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Top 10 Incontinence Products for Overnight Absorbency

Top 10 Incontinence Products for Overnight Absorbency
Kevin Cleary

Finding the best overnight incontinence pads can lead to peace of mind and a great night's sleep. HPFY offers you 10 great options for overnight absorbency briefs. Incontinence can be frustrating to deal with as well as embarrassing. Finding the right overnight incontinence products can be a godsend. This piece of mind can lead to better sleep and a reduction in bed linen laundry. In comparing incontinence underwear, finding the right design and fit for you is an individual endeavor. Every human is different and even more so anatomically between men and women. Never fear, Health Products for You is here to help!!

Top 10 Overnight Incontinence Products

With so many men and best incontinence pads for women and briefs on the market, how do you determine which is right for you since each individual is different? That difference is even larger when comparing men and women. Being able to compare incontinence pads, in order to choose the best incontinence pad for you would make the job easier, correct? Here are 10 best overnight briefs for incontinence HPFY offers to customers:

1. Seni Super Quatro Brief

Seni Quatro Briefs are one of the most absorbent adult men and women's diapers. They can contain up to 86 ounces of liquid, keeping dry without the brief sagging or causing skin irritation. The cloth-like outer fabric of the disposable brief is breathable but also features a strong waterproof quality to prevent leaks. Thanks to the side gather, leg cuffs, and elastic elements in the waist front, and rear, the product fits better and helps prevent leakages. Elastic combi-tapes ensure better adjustment of the briefs to the body.

Features of Seni Super Quatro Briefs

  • Made from soft, yet enduring materials
  • Vapor permeable backsheet helps the skin to breathe easily
  • Their standing gathers together with leg cuffs protect better from the side leaks, and elastics in the waist and closing tabs provide a better fit
  • Equipped with double absorbent core and EDS briefs have moisture distributed and locked in the core increasing the dryness feeling for the user
  • The double wetness indicator on the outer layer helps to determine when it is time to change the product

2. Attends Premier Briefs

Attends Premier Briefs - Overnight Absorbency is designed to help you or those you care for manage heavy to severe urinary and/or fecal incontinence. Attends use some of the softest and most absorbent materials available, Attends Premier brief will help you feel confident that you or your loved ones are protected during the day or night. The high-rise, full-fit protection, and ultra-plush design results in a product that fits comfortably in all the right areas.

Features of Attends Premier Briefs

  • 100% Breathability helps improve comfort and helps promote healthy skin
  • This is the most absorbent brief and locks liquid away faster
  • Leak protection for confident days and dignified nights
  • Dry-lock Containment Core
  • Holds over 1.5 liter

3. Tranquility ATN All-Through-the-Night Disposable Brief

Tranquility ATN All-Through-the-Night Disposable Brief offers superb incontinence protection for a dry, secure, and leak-proof night. It eliminates the nighttime changes and helps in keeping the skin dry and odor-free. It is designed to provide maximum capacity for uninterrupted sleep and the Absorbent Peach Mat guarantees performance overnight.

Feature of Tranquility Disposable Brief

  • Kufguards fecal barriers ensure leakage protection
  • Tranquility Disposable Brief features a slim fit and smells fresh for a longer period of time
  • Micro-hook tabs provide a secure fit and make repositioning of diaper a breeze for the wearer or caregiver
  • Reduce wet bedding and soiled laundry while providing individuals and caregivers greater peace of mind
  • Maximum capacity of up to 37 ounces

4. Wings Overnight Adult Briefs

Keeping your skin dry and avoiding skin breakdowns is what these adult briefs were designed for. The maximum absorbency of Covidien Wings Overnight Quilted Adult Briefs is ideal for those with severe incontinence at night. The superabsorbent polymer is covered by a breathable top sheet and the breathable side panels allow for air to pass through. The high-performance blue dryness strip protects skin and provides odor control.

Features of Wings Overnight Adult Briefs

  • Super absorbent core
  • Cloth-like back sheet
  • Airflow technology
  • Sturdy refastenable tabs
  • Super absorbent polymer
  • Breathable top sheet
  • High-performance blue dryness strip

5. Tranquility OverNight Absorbent Underwear

Ensuring a good night’s sleep is what this nighttime or extended wear underwear is all about. Plus, it does this with the ease and simplicity of a pull-on brief. The maximum protection of this Tranquility Premium Overnight Diapers For Adults With Tabs Underwear minimizes the need for nighttime garment changing while being breathable and silent. They have a comfortable, full-rise designed, waist panel and utilizes Kufguards to provide leakage protection and bowel containment. Rest assured…you are protected!!

Features of Tranquility OverNight Absorbent Underwear

  • Comfortable, full rise waist panel
  • Soft premium fabric is breathable and silent
  • Kufguards for leakage and bowel containment
  • Tear-away side seams for quick and easy removal
  • Premium Overnight color-coded by blue leg gathers
  • Blue waistband indicates back of the garment

6. Attends Discreet Day / Night Extended Wear Underwear

Attends Discreet Day/Night Extended Wear Underwear is the perfect choice for active individuals who want more protection than a pad. It includes additional super absorbent polymer and cellulose fibers for 30% more absorbency than traditional protective underwear.

Features of Night Extended wear Underwear

  • Secure, Comfortable Fit
  • Color stitching indicates back of the product
  • Tear-away side panels for fast and easy removal
  • Breathable Fabric

7. Medline Baribrief Disposable Bariatric Briefs


Medline Baribrief Disposable Bariatric Briefs have stretchable side wings that help provide the proper and comfortable fit. Their dryness layer pulls fluid away from the body to help protect the skin from wetness, and the ultra-absorbent core keeps moisture away from the skin. The wetness indicator displays when a brief change is needed.

Features of Medline Baribrief Disposable Bariatric Briefs

  • For Bariatric Patients
  • High capacity core
  • Anti-leak leg cuffs
  • Skin-safe re-fastenable tabs
  • Overnight absorbency

8. Tena Super Briefs - High Absorbency

Tena Super Briefs-High Absorbency may be your best choice when overnight protection from bladder/bowel incontinence requires a superabsorbent solution. Comfortable and discrete, the InstaDri Skin-Caring System promotes healthier skin and comfort by keeping moisture away from the skin. Specifically designed for nighttime or extended wear, the soft, cloth life feel maximizes comfort and fit.

Features of Tena Super Briefs - High Absorbency

  • InstaDri Skin-Caring System to promote comfort and healthier skin
  • Odor Control technology to reduce the effect of urine odor
  • Shaped to fit the body for comfort and security
  • Stretch Sides with full-length hook fasteners
  • Blue target absorption zone locks in liquid and odor
  • Curved leg elastics for a better fit
  • Wetness indicator to alert caregivers

9. Unique Wellness Adult Briefs

Unique Wellness Superio Signature Series Adult Briefs are designed to provide unprecedented protection. These briefs have a design that promotes an active lifestyle since they won’t tear or suffer from pinholes. Each brief is designed to last for eight hours and incorporates InconTek technology that employs multiple layers and is used by NASA. These briefs are out of this world!!

Features of Unique Wellness Adult Briefs

  • Side taped adult diaper with resealable tapes
  • Only one dry change is required per 8 hours
  • Highly absorbent - absorbs up to 2.6 liters of liquid
  • Liquistay technology locks in odors
  • Unique wetness indicator
  • Color-coded for size

10. Prevail Air Overnight Stretchable Briefs - Ultimate Absorbency

Prevail Briefs feature additional super absorbent polymer providing heavy absorbency to users with severe urinary and fecal incontinence or loss of bladder control. The cellulose fibers provide increased absorbency and leakage protection. A triple-tier moisture-locking system delivers superior performance while promoting skin wellness by keeping it dry and breathable. Prevail Air helps to manage odor, thereby restoring resident dignity and comfort.

Features of Prevail Overnight Adult Diaper

  • Promote optimal skin health
  • The microporous acquisition layer rapidly absorbs fluids
  • pH-reducing fibers
  • Help control incontinence-related odors
  • Highly absorbent briefs
  • Gentle on the skin
  • Easy-fit tape tabs
  • Excellent acquisition speed, capacity, and leakage protection

Peace of mind and a good night's sleep are two things that should never be overlooked. These 10 incontinence products all have subtle differences, but they do one thing very well, and that is provide overnight protection from incontinence. Many of these products are available in value packs from Health Products for You to make your choice more economical. Sleep better knowing whichever of these products you choose. Protection and peace of mind come in each package!!

Where to buy the best products for overnight absorbency?

Health Products For You has been catering to its global clientele with quality health and medical supplies since 2002. We offer the best incontinence supplies, including overnight absorbency diapers, briefs, and underpads. Place your order today to earn reward $ on every purchase you make.


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