Top 5 Portable Nebulizers For Travel And Mobility In 2018

Respiratory issues such as asthma, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) or Cystic Fibrosis, usually worsen during the spring season when allergies aggravate. To control or minimize these symptoms, medicines have to be administered using a compressor nebulizer system, as prescribed by the physician.

The medicine which is in liquid form is placed in the cup of the nebulizer. The compressor, which is connected to the nebulizer by a flexing tubing, generates a specific pressure and air flow that drives the nebulizer. It breaks down the liquid medication into a very fine mist, termed as ‘aerosol cloud’ which is inhaled and absorbed into the lungs. The breathing pattern while inhaling the mist is very crucial as it determines the efficacy of the treatment. A general thumb rule says breathing has to be deep enough so as to fill the lungs completely with air. Weak breathers such as infants and elderly may not be able to inhale properly from the mouthpiece and so will need to use an aerosol mask.

The duration of the treatment can last anywhere between 5 to 20 minutes. This depends on the amount of medication and the performance of the compressor and nebulizer system.

Top 5 Best-Selling Nebulizer Systems

1. DeVilbiss Traveler Portable Compressor Nebulizer System

The Devilbiss Traveler Portable Compressor Nebulizer System, enables the users to derive greater benefit from their aerosol therapy. It is designed for use at-home or wherever normal-voltage power supply is available. Its compact and lightweight feature and DC Adapter enable nebulizing even when on a move, making it the perfect travel companion. It is one of the smallest nebulizer compressor available in the market. Weighing less than a pound, it is smaller than the size of a postcard.

It is available in two (2) different models, 6910D-DR which includes nebulizer system and accessories and 6910P-DR which includes nebulizer system, accessories and battery. The accessories included are as follows:

  • Compressor unit with a three (3) year warranty
  • Reusable nebulizer with tubing
  • Disposable nebulizer
  • Five replacement air filters and filter door
  • Tubing adapter
  • Adult and pediatric aerosol masks
  • Pediatric character mask
  • AC adapter
  • DC car adapter
  • Easy tote carrying case
  • Instructional manual and DVD

Model 6910P-DR comes with a rechargeable battery which has a one-year warranty. The battery can easily last 45 minutes and has an easy one-touch operation. It can be used with any manufacturer’s nebulizer.

Top 5 Portable Nebulizers for Travel and Mobility Top 5 Portable Nebulizers for Travel and Mobility Top 5 Portable Nebulizers for Travel and Mobility
DeVilbiss Traveler Portable Compressor Nebulizer System

Both the models deliver a consistent and concentrated treatment of small particles that penetrate deep into the lungs. The fast treatment time of 10 minutes encourages user compliance.

2. Pari Trek S Portable Compressor Nebulizer Aerosol System

Ensuring the freedom of portable aerosol therapy, the Pari Trek S Portable Aerosol System, is an outcome of PARI’s long legacy of clinically proven products. Its portability and convenience cater to the needs of those with a high mobility. The DC powered air compressor provides a source of compressed air for use with jet nebulizers. It delivers consistent particle size to maximize medication delivery to the lungs in just 5 to 6 minutes. Extremely lightweight, it weighs only 0.8 lbs.

It has two configurations, Standard and Deluxe. Both of them include:

  • Reusable nebulizer
  • Backup nebulizer
  • Compressor, comes with a warranty of 3 years
  • Tubing
  • AC Adapter
  • 12V DC Adapter
  • Instructional and Deluxe carrying case
  • Rechargeable battery in case of the deluxe configuration. It can run for a maximum of 40 minutes and comes with a warranty of six (6) months.
Top 5 Portable Nebulizers for Travel and Mobility Top 5 Portable Nebulizers for Travel and Mobility Top 5 Portable Nebulizers for Travel and Mobility Top 5 Portable Nebulizers for Travel and Mobility
Pari Trek S Portable Compressor Nebulizer Aerosol System​

The reusable nebulizer cup has to be replaced every six (6) months so as to eliminate chances of bacterial contamination. It is intended for both adult and pediatric use. It can be used in clinic, hospital andhome environment.

3. InnoSpire Mini Compressor Nebulizer System

Ensuring fast and effective treatment, this is an extremely compact and lightweight nebulizer. InnoSpire Mini Compressor Nebulizer's portability and convenience allow the users to carry it anywhere and everywhere. It effectively delivers the most commonly used aerosol medications. It weighs only 0.93 pounds (without the battery).

The Sidestream Plus breath-enhanced reusable nebulizer features an easy-action inspiratory valve that open up on inspiration to boost medication delivery and loses on exhalation, thereby minimizing the wastage of medicine. The valve can be easily opened with little pressure, making it super convenient for weak breathers such as the elderly and small children.

Top 5 Portable Nebulizers for Travel and Mobility Top 5 Portable Nebulizers for Travel and Mobility Top 5 Portable Nebulizers for Travel and Mobility
Respironics InnoSpire Mini Compressor Nebulizer System

The optional battery can run for a maximum of 90 minutes. It can be fully charged in around six (6) hours. The 12V DC car adapter enables the compressor to be powered in autos, trucks, boats, and recreational vehicles. The compressor can also be powered by the traditional 110V AC wall outlet. It also meets all compliance guidelines for in-flight use.

4. Mabis DMI MiniBreeze Ultrasonic Nebulizer

The Ultrasonic Nebulizer is designed to offer compact, portable and lightweight convenience while receiving inhalation treatment for a respiratory condition. It requires ordinary tap or distilled water and physician-prescribed medication to create an effective high frequency mist. The advanced ultrasonic technology allows the treatment to be administered discreetly by keeping the operation sound-free. The airflow volume control with triple settings facilitates adjustment of the nebulizer rate and full control of treatment levels as recommended by the physician or respiratory therapist.

It has a AC adapter, DC adapter, carrying case, reusable medicine cups (5), adult and child masks, extension tube, connector, nasal piece and rechargeable battery.

Most medications are delivered within six (6) minutes. Thicker medications may take longer. The viscosity of the medication along with airflow setting determines the duration of the treatment and battery life. A fully charged battery can run for nearly 20 to 30 minutes.

Top 5 Portable Nebulizers for Travel and Mobility
Mabis DMI MiniBreeze Ultrasonic Nebulizer

Thus, treatment is delivered quickly, safely, and conveniently making the nebulizer system appropriate for all ages. Four (4) modes of medication delivery are available. These are:

  • Mouth piece
  • Extension tube with adult mask
  • Extension tube with child mask and
  • Nasal piece

5. Drive Airial Voyager Portable Nebulizer

This is an easy-to-use, palm sized compressor which produces fast, effective treatment for an active lifestyle. Drive Airial portable Nebulizer includes a reusable nebulizer, JetNeb reusable nebulizer, disposable nebulizer kit with mouthpiece and tubing, disposable nebulizer kit with adult aerosol mask, adult and pediatric aerosol masks, AC power supply and DC adapter, replacement air filters and a carry case. The antifriction rubber base keeps it stable on any surface. One of the models has a rechargeable lithium battery. A fully charged battery lasts around 50 minutes. It has a 2-year warranty while the compressor has a 5-year warranty.

Top 5 Portable Nebulizers for Travel and Mobility Top 5 Portable Nebulizers for Travel and Mobility Top 5 Portable Nebulizers for Travel and Mobility
Drive Airial Voyager Portable Nebulizer

The medication and nebulizer system should be used as prescribed the physician. It may be used daily or periodically when the symptoms flare up. The cleaning and maintenance instructions should be followed as suggested in the user manual. It should be cleaned and disinfected after each use and filters should be changed periodically. This ensures maximum efficacy of the treatment as the medicine is completely delivered and absorbed in the lungs.


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