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Medical chairs are special chairs that have been developed to provide assistance to medical practitioners during surgeries and minor procedures. These chairs keep the comfort of the patient in mind but also provide convenience to the medical staff. They have features that are user-friendly and make them versatile. Medical chairs/Medical recliners have ergonomic design for better patient positioning and access to certain areas. For example, a chair with a slim back and seat may provide greater accessibility to the patient. Features of medical chairs include adjustable height options, multi-positioning back and seat and tilt options.

Medical Chairs - Areas of Use

Medical chairs are suitable for blood collection, dialysis, EKG, oncology, chemotherapy, respiratory care, and same-day surgery. These are ideal for use in hospitals and clinics. The adjustable height of medical recliners allows the doctor to treat the patient while seated or standing. A chair with power positioning is gentle on the back of the clinic staff.

Types of Medical Chairs

Geri Chairs and Wheelchair Recliners

Geri chairs are suitable for those unable to support themselves while seated. They are large and padded reclining chairs with casters for easy transport. These medical chairs double up as wheelchairs when upright to move a patient around. Geri chairs, also referred to as geriatric chairs or senior chairs, are comfortable, safe, and convenient mobility equipment with elevated leg rest. Users can recline the back in varying degrees as per the patient’s comfort or requirement. Sometimes, a Geri chair can also be used as a temporary transport bed when transferring the patient from a chair to the bed.

Blood Drawing Chairs and Stools

Blood drawing chairs and stools have height-adjustable armrests and are meant for efficient blood collection from ambulatory patients. These chairs' armrests may be interchangeable or flip arm with adjustable height and depth to provide support to the arm in the optimum position. This allows for smooth venipuncture, preventing back-bending of the elbow and subsequent flattening of the vein.

There are blood drawing stations for pediatric patients in child-friendly attractive designs of the ocean, rainforests follies, and space mysteries. Full attention is paid to the little users' safety and comfort to make the procedure as comfortable and stress-free as possible. Bariatric blood drawing chairs have comfortable padding and feature dual padded flip arms and armrests, extra steel center support, and adjustable height and depth flip arm.

Hip High Chairs

Hip-High Chairs are designed with extra seat-height for post-hip surgery residents or arthritis patients who cannot bend as per their needs. With a hip-high chair and high chair, they will not be forced to bend at their hip and easily sit and get off a chair. HPFY offers multiple options from top manufacturers like Graham-Field, Drive Medical, and Brandt Industries.

An alternate to hip-high chairs is Lift Chairs. These are mechanical recliners that help users get on and off chairs with the help of a lifting mechanism that moves the chair up from its base into a position that allows users to end up in a standing posture.

How to Choose the Right Medical Chair?

Buyers of Geri Chairs need to keep numerous criteria in mind while choosing the right option. Please make sure you select the right choice in the following standards -

  • Weight Capacity - An essential factor to keep in mind is the weight capacity of the chair. Make sure you choose the option that can carry weight more than that of your user/patient. HPFY offers multiple options ranging from 300Lbs. to 800 Lbs. which naturally involves the option of Bariatric weight limits.
  • Dimensions - Dimensions may not matter too much but are handy to keep in mind to ensure the recliner you choose agrees to its users and environment's dimensions.
  • Footrest Option - One option we often omit to check is the presence of a footrest. Make sure your choice offers it if you wish to have it.
  • Other Features

Need more help choosing your options? Check out our article on Why Buy A Medical Recliner Chair?

Where to buy Recliner Chairs

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