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DeVilbiss Pulmo-Aide Compact Compressor Nebulizer System DeVilbiss Pulmo-Aide Compact Compressor Nebulizer System DeVilbiss Pulmo-Aide Compact Compressor Nebulizer System

DeVilbiss Pulmo-Aide Compact Compressor Nebulizer System 3655D

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Devilbiss Pulmo Aide Nebulizer

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Measure your peak flows and save yourself from an emergency room visit!

DeVilbiss Pulmo-Aide Compact Compressor Nebulizer System is easy to use and is designed to provide fast and effective relief to patients with respiratory conditions. It combines effective treatment with a small-footprint design. The compressor is lightweight and portable, making it easy to use at home or on the go. It is equipped with a powerful motor ensuring that medication is delivered quickly and effectively. The compressor also features a built-in handle for easy carrying, as well as a convenient cord storage area to keep the tubing and power cord organized.

Devilbiss Pulmo Aide Compact Compressor Nebulizer Benefits

  • Small, compact design
  • Convenient carrying handle
  • Reliable pressure and flow
  • Metal mechanical parts
  • 5-year warranty


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Pulmo-Aide DeVilbiss Compact Compressor Nebulizer Features

  • Effective Medication Delivery: The high flow rate and efficient nebulizer cup of the Pulmo-Aide Compact Compressor Nebulizer System ensure that medication is delivered quickly and effectively to the patient's lungs. This can help to alleviate symptoms and provide relief for respiratory conditions
  • Portable and Lightweight: The compact design makes it easy to transport and use on-the-go. The built-in handle and cord storage area make it convenient to carry, while the lightweight design makes it easy to move from room to room
  • Durable and Easy to Maintain: The nebulizer cup and tubing kit are made of durable plastic that is easy to clean and maintain. This ensures that the device can be used for a long time and that the patient receives consistent, effective treatment
  • Customizable Treatment Options: Comes with a variety of accessories, including a Mouthpiece for Nebulizer, T-piece, and tubing extension, which allow for customized treatment options. This can help to ensure that the patient receives the right dose of medication and that treatment is tailored to their specific needs

Devilbiss Nebulizer Parts Description

DeVilbiss 3655 Compressor (Figures A & B)

  1. Power switch
  2. Filter (non-washable)
  3. Air-outlet connector
  4. Carrying handle
  5. Power cord storage recess
(A)Devilbiss 3655 Compressor Parts(B)Devilbiss 3655 Compressor Parts

Disposable Nebulizer:

  1. Mouthpiece
  2. T-piece
  3. Corrugated tubing
  4. Cap
  5. Baffle
  6. Medication cup
  7. Nebulizer air-inlet connector
  8. Tubing
Disposable Nebulizer Parts

How does the system work?

The Pulmo-Aide Compact Compressor Nebulizer System converts liquid medication into a fine mist that can be inhaled into the lungs. The medication is placed in the nebulizer cup, which is then connected to the compressor via the tubing kit. The compressor then delivers compressed air to the nebulizer cup, which converts the medication into a mist for inhalation.

Frequently Bought Together

Replacement accessories available separately

How to use Devilbiss Compact Compressor?

  1. Start by placing the Devilbiss Compact Compressor on a smooth, level surface so that the controls can be easily reached when seated. Do not block the air openings of the compressor or place it on a soft surface, such as bed, couch or patient lap where the air openings may be blocked.
  2. Make sure the power switch is in the "Off" position. Power cord is then unwrapped and plugged into an appropriate wall outlet. Plug Devilbiss breathing machine into a grounded wall outlet.
    Note: Must be operated on the specified power source to avoid risk of electric shock and damage to the compressor.
  3. Wash hands.
  4. One end of nebulizer tubing is then connected to the compressor air-outlet connector.
    Note: During high-humidity weather conditions, condensation (water build up) can occur in the nebulizer tubing.
  5. Assemble clean Devilbiss nebulizer and add prescribed medication.
  6. Assemble mouthpiece, corrugated tubing, t-piece (if applicable) and insert into the top of the nebulizer cap. When you are using an aerosol mask, insert the bottom of the mask into the top of the nebulizer cap directly.
  7. Attach tubing to nebulizer air-inlet connector.
  8. Press the power switch "On" to start the Pulmo Aide Compact Compressor.
  9. Begin treatment by placing the mouthpiece between teeth. Keeping your mouth closed, inhale slowly and deeply through mouth as aerosol begins to flow, then exhale slowly through the mouthpiece. If treatment needs to be interrupted, simply press power switch "Off".
    Note: Your physician may recommend a specific breathing pattern during treatment. If so, follow his/her recommendations.
  10. If an aerosol mask is used, place the mask over mouth and nose. As aerosol begins to flow, inhale deeply and slowly through mouth, then exhale slowly.
  11. When treatment is complete, turn unit off by pressing the power switch to the "Off" position. Unplug the unit from the wall power outlet.

How to clean?

Nebulizer cleaning:
Clean After Every Use:

  1. With power switch in the “Off” position, unplug power cord from wall outlet.
  2. Disconnect tubing from the air-inlet connector and set aside.
  3. Disassemble mouthpiece or mask from cap. Open nebulizer by turning cap counterclockwise and removing baffle.
  4. Wash all items, except tubing, in a warm water/dishwashing detergent solution. Rinse under warm tap water for 30 seconds to remove detergent residue. Allow to air dry.
  5. For reusable nebulizer only, clean daily in dishwasher using top shelf.

Caution: The reusable nebulizer is dishwasher safe, but do not place any disposable nebulizer parts in an automatic dishwasher; doing so could cause damage.
Disinfect Daily:

  1. Using a clean container or bowl, soak items in three parts warm water (131˚F-149ºF/55˚C-65˚C) to one part white vinegar (>=5% acetic acid concentration) for 30 minutes (Fig. 7) OR use a medical bacterial-germicidal disinfectant available through your provider. Be sure to follow manufacturer’s instructions carefully.
  2. With clean hands, remove items from disinfectant solution, rinse under warm tap water, and air dry on a clean paper towel. Store in a zip-lock bag.

Note: Do not towel dry nebulizer parts; this could cause contamination.
Compressor cleaning

  1. With power switch in the "Off" position, unplug power cord from wall outlet.
  2. Wipe the compressor cabinet from outside with a clean damp cloth every few days to keep dust-free.
    Note: Do not submerge in water; doing so will result in compressor damage.

How to change filter?

  1. Filter should be changed every 6 months or sooner if filter discolors.
  2. Remove filter by grasping it firmly and pulling out of the unit. Discard old filter.
  3. Replace with a new DeVilbiss filter. Additional filters should be purchased from your DeVilbiss Healthcare provider.
  4. Push new filter into position.

Pulmo-Aide Nebulizer Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should the air filter of the Pulmo Aide Compressor Nebulizer be changed?

The manufacturer recommends changing the air filter every six months.

Can I use the Devilbiss Compact Compressor for both children and adults?

Yes, the system comes with both a pediatric and an adult mask, making it suitable for patients of all ages.

Is the DeVilbiss Pulmo-Aide Compact Compressor Nebulizer System portable and lightweight?

Yes, the machine is compact, lightweight, and easy to transport, making it ideal for use at home or on the go.

How long does it take to administer a nebulizer treatment with the Pulmo Aide Nebulizer?

A nebulizer treatment typically takes around 10-15 minutes to complete.

Can I use the Devilbiss Nebulizer Machine with any brand of medication?

The system can be used with most types of nebulizer medications prescribed by a doctor or healthcare professional.

Pulmo Aide 3655D Nebulizer Specifications

Particulars Dimensions
Size 7.5" W x 4.0" H x 7.2" D
Electrical requirements 2.5amps, 115VAC 60Hz
Sound level 58-62 dBA
Power consumption 140W maximum
Maximum compressor pressure 35 psig
Compressor free air flow 13 lpm
Operating temperature range +40° to +104°F (+5 to +40°C)
Operating Humidity up to 95% non-condensing
Storage/Transport Temperature Range -40° to +158°F (-40° to +70°C)
Supplied Nebulizer Nebulization Rate 0.15 ml/min or greater
Supplied Nebulizer MMAD 5 microns or less
Supplied nebulizer capacity 10 ml (cc)
Supplied Nebulizer Operating Pressure 12 psig (min)


DeVilbiss Pulmo Aide Warranty

Five Year Warranty: DeVilbiss Compressor models are warranted to be free from defective workmanship and material for a period of five years from the date of purchase. Any defective parts will be repaired or replaced at DeVilbiss option if the unit has not been tampered with or used improperly during that period. Make certain that any malfunction is not due to inadequate cleaning or failure to follow the instructions.

DeVilbiss Compact Compressor Reviews


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