Combat Allergies with Your Nebulizer

Combat Allergies with Your Nebulizer

By Kevin Cleary

April showers may bring May flowers, but it also ushers in allergy season. As we emerge from our winter cocoon to enjoy the warmer weather of spring, we are exposed to all sorts of allergens ranging from tree pollen to grasses. Whether you want to refer to it as allergies or hay fever, the prospect of itchy eyes and runny noses is often accompanied by breathing problems. By delivering liquid medicine in a fine mist or aerosol, your nebulizer can relieve breathing maladies brought on by allergies or even asthma induced allergies.

Combat Allergies with Your Nebulizer

How Does It Work?

In order to overcome your allergies, your doctor may prescribe medication (in liquid form) that your nebulizer converts to a fine mist that is directly inhaled into your lungs. This can expedite relief and open bronchial pathways so you can breathe better. Many allergens can bring on the onset of allergy induced asthma. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 8.2% of American adults and 9.5% of American children suffer from asthma. Working with your doctor you can determine if what triggers your asthma is indeed allergen based. There are several nebulizer system options available to meet your needs. They include:

1. Handheld Nebulizers: These nebulizers are extremely portable and allow the user the freedom to take their medication where ever or whenever they need. The Respironics InnoSpire Deluxe Compressor Nebulizer System can be taken with you and has its power cord tucked neatly into a storage compartment. One option that uses rechargeable lithium-ion batteries is the Pari Trek S Portable Compressor Nebulizer Aerosol System. It gives you the freedom to take your treatments anywhere while delivering a consistent particle size for targeted delivery and less waste of medication. And less waste is more efficient, as well as, more economical.

2. Ultrasonic Nebulizers: This style of nebulizer uses high frequency vibrations to convert liquid medicine into a fine mist; as opposed to those that use a compressor to create an aerosol. Mabis DMI NebPak UltraSonic Nebulizer is specifically designed with children in mind. Its bright camouflage bag makes it perfect for school or sports activities and has a treatment time of about six minutes. For virtually silent operation, the Drive Hercules Beetle Portable Ultrasonic Nebulizer uses water as the conducting medium and allows for full control of treatment levels. Convenient and easy to use!!

3. Tabletop Nebulizer: With a design aimed for in the house, these feature cords meant to be plugged in to AC outlets in the home. The Devilbiss Pulmo-Aide Compressor Nebulizer System provides effective aerosol treatments and may be better suited for small children that require less movement. A great feature in some nebulizers is a built-in holder to allow you to pour medication with hands, minimizing the risk of spillage as well as maximizing therapy and reducing cost. The Mabis DMI CompMist Compressor Nebulizer Kit allows just that while delivering aerosol therapy with clinical accuracy.

4. Pediatric Nebulizers: Anyone who has tried to get their infant or child to take their medicine can understand what a challenge that can be. Getting your small child to sit still for a nebulizer treatment may even be harder, therefore using fun pediatric nebulizers such as the Graham-Field Neb-u-Tyke Speedster Pediatric Nebulizer Compressor can turn therapy time into playtime!! Shaped like a racecar, this compressor comes with stickers to allow your child to customize their car. Another child friendly option is the Probasics Buddy the Dog Pediatric Compressor Nebulizer. Let the friendly smiling face of this cute puppy deliver quiet and easy therapy for allergies or asthma!!

Combat Allergies with Your Nebulizer

Your lifestyle does not need to be compromised when it comes to inhalation or aerosol therapy. You can still be active and take your medication with you or know that any home therapy can be delivered in an economical and efficient manner. Breathe easy again and don’t let any type of allergen rule your life!!


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