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Best Geri Chairs : How To Choose The Right Chair

Best Geri Chairs : How To Choose The Right Chair
HPFY Staff Writer

Geri chairs or geriatric chairs for the elderly are specialized clinical recliners designed for the elderly and for those who have limited mobility as well as difficulty while sitting as well. These are the perfect recliners for the elderly as an alternative to hospital settings for a comfortable seating environment at home. Many individuals, especially the elderly, cannot sit comfortably in standard chairs due to a number of reasons. Geri chairs are designed to provide the best sitting experience for their health and wellness. With exceptional comfort, adjustability, and positioning, one of our best geri chairs can be an excellent solution for people with limited mobility, both at home and in clinical settings.

What are the Different Types of Geri Chairs?

Geri chairs come in three main variants, based on the amount of adjustability and positioning they offer.

  • 3-Position Geri Chairs – As the name suggests, these upright Geriatric chairs offer three positions for adjustability. One can adjust the chair into an upright position with the backrest, elevated leg rests, and recline in this upright and elevated leg rest position
  • 4-Position Geri Chairs – They offer all the adjustability that 3-position chairs offer, with an added adjustability of the two positions within the reclining position. On a 4-position Geri chair, one can position the chair in a casual recline and a deep reclining position
  • Infinite Position Geri Chairs – One of the most comfortable types of geri chairs, infinite position Geriatric chairs offer complete freedom of adjustability and movement within the chair. They can be laid in a totally horizontal position as well as a Trendelenburg position.

How to Choose the Best Geri Chair?

Before choosing the best geri chair, there are a few features you should look into that might enhance your experience. They are:

  • Power or Manual Geri Chairs

    Geri chairs are divided into these two major types in terms of power source. Power Geri chairs are designed for people who cannot move around at all while in the chair, and so with the help of a button, they can easily adjust and maneuver the geri chair. Manual chairs can be adjusted easily with a lever by both the user and a caregiver.

  • Size and Weight Capacity

    Since geri chairs are designed for comfortable sitting, the size and weight capacity of the chair are paramount to providing appropriate patient accommodation. Always take into consideration the height, weight, girth, and then stature of the user of the geri chairs.

  • Tilt-In Space

    The tilt in space translates into the ability of the geri chair to shift positions easily to relieve pressure from the user and also provide added comfort. Elongated sitting in the geri chairs can cause pressure sores for the user and so constant shifting and adjusting ability of geri chairs help prevent this from happening.

  • Support Level

    The support level of the geri chair is referred to as the support space and the amount of support offered by the geri chair. The best geri chair would be one which offers support for the body, the legs, the neck, and the head at once, and with comfort.

  • Additional Features

    Additional features can enhance the use of your geri chair. Additional features include swing-away or drop armrests, wheels or casters, IV attachments, and trays for easy mealtime in the geri chair. You can choose different features while choosing the best geri chair for your use.

  • Compatibility

    Compatibility of the geri chair with other patient transfer aids or patient mobility aids is an added advantage for you to ensure that the choice you have made is of the best geri chair. Compatibility with patient lifts, transfer boards, and gait belts can be a great addition to your geri chair.

The 5 Best Geri Chairs at HPFY

1. Graham-Field Lumex Three Position Geri-Chair Recliner

Graham-Field Lumex Three-Position Geri-Chair Recliner is specifically designed to improve the comfort and mobility of residents in extended care facilities. The Lumex Three Position Recliner easily adjusts into any one of three positions: sitting, TV, or full recline. This recliner offers numerous therapeutic benefits including position changes that can aid in circulation and ease discomfort from respiratory, heart, and other ailments.

Reasons to choose Lumex Three Position Recliner

  • 5" rear swivel casters
  • Durable welded steel frame
  • For safer, easier transport
  • Easy to clean and maintain

GF Lumex Three-Position Recliner Chair Features

  • Flex-o-Lator seat support system increases comfort by reducing the risk of bottoming out
  • Position lock allows only the caregiver to secure the chair in any one of the three easily attained positions
  • Recliner encourages natural relaxation and improved blood circulation
  • Ergonomically designed seat and back with varied density foam construction provides correct support
  • Articulating headrest quickly adjusts to maximize individual comfort requirements
  • For safer, easier transport, the Lumex Three Position Medical Chair features two, four-inch swivel casters with wheel locks and four inches fixed front wheels
  • Molded activity table can be fixed in position or left unsecured for easy exit from the recliner
  • Durable welded steel epoxy-coated frame is easy to clean and maintain

2. Graham-Field Lumex Electric Bariatric Clinical Care Recliner

Graham-Field Lumex Electric Bariatric Clinical Care Recliner is the perfect solution for larger patients who require a wider chair. Composed of a heavy-gauge steel frame, this chair has a maximum weight capacity of 700lb. Features infinite positions with a range for patient comfort via a four-function hand pendant. Legrest and backrest can be raised and lowered independently, giving the caregiver complete control over positioning.

Graham-Field Lumex Electric Recliner Features

  • Comes complete with attaching head pillow for extra support and added comfort
  • The quick-release trigger mechanism on the push handle allows the chair to swiftly move into the Trendelenburg position
  • Fully equipped with a rechargeable battery pack for full operation away from a wall outlet
  • Four swivel casters facilitate transport and maneuverability in confined areas
  • Durable, high-impact side tables sit flush with the chair arm to conveniently hold prep materials
  • Easy to activate by the caregiver
  • Legrest and backrest raise and lower independently, giving the operator complete control over positioning
  • Wall Saver Armrest Caps increase the durability of the armrests and protect walls from marring
  • Two, durable, high-impact fold-down side tables, easy to actuate by a caregiver
  • The side table surface is smooth and features tapered edges for easy cleaning
  • Heavy Duty Casters, four swivel casters facilitate transport and maneuverability in confined areas
  • Meets California Technical Bulletin 133 Flammability Standards

3. Dynarex Geri Chair Infinite Position Recliner

Dynarex Infinite Position Recliner Geri Chair features multiple adjustable positions, allowing the user to recline or sit up to their desired angle. This chair shifts into four positions - a full recline, TV, Trendelenburg, and fully upright. Dynarex Infinite Position Recliner is one of the best geri chairs equipped with an angled built-in headrest and wide, plush, padded armrests. These design features are intended to offer continuous support, even when the chair is in a reclined position.

Dynarex Geri Chair Infinite Position Recliner Features

  • Weight capacity 300 lbs.
  • Neutral-colored, sturdy steel frame
  • Includes a built-in headrest Retractable lock bar secures the chair in the desired position
  • Wide angled armrests provide additional support
  • Moisture barrier on the vinyl seat prevents fluid seepage and contamination
  • With maximum flexibility, this chair shifts into four positions

4. Invacare Deluxe Three Position Adult Recliner

Invacare Deluxe Three Position Adult Recliner is designed with patient ergonomics in mind. Special padding technology provides a long life of comfort and support for the seating surface, making it the best choice for the geri chair. Articulating headrest of the recliner comfortably supports the neck and head. The full-recline, leg-ottoman elevated, and full upright positions provide maximum comfort for patients.

Features Invacare Deluxe Adult Recliner

  • Footrests fold completely under the chair, allowing the resident to a standing position more easily
  • Three easy-to-attain positions: sitting, elevated leg, or full recline
  • Convenient overlap tray stores on the side and folds out of the way
  • Offers excellent durability and superior ergonomic comfort for users
  • Provides lumbar support to an articulating headrest
  • Blow-molded side panels remove quickly, with press pins, for easy cleaning
  • Tabs allow the tray to travel freely and lock in position
  • A convenient push bar on the chair back and four rolling casters allow for easy movement
  • Articulating headrest makes it easier for a user to see visitors
  • Rear locking casters and front swivel casters make this recliner easy to move and position
  • Two rear steering casters may be locked to secure the chair in place
  • Meets California 117 standard and Boston Fire Department specification
  • Flame-retardant upholstery is also resistant to fluids for peace of mind (CA117)

5. Winco Three Position Drop Arm Convalescent Recliner

Winco Three Position Drop Arm Convalescent Recliner enables easy access and transfers. It has all the wonderful features of a regular convalescent chair. The added convenience of dual drop arms makes entering and exiting the chair easier for both the patient and caregiver. It is thus considered one of the best geri chairs for the elderly. It has 5" total lock casters, a comfortable ergonomic built-in headrest, and heavy gauge expanded vinyl.

Winco Three Position Drop Arm Convalescent Recliner Highlights

  • One-touch release for drop-arms
  • Built-in headrest
  • Padded push-handle
  • Three-position lock

Features Winco Three Position Drop Arm Convalescent Recliner

  • Ideal for patients needing a little extra assistance
  • Comfortable, padded armrest with a guard to keep upholstery free from damage
  • 5" total lock casters (in the rear) allow for better handling and control
  • 3 position lock allows for safe, comfortable positioning
  • Padded push-handle for easy maneuverability
  • One-touch release for drop arms
  • Built-in headrest
  • Non-porous blow molded tray with removable locking function stored on the side of the chair

Where to Buy the Best Geri Chair Online?

At HPFY, we have a premium range of the geri chairs that are designed to be comfortable, safe, and secure sitting and specially built for the elderly and for people with limited mobility. Choose from our best geri chairs from top manufacturers and brands at competitive prices and amazing discounts.

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