For Women Only: Adult Diapers for Women

For Women Only: Adult Diapers for Women

Millions of sufferers of incontinence wear adult diapers to maintain their independence, but why use a one-size-fits-all option? We have all heard the commercial “strong enough for a man, but made for a woman” but when it comes to adult diapers, never has this been truer. For women, there are a multitude of options designed specifically for the female anatomy. In a survey of 23.5 million women 38% claim to have suffered at least one bout of incontinence. Of these women, 13.7% reported daily incontinence, and it only seems to get worse as we age. Women can now choose the level of protection that meets their need and is designed specifically for them!!

TENA Serenity Liners - Very Light Absorbency

Women’s Choice

When adult diapers come to mind, the many different options and styles may not be front and center in the decision-making process. Many people think that a diaper is a diaper and that we forfeit some style or comfort, but that is not accurate (especially for women). Some options women have include:

  • Panty Liners: As their name implies, these are absorbent pads that are normally adhered to the inside of every day underwear. These are usually designed for light incontinence and are discrete since they are then and absorbent to match an active lifestyle. The Tena Serenity Light Absorbency Bladder Control Pantiliners are a perfect example of a discrete, thin pad that provides protection and security. For those women that only need light protection, the First Quality Prevail Light Absorbency Bladder Control Pads, Dignity Extra Super Absorbent Liners provide convenient protection and odor control.
  • Cotton or Nylon Panties: Many different options are available to provide discrete protection. This type of incontinence protection can look and feel like standard underwear. First Quality Prevail SmoothFit Maximum Absorbency Protective Underwear For Women has a cotton like fabric that looks and feels like cotton. Some of these can even be washed and reused. The Salk HealthDri Cotton Ladies Moderate Panties offer complete protection and the feel and wear of regular underwear.
  • Lace or Silk: Just because a woman suffers from incontinence it does not mean she needs to surrender her feminine side. Many incontinence panties are made from lace or silk. The Fannypants Venice Women Incontinence Underwear are specifically designed to make women feel beautiful and protected at the same time with lace trim and a delicate bow. To reduce embarrassing panty lines, the Wearever Womens Smooth And Silky Seamless Full Cut Incontinence Panty is perfect for active and fashionably conscious women with three available colors!!
  • Overnight Protection: Worrying about incontinence while we are sleeping can rob us of a restful night. Using maximum/overnight protection can give peace of mind to women suffering from incontinence. Tena Super Night Pads used in conjunction with Tena knit or comfort pants can provide discrete, body close protection. They have a soft cloth like cover that reduces noise and provides greater dignity. To avoid leakage during sleep, the Depend Fitted Maximum Protection Brief With Tabs guard against nighttime leaking by providing protection from heavy incontinence to complete loss of bladder control. This keeps skin healthy during the long overnight hours.
  • Maternity Pads: Many women may need protection from incontinence while pregnant or even after birth. For absorbency for light postpartum care, the Covidien Kendall Curity Maternity Pad combines softness and comfort with a unique moisture barrier to prevent strikethrough. Another option for women is the Medline Maxi Sanitary Pads to provide maximum absorbency with peace of mind, since the adhesive runs the entire length of the pad.

Many incontinence products are designed for both genders in mind, but a woman does not need to settle for something that is also designed for men. They should be confident in knowing that there are several options for them out there that allow them to maintain their femininity and provide the protection they need.


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