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Eight Best Nebulizer Accessories For 2023

Eight Best Nebulizer Accessories For 2023
Taikhum Sadiq

Nebulizer accessories are an important part of any functioning nebulizer unit that helps in enhancing the experience of the user during nebulization. Accessories for nebulizers are the different important parts of the nebulizer as well as the add-ons that are used to increase the efficiency as well as enhance the performance of the nebulizer machine. Different nebulizer accessories add or enhance something differently to the machine and hence choosing the right nebulizer accessories for the right machines is paramount in ensuring that the machine functions perfectly. Nebulizer accessories that are incompatible to the nebulizer machine might hinder or even cause malfunctions in the proper functioning of the nebulizer.

What are the Different Types of Nebulizer Accessories?

As discussed earlier, nebulizer accessories contribute in different ways to the efficient functioning of the nebulizer. Here are a few of the most important types of nebulizer accessories:

1. Nebulizer Filters

Filters are one the most important parts of the nebulizer machine. They are designed to filter out the impurities and bacteria from the air while allowing only clean, safe air through the system. But like most filters, nebulizer filters also get contaminated or dirty over time and need to be replaced by a new set of filters. Using a contaminated filter can hamper nebulization and might throw contaminated air into the lungs of the user. Each nebulizer machine has its compatible filters available. The correct filter with the correct nebulizer machine can help offer the best nebulizer experience.

2. Carry Bags

Portable nebulizers often come with handy carry bags that are designed for users to comfortably carry their nebulizer machines wherever they go. Depending on the size of your nebulizer and the kind of accessories you prefer to carry, there a wide range of nebulizer carry bags you can choose from. The bags for nebulizers are compact in size and have a comfortable strap that can either go over your shoulder or turn into a backpack.

3. Nebulizer Batteries

Portable nebulizers require a battery pack to run efficiently at all times. Nebulizer batteries are designed to provide immediate power backup in times when your nebulizer machine is running low. They can be easily replaced whenever the need arises and can be carried around easily within your normal backpack or a nebulizer carry bag.

4. Nebulizer Masks

Nebulizer masks are the final delivery unit of the nebulizer machine. They need to be in tip-top condition for efficient delivery of medication through a nebulizer. Different nebulizer machines are compatible with different nebulizer masks and choosing the right nebulizer mask can go a long way in ensuring an efficient delivery of medication. Nebulizer masks include face masks, nasal masks, and much more.

How to use Nebulizer Accessories with a Nebulizer?

  1. Wash your hands well with soap so that all impurities are removed.
  2. Connect the tubing to air compressor and make sure the fitting is firm and secure.
  3. Fill the medicine cup with prescribed medication and dosage. Always hold mouthpiece straight up and down and close the medicine cup tightly to avoid any spills.
  4. Attach the tube and mouthpiece to the medication cup firmly.
  5. Place the mouthpiece in your mouth and keep your lips firm around the mouthpiece so all of the medication goes into your lungs.
  6. Breathe through your mouth till all the medication is employed. This takes 10 to 15 minutes. If needed, use a nose clip so you breathe only through your mouth.
  7. Turn off the machine when done.
  8. Wash the medicine cup and mouthpiece with water and air dry at least once a week

Top 8 Best Nebulizer Accessories 

1. Respironics InnoSpire Nebulizer System Replacement Filters

Respironics InnoSpire Nebulizer System Replacement Filters are to be used with Respironics InnoSpire Essence Compressor Nebulizer System and Respironics InnoSpire Elegance Compressor Nebulizer System. White cylindrical Air Filters keep dust and dirt out of the compressor that might otherwise get inside it and hamper its performance. Replacement Air Filters help maintain the better functioning and reliable performance of Respironics compressor. These filters feature a bigger cap for easy insertion and removal, with no tools or disassembly required.

Features of Respironics InnoSpire Nebulizer System Replacement Filters

  • Easy to remove and install
  • Prevent large dust particles from entering inside your compressor
  • For use with InnoSpire Essence and InnoSpire Elegance

How to Use InnoSpire Replacement Filters

  • Innospire Air Filters are disposable
  • For best performance check the Replacement Filters regularly and replace whenever they appear dirty, discolored or wet
  • Each filter lasts for up to 30 days, environment conditions can affect the replacement schedule

Precautions to take While using Innospire Air Filters

  • Never operate the device without the Replacement Air Filter
  • Never wash or reuse the Air Filter, and replace immediately if it gets wet or clogged

2. Aura Replacement Medicine Cup

Aura Replacement Medicine Cup holds the vibrating mesh elements of the Nebulizer. The medicine cup capacity is 2 ml to 10 ml. It is attached to the mouthpiece and nebulizer tube. For optimal performance, we do recommend that this be replaced periodically. This medicine cup is meant to be used with Aura Portable Nebulizer.

Features of Aura Replacement Medicine Cup

  • Used to fill the cup with medication
  • Recommended to close cup tightly to avoid leak
  • This medicine cup can be used with Aura Portable Nebulizer with Vibrating Mesh Technology

How to Assemble Aura Replacement Medicine Cup?

  • Remove the existing medicine cup by pressing the button and pulling upward
  • Place the new cup over the main unit
  • Connect firmly so that you hear a "click" sound

How to Clean the Aura Replacement Medicine Cup?

  • Open the cover of the medicine cup and discard the remaining medication.
  • Rinse the medicine tank with water
  • Make a solution of 1 part white vinegar to 2 parts water. Pour into the medicine cup and let it sit for 5 minutes.
  • Turn on the nebulizer and allow the solution to nebulize for 2 minutes
  • Discard the vinegar solution. Add 4 cc’s of water and nebulize for 2 minutes
  • Power off the nebulizer and discard the remaining water
  • Place medicine cup on a dry, clean, and absorbent surface and allow them to dry completely and store it in a dry and sealed container

3. Devilbiss Traveler Portable Compressor Nebulizer System Replacement Battery Pack

Devilbiss Traveler Compressor Nebulizer System Replacement Battery Pack is for use with Devilbiss Traveler Portable Compressor Nebulizer System (Code 6910D-DR) which is an ideal travel nebulizer machine for asthma patients. It consistently turns liquid medicine to aerosol mist and delivers it to the lungs in uniform concentrations at the touch of a button. Devilbiss Traveler Nebulizer is small, lightweight and most portable compressor nebulizer in the market.

What are the Parts of the Devilbiss Nebulizer Replacement Battery Pack?

  • Power Switch
  • Filter Cover and Filter (non-washable)
  • Built-In Reusable Nebulizer Holder
  • Air-Outlet Connector
  • Add-On Nebulizer Holder Bracket
  • Rechargeable Battery (optional w/some models)
  • Power Indicator Light
  • Battery Status Indicator Light
  • Power Socket
  • Battery Release Buttons (one on each side)

How to Change the Devilbiss Compressor Battery?

In order to change the replacement battery, users are required to simply push the 'Battery Release Buttons' on each side of the Traveler Nebulizer and the existing battery pack will be free to pull out from the compressor body. Now, push the new battery pack in place until it seems to be attached properly and you are ready to use the nebulizer.


4. Omron Replacement Felt Filters For Omron Compressor Nebulizer Systems

Omron Replacement Felt Filters are high-quality filters for clean air flow. These filters are for use with Omron CompAir XL Compressor Nebulizer (NE-C18) and Omron CompAir XLT Compressor Nebulizer (NE-C25) Compressor Nebulizer Systems.

How to Change the Omron Replacement Felt Filter For Omron Compressor Nebulizer Systems?

  • In order to change the air filters in Omron CompAir XL and XLT Compressor Nebulizers, please follow the below steps:
  • Pull the air filter cover to remove it from the front side of the compressor
  • Remove the dirty filter with a small pointed object
  • Insert a new air filter into the cover
  • Put the filter cover back on the compressor

Cautions while using the Omron Replacement Felt Filter

  • Do not attempt to wash or clean the air filter. Damp air filters can cause blockages.
  • Do not substitute cotton or any other material for the air filter
  • Wash the air filter cover regularly to prevent any blockage in the cover. Do not boil. Make sure the cover is dry before inserting the new air filter.
  • Do not operate without air filter.
  • Before inserting the new air filter make sure the air filter is clean and free of dust. Use only the Omron air filter designed for this device.

5. Respironics InnoSpire Mini Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery

Respironics InnoSpire Mini Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery is to be used with Respironics InnoSpire MiniElite Compressor Nebulizer System. It allows user to take their aerosol treatments at anytime, anywhere. This long lasting battery is rechargeable and makes treatment times convenient and hassle-free when on the go. The battery has indicator lights to help the user know when it needs to be charged.

Features InnoSpire Mini Rechargable Battery

  • Respironics InnoSpire Mini Rechargable Lithium Ion Battery features long lasting, rechargeable lithium ion battery that maintains its initial max charge capacity
  • The light will blink orange when it is low on power, and as the user charge it, the light will be a steady orange
  • The light is green when the battery becomes fully charged and it should be removed from the charger
  • The green light is also present when the battery is in use
  • Takes 6 hours to charge for up to 90 minutes of running time, allowing for multiple treatments from a single charge
  • Do not attempt to charge the battery while it is plugged into the compressor

6. Salter Aire Plus Portable Compressor Replacement Air Filters

Salter Aire Plus Portable Compressor Replacement Air Filters are designed to be used with Salter Aire Plus Portable Compressor With Disposable Nebulizer. These Air Filters remove airborne contaminants. It requires periodic replacement every 30 days or when it appears dirty.

How to put Replacement Air Filters?

Check the Salter Aire Plus Air Filters at least once a month. Follow the below given steps to check and replace the filter if necessary:

  • Unscrew the filter cap on the front panel and pull it out.
  • Thereafter, remove the filter from the filter cap.
  • Salter Aire Plus Air Filter should be changed if significant discoloration is noticed around the middle of the filter or in cases when it begins to turn brown or gray in color. If required, insert a new Air Filter in the filter cap and discard the dirty one. Otherwise, if clean, reinsert the existing filter in the filter cap.
  • Screw the filter cap into the position.

7. Sunset MiniMesh Nebulizer Cup

Sunset MiniMesh Nebulizer Cup needs to be replaced annually. Regular inspections of the nebulizer for cracks or damage will indicate if the medicine cup needs to be replaced any sooner. If the user notice that the single-dose treatment is taking longer than 10 minutes, inspect the nebulizer for any damage and clean it thoroughly. If the user is still experiencing longer-than-usual treatment times, this is another indication it is time to replace the medicine cup.

How to Clean the Sunset MiniMesh Nebulizer Cup?

  • Remove the Medication Cup by pressing the button and pulling up in the direction of the arrow.
  • Open the Medication Cup and empty any remaining solution and close cap.
  • Fill the Medication Cup with Distilled Water and nebulize for 1-2 minutes until any residual medication has been removed from the mesh holes. You can do a quick visual inspection of the mesh holes to ensure they are clear.
  • Turn of the device and remove from power source.
  • Remove the medication cup and rinse thoroughly with distilled water. Use your fingers to scrub as needed.
  • Allow everything to air dry on a clean towel or paper towel.

How to Disinfect the Sunset MiniMesh Nebulizer Cup?

  • Before disinfection, clean the device as you normally would. (Shown in the instructions above.)
  • Bring a large pot of water to a boil and turn off heat. Place medication cup in boiled water for 10 minutes.
  • Carefully remove medication cup from boiled water to lower the temperature. Once cooled, shake off any excess water.
  • Allow to air dry on a clean towel or paper towel.
  • Visually inspect the parts after cleaning for any build up. If you see anything, repeat the cleaning steps.

8. Graham Field AC DC Adaptor For Lumiscope Portable Ultrasonic Nebulizer

Graham Field AC DC Adaptor For Lumiscope Portable Ultrasonic Nebulizer is to be used with Graham Field Lumiscope Portable Ultrasonic Nebulizer. It is designed for use with a US power socket. This cord lets the user power the Lumiscope Ultrasonic Nebulizer through a traditional wall outlet.

Features of Graham-Field AC DC Adaptor

  • Used to power the nebulizer
  • Battery can be charged in the car using DC jack
  • Power supply is 240V, 50Hz; 12VDC 800mA.
  • Designed for use in the home or wherever normal-voltage power supply is available

How to use Graham-Field AC DC Car Adapter?

  • Ensure that device power is OFF. Ensure that the voltage at the socket is the same as that of the transformer, as indicated on the transformer specification plate. Plug the power cord into a properly grounded electrical wall outlet.
  • Insert the transformer plug into the nebulizer’s power socket. To recharge the battery: Insert the AC/DC adapter into the device’s power socket. An orange light indicates the battery is being recharged. The orange light will de-illuminate when charging is complete. The minimum recharge time is 5~6 hours.

Where to Buy Nebulizer Accessories Online?

At HPFY we have a vast range of premium nebulizer accessories specifically designed to enhance your experience of using a nebulizer and also ensure great delivery of medication at all times. Choose the right nebulizer accessories at HPFY at competitive prices and great discounts. 


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