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Choosing The Right Type of Walker

Choosing The Right Type of Walker
Shweta Chaubey

Aging in place means a person is making a conscious decision to stay within their home or a place of their choice that can accommodate all of their comforts for a prolonged duration. As they age, these places can also include other services to facilitate healthy living conditions and maintain dignity and quality of life.

Older adults who are at a higher risk of falling or bumping into things due to health conditions that render them weak and frail, must surround themselves with mobility and balance aids that increase safety and independence. Walkers are one of the most sought-after mobility aids that provide both. But finding the right type of walker can be a challenging task. HPFY brings you the best buying guide to choose the right type of walker for you or your loved one.

Buying Guide for the Right Type of Walker

A walker is a simple mobility aid available in wheeled and non-wheeled models. Wheeled walkers are for people with limited arm strength and have two front wheels that offer additional support and added maneuverability. Non-wheeled walkers are best for those who suffer more from balance issues than with standing and walking.

Types of Walkers for You

1. Standard Walkers

A typical walker characterized by platforms at the bottom of each leg instead of wheels. These walkers are ideal for people who cannot bear the weight of one or both of their legs but do not feel the need to use a wheelchair.

Standard Walkers are also helpful in providing assistance in rehabilitation after surgery, injury, or an accident.

HPFY Recommends

Guardian Easy Care Adult Folding Walker

With 5" fixed wheels, a lightweight aluminum frame, a reinforcing steel crossbar, and a two-button folding design, the Guardian Folding Walker improves ambulation, provides dependable security, and allows for customization. It can easily fit through narrow and cramped spaces while providing reliable and durable support. The Easy-Care Walker for seniors is height adjustable to accommodate users of various heights.

Features of Guardian Folding Walker With Wheels

  • Easy-to-use, push-button mechanism allows for the walker to fold easily
  • Each side folds independently for easy movement through narrow spaces
  • Side cross braces provide extra durability
  • Comfortable handgrips and non-marking tips
Guardian Easy Care Folding Walker With 5 Inch Fixed Wheels



2. Upright Walker

Much like a rollator(a walker with wheels and a seat), these walkers are ideal for people who cannot walk for longer distances and need to stop and rest. Upright walkers allow the user to stand up straight, reduce fatigue, and offer stability with optimum comfort.

HPFY Recommends

Vive Mobility Upright Rollator Walker

Encourages a natural gait and upright posture by relieving tension between the shoulder, neck, wrists, and hands. The lightly padded sling-style seat with a backrest provides comfortable seating, and the lockable loop brakes help navigate inclines and securely lock the wheels.

The Vive Mobility Upright Posture Walker is lightweight, folds easily, and stands upright while folded for compact storage. The sturdy aluminum frame can withstand weights of up to 300 pounds. It fits easily into a car trunk or back seat.

Features of Vive Upright Walker

  • Locking brakes
  • Compact foldable design
  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • Comfortable seating
  • Adjustable handles and heights
Vive Mobility Upright Rollator Walker



3. Beach Walker

Not all walkers can be taken to a beach owing to their design and wheel size. However, specifically designed beach walkers are durable yet lightweight, with tires bigger than usual to provide stable support for easy gliding over outdoor terrains such as sand or snow.

HPFY Recommends

DeBug Aluminum Beach Walker

This lightweight, durable, and easy-to-use walker easily glides over the sand and offers stable support while walking. This beach walker is ideal to use on many difficult terrains that other walkers cannot handle, such as heavy sleet or snow.

Features of DeBug Beach Walker

  • The all-terrain folding aluminum beach walker features an innovative design.
  • Ensures limited mobility does not have to limit life.
  • Lightweight aluminum frame folds for transportation and storage.
  • Offers stability to individuals walking on sandy beaches, rough terrain, and even snow!
  • Provides the freedom to the user so that they can enjoy ordinary activities in extraordinary ways.
DeBug Aluminum Beach Walker



4. Rolling Walker

With two wheels and backsliders for patients with gait instability, two-wheeled walkers are ideal for people who wish to have extra stability. Since this type of walker does not need lifting off the ground with every step, rolling walkers enhance the normal walking pattern.

HPFY Recommends

Nova Medical Journey Rolling Walker

Equipped with dual height adjustments for a custom fit and color choices that are super cool and sizzling hot, this rolling walker has a frame made of steel, locking hand brakes, an under-seat pouch, and a large padded seat.

Features of Nova Journey Steel Walker

  • Locking handbrakes designed for maximum comfort and control.
  • Equipped with 6" wheels, a large padded seat, and an under-seat pouch to store personal items.
  • Folds easily and has a convenient flip-up backrest for easy transportation.
Nova Medical Journey Rolling Walker



5. Hemi Walker

Smaller than standard walkers, these walkers are designed with four legs and a simple frame that can be held with one hand providing stability for people with weakness in one arm or leg. Since these are extremely ergonomic and economical, Hemi walkers are very popular among people who want to enhance their walking pace.

HPFY Recommends

Days Hemi Walker

Boasting a weight capacity of 300 lbs, it is also easy to fold and store in a small space. Please note that the Hemi walker is not designed to hold items. Hanging objects on the walker could tip it over and potentially cause personal injury or damage.

Features of Days Hemi Walker

  • Provides support and balance to users who need extra stability
  • Lightweight design
  • Compact and easily maneuverable
  • Comfortable grips to add extra support and hand comfort
Days Hemi Walker



The Correct Grip to Choose

Walkers for seniors come with a variety of grips, including plastic grip, foam grip, or soft grip covers. Those with trouble grasping with their fingers because of arthritis, tendonitis, or carpal tunnel syndrome, might want to opt for a larger grip.

Correct grip relieves excessive stress off of the joints and helps prevent joint deformities. The grip you choose must be secure to avoid the slip while using the walker.

Accessories for Walkers

Typically, a walker does not come with a seat, but some types of walkers are customizable and offer options such as seats and other accessories for better functionality.

For more recommendations and information about the best walkers for seniors and other mobility aids, read more here -

How to Choose the Right Walker? 

There are many kinds of walkers available in the market today. The best person to suggest a good walker for you is your doctor. Selecting the best walker may depend upon your health problem and where you plan to use the walker. 

  • Before you choose a walker, be sure that the walker has rubber grips for the hands. 
  • Make sure it has non-skid rubber tips or wheels to keep you from sliding. 
  • Decide if you need a walker for indoor use, outdoor use, or both. 
  • Some walkers have a lightweight metal frame that is easy to lift as you walk. 
  • Other walker models have a heavy metal frame and are pushed forward with each step. 
  • If you require additional support, check whether the walker comes with that harness. 
  • Check whether the walker has height adjustability in your preferred range. 
  • It is advisable to choose a walker which offers a lot of parts and accessories like built-in seats, metal baskets, etc. 

Walker Safety tips 

  • Wear non-skid shoes or slippers with rubber soles and a good grip to prevent slipping. 
  • Do not wear shoes with leather heels or soles that may slide and cause you to fall. 
  • Attach a bag or basket on the walker to conveniently store small things like medicines, water bottles, etc. 
  • It is highly advisable to use the walker on a smooth, clean, dry, and lighted floor. 
  • Remove throw rugs to prevent falls. 
  • Tape or nail down loose carpet edges to prevent tipping. 
  • Keep the traffic areas and the floor free of clutter. 
  • Check the rubber tips and wheels regularly on your walker. Replace them if they are worn down or torn. 
  • Look straight ahead when you are walking. You may run into or trip over something if you are looking at your feet. 

How to use a walker? 

Your caregiver will teach you how to use the walker safely. If you cannot reach your walker by yourself, ask someone to help you. The following steps will help you use your walker. 

Getting up from a chair: 

  • Put the walker in front of your chair and slide forward in the chair. 
  • With your hands on the arms of the chair, slowly stand up. 
  • Firmly grasp the handles of the walker. 
  • Move forward into the walker. 
  • Stand with your walker until you feel balanced and ready to walk. 
  • When you are ready to walk, move the walker forward about one footstep ahead of you. 
  • Make sure it is firmly set on the ground before you step forward. 
  • Firmly grasp the handles and take one step forward 
  • Continue to take small steps. 
  • Do not put the walker too far in front of you as you walk


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