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Measuring Adult Diapers

Measuring Adult Diapers
Kevin Cleary

Reviewed by Christine Kijek, Registered Colorectal Nurse, on August 29, 2022

How do you determine the proper adult diaper size? Which measurements are important? Since every patient is different, finding the proper fit for you may seem confusing. For instance, does larger mean more absorbency? While sizing is a major component to selecting the proper adult diaper, understanding your incontinence needs will also help with selecting the adult diaper that fits you and your lifestyle/need.

Incontinence Tips for Adult Diapers Sizing

Every person is different and has different needs, even if it’s in a minute way. Height, weight, and even absorbency needs can differ. There can be differences in adult diapers for men and women, so let’s state the obvious. Men should wear briefs made for men and women would benefit from adult diapers designed for their unique anatomy. There are some other tips for proper adult diaper measurements and some are:

  • Comfort: You should be able to move with your adult briefs/diapers snug to your body to be effective, but not where they cause discomfort.
  • Change Frequently: If you find that you need to change your adult diapers frequently, you may benefit from a more absorbent style.
  • Too Loose: Do you find that the front/stomach area sags? You may be able to benefit from a smaller size or incorporate a snug fitting waterproof cover to guard against any leakage.
  • Snug but Not Too Snug: Around your legs should fit comfortably against your skin, but not to the point where circulation is cut off. It Is your legs where the majority of leakage will occur, so be sure they fit properly. Also, if your adult diapers are too tight, you run the risk of harming your skin and inviting nasty infections.
  • Secure Side Tabs: How do you know when a diaper is too small? You should change the size of your adult diapers if/when you sit and the tabs come undone. If this is the case, you may need to try a larger size.

How to measure for Adult Diaper properly?

Now that you know what to look out for, how exactly is the best way to determine diaper size so that you use the proper adult diaper? You should use a flexible or paper tape measure in order to get an accurate measurement. The best way to measure properly is:

  1. Measure the width across the widest part of your abdomen. This should be at or just below your belly button and be sure to record this number.
  2. Next, measure the widest part of your hips and record this measurement.
  3. The larger of these two measurements is the one that you will need to use when determining your adult diaper size.
  4. As these are just guidelines, be sure to take into consideration weight, height, and thigh circumference.



Many briefs are measured by waist and/or hip size, but this may vary from brand to brand so be sure to carefully read their adult diaper size chart. When measuring and deciding on an adult diaper, remember too loose will mean leakage at the legs so you should always try to start with the smallest comfortable size and work your way up from there. Whenever there is significant weight gain or loss, another measurement should be taken in order to choose the proper size.

Using a Diaper Size Chart - Depend Size Guide

An incontinence size chart such as depends for men sizing chart is sometimes a complex diagram to look at, but it is not when you understand how to check your size with ease. For example, follow these steps to easily understand a diaper size chart of Prevail Breezers360:

Most of the size charts have two parameters, height, and weight.

Using a Diaper Size Chart

Height is usually numbered on the left of the graph, and weight is numbered on the top of the graph, like in the graph above.

Using a Diaper Size Chart

Once you have marked your height and weight on the graph, mark the point where the column and the row meet each other. Depending on what sizes are available for the brand you are looking at, the meeting point of the two measurements is your size. In this case, if your height is 175 cm or 5 ft 9 inches and your weight is 77 kgs or 150 pounds, your size is Size 2 or medium in some cases.

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