OPEP Therapy System That Works For You

There is nothing quite as important as breathing. Yet, for those who suffer with COPD, asthma, or even cystic fibrosis breathing does not come as easy as it does to others. ? Their health depends on respiratory therapy. Many times those with respiratory issues are prescribed pharmaceutical drugs in order to open up their airways, but what if there was a natural, drug-free way to breathe easier? The Monaghan Aerobika OPEP (Oscillating Positive Expiratory Pressure) Therapy System does just that. By creating positive pressure to keep smaller airways open and oscillation to break up mucus, this drug-free device is simple and easy to use. Now, you can help yourself clear mucus from the airways in the lungs to allow for freer breathing.

How OPEP Therapy System Works?

OPEP Therapy System That Works For You

As anyone who has had difficulty breathing fully understands, many times mucus buildup can hamper our ability to get a full breath. We deal with this normally by coughing and expelling mucus from our airways. Those who suffer from COPD or cystic fibrosis can relate with the frustration of not being able to always cough effectively. The Monaghan OPEP therapy system uses positive pressure and simultaneous oscillations to help move mucus to the upper airways to be coughed out. The system offers therapy that is not positioned dependent. This means the user can be in any position that is comfortable during therapy. This creates an easy way to clear any airway for improved breathing. By coughing and removing mucus, we can breathe easier and decrease the amount of coughing a restricted airway can produce. More importantly, this ability to clear airways reduces the probability of infection and increases lung hygiene.

Before use, the user should examine the device for any defects that are visible and replace it immediately. In order to use properly, the mouthpiece should be placed in the mouth and make sure your lips create a good seal around the mouthpiece. Care should be taken to avoid blocking the exhalation port on the back of the unit. You should inhale a larger than normal breath, but not to the point where you totally fill your lungs. Hold that breath for 2-3 seconds and then exhale. This exhalation should last 3-4 times longer than your normal exhalation. This should be repeated 10-20 times or for as long as your doctor has suggested. If you feel lightheaded, immediately discontinue therapy and inform your doctor. This therapy system offers five different resistance settings for each patient’s lung capacity and operates with a range of 10 L/min-30 L/min. This inexpensive and quiet therapy system offers a minimum interruption of your everyday chores while improving your quality of life. Who knew improving your breathing capability could be so easy!!

Understanding Your OPEP System

OPEP Therapy System That Works For You

In order to use your Monaghan Aerobika OPEP system properly, you should understand all of its parts and options. First of all, it has been clinically proven that the Monaghan Aerobika OPEP therapy system increases the ability to cough up mucus while at the same time decreasing cough frequency and breathlessness with a drug-free approach, plus on the backside of the therapy system is a 22 mm fitting to accommodate small-volume nebulizers. It also has a low resistance valve to allow the user to inhale and exhale without removing the unit from their mouth. Most importantly it is assembled in such a way that when taken apart is designed to be reassembled correctly each and every time. Pretty smart, this way you can’t assemble it incorrectly and hinder any therapy.

Conveniently the unit disassembles into four separate parts: the top case, mouthpiece, valve cartridge, and bottom case. To disassemble the unit, simply press the tabs to release and remove the valve cartridge and mouthpiece. Do not attempt to disassemble any part of the valve cartridge. After a 15 minute bath in soapy water the user should shake out any water and dry vertically. Each unit is designed for six months of use and is dishwasher safe, just not with overly dirty dishes, for simple cleaning for use in the home (or even in a clinical setting). Users don’t need to be concerned about potential hazards in the material since its North American design is free from natural rubber latex, phthalates, lead, or PVC. Talk about peace of mind!!

OPEP Therapy System That Works For You

When treating any respiratory ailment, doctors would always prefer to do so with an eye towards the least amount of medication. The Monaghan Aerobika OPEP Therapy System takes that idea even further by eliminating medication altogether. This allows the user to cough up mucus without the aid of any medication and breathe easier. Anytime pharmaceuticals are introduced to our body, side effects can occur and using this system eliminates the possibility. Ask yourself, do I want to breathe easier in a natural manner? Of course, you do, so ask your physician if the Monaghan Aerobika OPEP Therapy System is right for you.


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