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Tips On How to Use Aerochamber Plus Z Stat

Tips On How to Use Aerochamber Plus Z Stat
Kevin Cleary

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When it comes to administering our children’s respiratory medicine, it is not always an easy chore. Sometimes they don’t want to sit down and take a break, or they just don’t like it...period!! Many children (and adults) who need respiratory medication can experience sudden asthma attacks that can even be life-threatening, so getting their medication into their lungs quickly is of paramount importance!! While nebulizers are good for the long-term maintenance of asthma and other respiratory issues, a Metered Dose Inhaler (MDI) can be the fastest way to administer life-saving medicine.

What are MDIs used for?

For those with respiratory issues, the need to open our lungs and airways to breathe properly can be a matter of life or death. One of the quickest ways to do this is with a metered dose inhaler (MDI). These small handheld devices contain medication to treat COPD, asthma, and other respiratory problems. When the MDI is triggered (the canister is pressurized) while holding it in your mouth, the user inhales the released mist medication directly into the lungs for quick breathing relief. Seems simple enough, right? Improper usage can lead to the metered dose of medication not fully reaching the lungs, therefore minimizing its efficacy. Since this medication can be critical, it is important to know how much medication you have left in case of another emergency. They include:

  • Plan Ahead: If you use your MDI as a rescue inhaler (when it’s most difficult to breathe), you should consider asking your doctor to write a prescription for two inhalers. Never be caught shorthanded!!
  • Start Fresh: You should always start with a full inhaler. Your canister should have a label to tell you approximately the amount of puffs available, so make sure you start from new so you don’t get caught without your medication.
  • Mark Your Calendar: By marking your calendar, you will have a visual reference of approximately when your medication will need to be refilled. You should mark one or two days before your medication needs to be refilled to avoid any sudden panic.
  • Mark Your Canister: Besides marking a calendar, you should also mark (with a permanent marker) your canister with the refill date. The more reminders, the better!!

If your doctor prescribes an MDI for you, finding an effective method of distributing the medicated mist into your lungs is crucial. Many times your doctor may prescribe a holding chamber for your MDI. The AeroChamber Z STAT improves the delivery of this medication to the patient. Monaghan offers not just the AeroChamber itself but it offers two different types with different masks. The Comfort Seal Mask is ideal for smaller patients (including children), while the Large Comfort Seal Mask may be more suitable for adults. If you don’t require a mask, the Monaghan AeroChamber is available without one and offers many of the same benefits. For those who may have impaired coordination, this simplifies the matter. This minimizes the need to inhale at an exact time when dispensing medication, therefore allowing the user to inhale at their own pace. The mask makes a comfortable seal, and the chamber minimizes drug deposition into the mouth and throat. The new generation of AeroChambers delivers 22% more medication than the original for more efficient respiratory therapy. The inhalation valve also filters out larger aerosol particles, allowing more medication to be inhaled (not to mention minimizing any negative taste). Taking the icky taste of the medication out of the equation, patients (including children) may become more compliant with their therapy. Many leading MDI manufacturers recommend the Monaghan AeroChamber due to its efficient and simple medication delivery. Using the AeroChamber is simple, just follow AeroChamber plus z stat instructions:

how to use aerochamber plus z stat

  1. Examine the product for any damage or missing parts. If anything is damaged or missing, the product should be replaced immediately.
  2. Read all instructions and remove red caps.
  3. Be sure to shake your MDI fully and insert it into the back of the chamber.
  4. Place the silicon mask securely on the face for proper seal and exhale through the mask.
  5. Depress MDI, inhale slowly, and hold your breath for approximately 10 seconds. If a slow breath is difficult to achieve, the user should keep the face tight to mask and inhale 2-3 times. Medicine should be administered one puff at a time.
  6. If Flow Signal Whistle sounds, inhalation should be slowed.
  7. Any instructions included with your MDI should be followed on time between inhalations.

Regular Aerochamber Plus Z Stat cleaning is recommended to prolong the life and efficacy of the holding chamber. The AeroChamber is completely dishwasher safe and is easy to clean. By keeping your holding chamber clean and working properly, you can minimize the cost of your respiratory therapy. 

What are the Benefits of Aerochamber Plus Z Stat aVHC?


Using an MDI will help you breathe better faster, but when a holding chamber is used, your respiratory therapy becomes more efficient. The diagram above shows how an aVHC benefits the user. The benefits jump out at you when comparing the Monaghan AeroChamber Z STAT system to other holding chambers. First, this system is cost-effective when delivering aerosol medications and can be used directly from the package. Nothing complicated to keep you from breathing easily sooner. Not only is it compatible with all the most commonly prescribed MDIs, but it is also recommended by most manufacturers and is manufactured here in the United States (except for the silicone components).

Monaghan AeroChamber Parts

Monaghan AeroChamber Plus Z STAT Anti-Static Valved Holding Chamber Parts


Monaghan AeroChamber Plus Z STAT Anti-Static Valved Holding Chamber

Monaghan AeroChamber Plus Z STAT Star Rating


You should understand the parts of your AeroChamber and how they work in order to use it efficiently. The AeroChamber Z STAT has 5 important components:

  • Anti-Static Chamber: By minimizing static charge, the chamber increases aerosol suspension time, therefore, making more medication available for inhalation. Made of clear plastic, the user can visually see when the medication is present in the chamber.
  • Comfort Seal Mask: A snug fit is crucial to maximum drug delivery, and the seal on this mask fits snugly and comfortably on the face. By creating this seal, the proper amount of medication is delivered and is less dependent on coordination for use. It also makes it easier for children to receive their medication.
  • Inhalation Valve: This low resistance valve opens easily to allow the patient to inhale easily while only allowing the proper size particles to exit the chamber through inhalation. This prevents any accidental exhalation of medication, making each treatment more efficient.
  • Exhalation Valve: After inhalation, the user can easily exhale (a normal part of breathing) without re-breathing and focusing any exhalation away from the face.
  • Flow Signal Whistle: This alerts the user to breathe slowly.


By understanding how these parts operate, the user can determine if the AeroChamber is working properly. This device is intended to be used only by patients who are directed to by a doctor and to administer an aerosol medication from an inhaler. They can be used not only in a medical environment but in the home or out and about, so users can take them anywhere they need to.

AeroChamber Plus FAQ

1. How to clean AeroChamber Plus Z Stat?

  • It is recommended you clean the Aerochamber Z Stat Plus every week.
  • Hold the rubber end and twist the chamber to remove the back piece.
  • Soak the parts along with the mask, if used, for about 15 minutes in a mild solution prepared with liquid dish detergent and warm water.
  • Stir gently.

2. How often should you replace your AeroChamber?

Replace the AeroChamber inhaler every 12 months.

3. Does AeroChamber need a prescription?

Yes, the AeroChamber Plus by Monaghan is a respiratory device available for patients prescribed for those with difficulty with the coordination and control involved in using MDIs properly.

Where to buy Monaghan AeroChamber Plus online?

Health Products For You has been online since 2002 to cater to its global clientele with the best quality medical supplies at the most affordable prices ever. Shop from HPFY and get exclusive discounts on every purchase you make.

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