory training device can improve breathlessness, coordination of speech/breathing, and quality of speech while increasing swallowing safety and improving the ability to clear the airway, therefore minimizing the risk of choking. Many ailments can benefit from this respiratory device and they can include:

The Breather works by strengthening inspiratory/expiratory muscles that include the diaphragm, external/internal intercostals, and the abdominal muscles themselves. This promotes diaphragmatic breathing while decreasing breathlessness. Resistive muscle therapy (RMT) can even benefit healthy individuals and athletes by improving respiratory functions, heart rate, and peripheral muscle strength.

How does the Breather Work?

So how exactly does a respiratory muscle training device work? The Breather RMT strengthens both the inspiratory and expiratory muscles, which can improve the efficacy of speech and swallowing. The best way to use this device is to:

  • Sit upright with the device between your lips
  • Breathe in and out of The Breather using your diaphragm
  • Rotate the inhale & exhale dials to a setting where you can do 10 breaths without puffing your cheeks or being out of breath. Inhale dial has settings 1-6 and the exhale dial has settings 1-5.
  • If those 10 breaths become too easy you should increase the settings of the inhale or exhale dials independently. Subsequently, you should reduce these numbers if you haven’t been using The Breather for a period of time for any reason such as illness.
  • Use The Breather 6 days a week with 2 sessions per day. This should be done in the morning and evening with two sets of 10 breaths per session.
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The Breather Respiratory Muscle Training Device

You should notice the positive benefits of respiratory muscle training after your first week of use. The user can be in any position they feel comfortable and the lightweight, portable design allows for independently adjustable settings. Patient compliance will aid the efficacy of the treatments over the rest of your life or for as long as you should need respiratory therapy.

How to maintain the Breather Respiratory Muscle Training Device?

What makes this respiratory muscle training device even better is the simple, easy method for keeping it clean. Since there will be saliva present, it is important to keep your Breather clean by easily cleaning the device. Cleaning is a simple five-step process that includes:

  1. Separate Breather from the mouthpiece
  2. Wash using mild soap and warm water
  3. After washing, rinse and shake off excess water while toweling dry the exterior
  4. Sharply inhale and exhale with both settings on 1 to release possible moisture seal
  5. Simply air dry in a non-humid location

Easy peasy!! One important tip, do not use the dishwasher to clean the Breather respiratory muscle training device. The dishwasher can harm the diaphragm in the unit. Work closely with your doctor or respiratory therapist in order to get the most out of the Breather Respiratory Muscle Training Device and breathe freer!!


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