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Top Ten Medical Carts

Top Ten Medical Carts
Kevin Cleary

Doctor offices and rehab clinics need to be organized and efficient so their patients can get the treatments they need without wasting time and money. Having all the supplies you need in an organized manner can help healthcare professionals do their job properly and keep the clinic operating smoothly. So how exactly do you keep all the supplies you need organized and available at all times? The use of medical carts can help medical professionals have everything they need at their fingertips and HPFY can shine a light on 10 great medical carts available.

Bestselling Medical Carts

Finding the best medical care for your situation may seem confusing with all the options on the market. We here at Health Products for You have 10 great medical carts for your consideration and they are:

1. MJM International Emergency Crash Cart

Constructed of healthcare-grade PVC plastic, this rolling cart has trays, drawers, and shelves to dispense emergency medication and equipment for life-support protocols. This lightweight and easy to maneuver cart can also carry E-series oxygen tanks.

  • Holds E series oxygen cylinders
  • The top shelf is used for the suction machine
  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver

2. BSN Jobst Coverlet Cabinet

Ideal for countertops and shelving, this is perfect for consolidating and organizing adhesive bandages. The easy opening drawers can be removed for simple restocking and is a lightweight, easy access method for consolidating tons of supplies in a small efficient area.

  • Designed for easy storage and easy access to coverlet adhesive bandages.
  • Perfect size for countertops, medical shelving or tabletops
  • Lightweight

3. Clinton Molded Top Mobile Equipment Cart

Clinton Molded Top Mobile Equipment Cart has a one-piece, vacuum-formed gray hair cell textured top, rimmed on all sides. The laminate cabinet section with one 4-inch drawer features gray powder-coated steel legs and four dual-wheel locking casters—one self-closing, Euro-style drawer with metal sides and a load capacity of 75 lbs.

  • Comes fully assembled
  • Length : 24.5" (62.23 cm)
  • Depth: 18.375" (46.67 cm)
  • Height: 30" (76.2 cm)

4. Harloff ETC Line Economy Treatment Cart

This cart has a sturdy unibody construction with low height that makes it perfect for under-counter or bedside applications. It has two locking casters and a keylock to make everything secure.

  • Latex free
  • Weight: 48lbs
  • Cart Size: 27.25"H x 23.38"W x 15.13"D

5. Harloff Value Line Punch Card Medication Cart with Keylock

The powder-coated finish of this steel cabinet and drawers lends itself to durability and quality. The full-extension drawers have ball-bearing extensions and an internal locking 9-inch narcotic drawer for durability and security. It comes with a factory-set user and supervisor code that can be changed in the field.

  • Tall cabinet with a key locking system with 4 keys
  • Latex-free
  • 5" ball-bearing premium casters, all full swivel, 1 with brake and 1 directional

6. MJM International Hydration Ice Cart w/ Skirt Cover & 48 Quart Ice Chest

Ideal for cold therapy supplies, this healthcare-grade PVC ice cart is reinforced in all stress areas and features an ice scoop and pull-out storage. It also has a storage shelf and drains plug for simple, easy draining.

  • Lightweight
  • Ice scoop
  • Pull-out storage/drain tubs and a storage shelf

7. Hausmann Proteam Recovery Cart

Hausmann Proteam Recovery Cart features 4" diameter twin-wheel locking casters on a 24" depth base which allow for easy mobility of the cart while providing additional stability. It includes three adjustable shelves per bay for storage of alternate recovery systems. It also has a 4" bottom drawer (one on 2-bay models and two on 4-bay models) for hose storage.

  • Developed for the management of recovery modalities and garments
  • Features two or four bays 11" wide for garment storage on pull-out rack system with hooks
  • Includes grommets for electrical cord management

8. Healthline Medical Four Shelf Linen Cart with Cover

With a push bar on both ends, this easy-to-use, convenient laundry transportation cart is made from lightweight, durable PVC and has heavy-duty 5-inch casters (two of which lock) along with removable, flat shelves for customization.

  • Lightweight, non-corrosive and waterproof
  • The removable cart cover has hook-and-loop closures
  • All shelves have a depth of 20 inch

9. Harloff Six Drawer Monitor Cart

Harloff Six Drawer Monitor Cart has a steel construction with a hard-baked powder coat finish. The cart features a tall cabinet with a key locking system, removable plastic top, and aluminum push handle. The Harloff cart has a set of tall aluminum monitor shelf supports with multiple shelf mounting positions. The stabilizing pontoon bumpers are designed for added stability. Moreover, it moves on 5" premium rubber full swivel single-wheel casters, one with a brake for better functionality.

  • Tall cabinet with key locking system
  • Set of tall aluminum monitor shelf supports with multiple shelf mounting positions
  • Ball-bearing drawer slides

10. Healthline Binder Cart with Common Carrier

Being organized is crucially important, especially in a medical setting and this binder cart is available in multiple sizes so that many patient records can be at your fingertips. Available in 10, 20, and 30 binder options, this carrier can be easily rolled around any medical or clinical setting with ease. Binders are not included.

  • 3 sizes holding capacity of 10, 20, and 30 binders
  • Comes with a common carrier
  • Height: 37" and 54"

No matter the need or configuration, we here at Health Products for You have just the right medical cart that you might need. From lockable to lightweight and maneuverable, there is a medical cart for everyone and every situation. Keep your medical center or clinic running efficiently and effectively. Search and you shall find!!


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